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The Community Church of Pine Run EMC

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Off The Top Of My Head
25 sermons
Off The Top Of My Head is a series of short, unscripted, unedited, one-shot videos that reflect on the nuances of living out our Christian Faith in a post-Christian culture.
Stories of Liberation and Slavery
10 sermons
The Story of the Exodus is presented here, beginning with God's conflict with Pharoah and building toward God's conflict with Israel, before climaxing with God's fidelity in the face of Israel's unconscionable betrayal of their covenant with Him.
No Other Name
13 sermons
This series explores the implications of Mark's revolutionary declaration in Mark 1:1.
Understanding Our Liturgy
7 sermons
This series of teaching videos & companion study guides is designed to help you better understand the WHY & HOW of our Sunday AM Gatherings are set up the way they are. Watch these sessions a little at a time or binge them together. Either way, let us know what you think. > Access the Study Guide @ > Fill out a Feedback Survey @
The Kingdom of God
10 sermons
The Gospel of Matthew is the declaration of the Kingdom of Heaven within our grasp. Join us as we encounter Messiah in the Gospel of Matthew and learn what it means to be a part of His Covenant Community.