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White Shrouds in Backdrop
Palm Branch with White Shroud
Empty Frame
White Roses
4 items
Empty Background
2 items
Wood Cross on Pedestal
Big Nails from Cross
Glass of Communion Wine
Large Nails with Palm Branch
3 items
5 items
Communion Bread
Stone Cross on Table
3 items
Communion Wine
Communion Wine with Palm Branch
2 items
Bible on Pedestal
Monstera Cutting with White Shroud
5 items
Crown of Thorns
Nails on Pedestal
Pile of Ashes on Pedestal
2 items
Join Us For Communion
Black and White Communion Sunday
Jesus on Pedestal
Bible on Stand for Communion
Communion Wine and Wafers
Big Nails from Cross and Crown of Thorns on Table
4 items