The God witnessed to in the Bible.

Famous Christian Quotes About God

God Does Not Change

God is the same; goodness is as amiable in his sight, and sin as abominable in his eyes now, as it was at the beginning of the world. Being the same God, he is the same enemy to the wicked, as the same friend to the righteous; he is the same in knowledge, and cannot forget sinful acts; he is the same in will, and cannot approve of unrighteous practices; goodness cannot but be always the object of his love, and wickedness cannot but be always the object of his hatred; and as his aversion to sin is always the same, so as he has been in his judgments upon sinners, the same he will be still; for the same perfection of immutability belongs to his justice for the punishment of sin, as to his holiness for his disaffection to sin.

Stephen Charnock

What It Means to Love God with Heart, Mind, and Soul

As regards the love of God—it must have within us a threefold expression, so that nothing remains in us that is not given over to God. We are commanded first to love God “with all our heart.” This means that we must refer all our thoughts to God. We must love Him “with our whole mind”; and this we do when we direct our reason, with which we judge and understand, to the service of God. Then we are bidden to love God “with our whole soul”; that is, we must make all the affections of our soul tend to Him.

Hugh of St. Victor

Worship the Creator Rather Than Created Things

Our God did not begin to be in time: He alone is without beginning, and He Himself is the beginning of all things. God is a Spirit, not pervading matter, but the Maker of material spirits, and of the forms that are in matter; He is invisible, impalpable, being Himself the Father of both sensible and invisible things. Him we know from His creation, and apprehend His invisible power by His works. I refuse to adore that workmanship which He has made for our sakes. The sun and moon were made for us: how, then, can I adore my own servants?

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