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As You Were Taught
‎Have You Been Reconciled Unto God?
Return to the Lord!
The Five Points of Arminiainism and The Five Points of Calvinism
Do we still need to keep the sabbath holy? PT 3
The Growth of God's Kingdom
Rejecting the Law Leads to Punishment!
Sunday June 26th
One Thing I Do!
Faithful Servants Part 2
Lights in the World
In Christ (Good Friday)
For Unto Me
The Cost of Discipleship
Let No One Disqualify You
“You Will Not Get Away With It!”
Forgiveness Part 2
Resistible Grace vs Irresistible Grace
The Righteousness of God Revealed (Good Friday)
Wisdom of God
Wisdom of God
Daniel Graves  •  Centerpointe Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  0 views  •  59:44
Have Certainty Concerning the Things You Have Been Taught
Counting the Cost
Counting the Cost
Daniel Graves  •  Centerpointe Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  3 views  •  45:27
Seek The Lord and Live
Seek The Lord and Live
Daniel Graves  •  Centerpointe Community Church  •  Sermon  •    •  1 view  •  1:03:44
Because You're Family
He Will Not Revoke the Punishment!