3 sermons
Back to Eden
9 sermons
James: A 1st Century Guide to Following Jesus
10 sermons
In this expository treatment of an undertaught letter, Pastor Nick encourages the Church to revisit James' message with a fresh reading. We will read the book through the lenses of oppression, hope, and praxis, so jump in and join us today!
6 sermons
In this unbelievably relevant series on one of the Bible's most under-read books, Pastor Nick invites us to take a closer look at the contexts and backgrounds that form the story of Ruth. Tackling subjects from "undocumented immigrants" to patriarchy, this fascinating book will leave you wondering why you never saw that before.
The Jesus Questions
13 sermons
Many of us who grew up in church, and for many of us who have been in church for a long time, there’s this incredible emphasis on having the answers. We have been nurtured in a culture that encourages answer-giving rather than question-asking. This culture runs deep in church, and many of us are fond of seeing the Bible this way too. We are fond of seeing it as having all the answers. And while that may be true- we miss out on a powerful truth- it asks us all the tough questions too.
Faith Practices
8 sermons
Enter Faith Practices! A way to discover our holy desires and pursue them. What God’s love for me, in me, compels me to do with my life. A way of living that takes full advantage of the wide open avenue to God’s presence provided in Christ, not only personally but communally. A distinct way of seeing the world through a kingdom lens that, over time, changes and transforms you.