Making Use Of Hardship | Psalm 143

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Let’s face it, sometimes life is just downright hard and a real grind. I wonder if you have ever found yourself quietly whispering to yourself – or outright verbalising to someone else – words along these lines: “life just sucks at the moment!”. Hardship that comes our way has the ability to bring the best of us metaphorically or quite literally ‘to our knees’, getting us ‘down in the dumps’. “Why am I facing this at the moment God!” you might even question. Thankfully God through his Word does not leave his people without hope. Nor without purpose even in our troubles. In our passage this week, we have the opportunity to learn from king David about how to pray and find real comfort in God during hardships. But not only that, David teaches us that we can genuinely find purpose within our hardships. In how they purposefully lead us to our amazing God and his awesome work of redemption in the gospel. - Timothy Gray

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