The Word
28 sermons
Did You Know?
26 sermons
"Did You Know?" is a short segment during our service where we explore biblical facts or address questions revolving around Christianity and Evangelism in a concise, up to 10 minute teaching. At Sound of Heaven, we believe in SOUND & engaging teachings. We are a Bible believing church that teaches in a powerful and applicable way. We are not a church that just preaches at you, we teach the Word from a historical, revelatory and logical perspective.
Can You Hear It?
18 sermons
Can You Hear It is a segment during the service in which members of the congregation share a short portion of their testimony in relation to their salvation or discovery of the church and their growth since.
The Book of John
1 sermon
Take a deep dive into the book of John as we dissect and review each chapter IN CONTEXT keeping in mind the intended audience and the language of the times.
Bible Training
27 sermons