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The Book of Acts is an account of what Jesus continued to do through those who trusted him. His work didn’t stop then and it hasn’t yet. The story continues to this day in the Actions of Jesus through his people. If you’ve been waiting in the harbor, hoist the sails, and catch the wind.
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Aaron Bauer Issaquah Christian Church Encounters • Sermon • Submitted a few seconds ago • Presented just now • 26:26 Genesis 12:1–9Hebrews 11:1–10Genesis 11:27–32Acts 7:1–4 0 ratings · 1 view ShareEmbed History is full of Divine Encounters when God shows up to meet with humans. Heaven overlaps with earth and transformation begins. In our new series, we'll look at these pivotal moments in history and find our purpose now.
ONE is Enough
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Have you noticed how fractured our society is? Have you felt those deep fault-lines in yourself as well? God is uniting everything under Jesus the Messiah and he can make you whole as well. In this sermon series we look at an inspired ancient letter from a courageous Jesus Follower to a church in what is now modern-day Turkey. Join us as we explore some ancient wisdom for our modern fractured lifestyles.