Christianity Explored
5 sermons
This term we're looking at Mark's Gospel together, in parallel with the Christianity Explored course ( in our small groups.
43 sermons
We usually work our way through sections of the Bible in a sermon series, but occasionally we have visiting speakers and others presenting sermons outside of our regular Bible teaching. Find these messages here.
Easter 2023
2 sermons
Listen to our Good Friday and Easter Sunday messages from 2023.
What now? A pattern for life following Jesus.
9 sermons
This term at Grace, we’ll be looking together at what the Bible says about the things Jesus has given to help us follow him faithfully, or what we might call ‘practices of Christian discipleship’. This study series might be especially helpful if you’ve recently become a Christian, and are asking the question, ‘What now?’ Together, we’ll try to answer from the Bible the questions
Leader Training
3 sermons
Each term, our Grace Community Group leaders prepare to teach studies in parallel with the Sunday sermon. To help them do that, we've started recording our pre-term interactive training sessions.
The God Who... (Isaiah 40-55)
7 sermons
There's a world of difference between knowing about God, and actually knowing God. In this part of Isaiah, a faithless people under the shadow of exile are given the most beautiful descriptions of who their God is, and what his attitude is towards them, to comfort them and give them hope about what lies ahead. Spoiler alert: it's greater and bigger and more wonderful than they could ever imagine. Because our God's behind it.
The Future of Christianity
2 sermons
As Paul sat in a Roman prison, contemplating his execution, the future of Christian faith looked bleak. What can we learn from the apostle's final words? Maybe that our times are not that different, which also means our priorities should be the same.
The Generosity Project
6 sermons
The God of the Bible is incredibly generous. His people ought to reflect that generosity with a character of 'big-heartedness' towards God and others. This 6-part sermon series complements the small group series 'The Generosity Project' by Matthias Media. Find out more at
Funeral Services
1 sermon
Audio recordings of funeral services held at Grace Christian Church Buderim.
Called To Discipleship
3 sermons
The gospel is just the beginning... Join us for our 3-part school holiday series in Jesus' 'Great Commission' from Matthew 28:16-20.