Yom Kippur

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Leviticus 23:26-32

Leviticus 23:26–32 CSB
26 The Lord again spoke to Moses: 27 “The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. You are to hold a sacred assembly and practice self-denial; you are to present a food offering to the Lord. 28 On this particular day you are not to do any work, for it is a Day of Atonement to make atonement for yourselves before the Lord your God. 29 If any person does not practice self-denial on this particular day, he is to be cut off from his people. 30 I will destroy among his people anyone who does any work on this same day. 31 You are not to do any work. This is a permanent statute throughout your generations wherever you live. 32 It will be a Sabbath of complete rest for you, and you must practice self-denial. You are to observe your Sabbath from the evening of the ninth day of the month until the following evening.”
Talking about one of the most important holidays in the Life of A Jew
This year of 2022 it happens Tuesday October 4
It is a day of Joy
It is a day of Rest, a day of Fast, and a day of Sacrifice. Known as “The Day” or “the Great Day”. It was the Good Friday of the Old Testament. It is The Day of Atonement.
This was the One day of the when The High Priest after purifying himself would enter into the Holy of Holy’s. Stand in the Presence of God at his Throne and make sacrifice for the People of Israel. He would begin his Day with Bath, Dress in his finest robes and then would begin the ritual of private sin offering. Slaughter a bull. Then he would enter the holy of Holies.
Once inside he would take a censer of incense and fill the room with smoke to protect himself from the “mystery of God”. One cannot look upon the face of God. He then retrieves the blood of the bull sprinkling it on the mercy seat and the ark seven times in order to cleanse himself. Then to atone for the sins of all the people.
Two goats were chosen by the casting of lots. One of the goats was to be for the Lord and one to be giving to Azazel. The priest would place the lots in an urn, then drew them out to determine which goat was which. A red ribbon was tied around Azazel’s goat. The goat of the Lord was slaughtered and its blood sprinkled on the ark seven times. The bull and goat blood was mixed and sprinkled on the veil or curtain. Two incense horns were filled with blood.
The rest poured out on the altar for the burnt offering.
Finally the Azazel’s goat or Scapegoat was offered. The people would verbally confess their sins then would lay hands on the goat. The goat was then beaten, pricked, and plucked. It was taken along a series of stations into the wilderness to a high cliff. The ribbon was then tied to a rock and the Goat was shoved to its death. Though original It was just sent into the wilderness to die. The stations and high cliff comes later. Probably Developed cause the Goat came home.
Then the fat of the sacrificial goat and bull was burned.
After a bath for the fat bearer and the one who carried the goat into the wilderness were bathed and changed the fast was over.
This ritual was to forgive the people of Israel for their sins. Most of the people were not there they were in their homes fasting and remembering what was happening at that time. It was the Good Friday of the OT because it was that time in which the blood was spilt for them for the forgiveness of the punishment of their sins. And this was all done at the tabernacle and later the temple.
But now This ritual cannot be preformed. There is no blood sacrifice for the sins of the people. Because there is no temple.
Luke 21:20–24 CSB
20 “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then recognize that its desolation has come near. 21 Then those in Judea must flee to the mountains. Those inside the city must leave it, and those who are in the country must not enter it, 22 because these are days of vengeance to fulfill all the things that are written. 23 Woe to pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days, for there will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. 24 They will be killed by the sword and be led captive into all the nations, and Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.
Jesus predicts that the temple would be destroyed and it was in 70 AD. When the Romans surrounded the city and starved the people to the point in which they were turning to cannibalism.
Interesting enough Read Leviticus 26 and compare the event in AD 70.
Romans siege the city:
Food, water, supplies couldn’t come in
People started dehydrating and starving
They ate the dirt of ground to curve the hunger
The nursing mothers were so malnourished that they couldn’t even feed their babies
By the time the Romans came in there was no resistance
There was a command given to not destroy the temple. Accidental fire destroyed a portion. So the order was given to destroy it all. There is no temple. In fact, it is believed that, where the temple was in now a Mosque.
There is no temple and the Jews well they kind of venerated the temple and it was the only place they could do these sacrifices. So there are no more scarifies.
This is the time of the Gentiles. But the wonderful thing is that we don’t need these sacrifices because we have they blood of Jesus. Who was God and is God. He lived a perfect Jewish life. Adhering to all 613 laws of the OT. SO he could be the perfect sacrifice. Died and was tortured so that his blood would cover our sins. And then arose from the dead to give us eternal life.
So the Jews worshiped Place and a temporary action. We worship a person and a permanent action.
This is where a lot of us run into problems is that we like the Jews want to hold on to Places (things): Church, bank, house, car.
And we like to hang on to temporary actions: Pay Day, Going to church, Being Good, Saying the Pledge.
How many times have I heard well I was good enough. I did right God should… Like God is some sort of Santa clause. If I am good God will give and I won’t Get coal.
We have more to hang on to because this action of Jesus that forgives us forever. And frees us to truly worship God any time any where any place. We are covered. The great atoner. We don’t need a day of atonement.

Next Steps

Are you covered
Are you holding on to temporary actions
Things that Don’t last
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