Blessed Are the Poor

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In Jesus’ famous sermon on the mount, He lists a bunch of different people who will be blessed. We call these famous sayings the beatitudes. However, do we really know what they mean? Do we really grasp and understand what Jesus is really talking about for them and for us today? This sermon series will dive into the meanings of the beatitudes and what each one really means.



We are going to be starting in a new series called #Blessed. In this series we are going to look at the most famous sermon ever given. The sermon on the mount and look at list of Beatitudes that Christ gives in the sermon. Each one starting with Blessed. We are going to go through each beatitude and look at what it means for us today and what Jesus was communicating to the people he was talking to and us.
Socrates once wrote “true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” When my son first came into the world I was a new parent. I had never even babysat before besides my brother. My personal knowledge of being a parent was slim to none. It’s almost a terrifying experience when your first child is born. You hold them in your arms for the first time and everything you are going to have to do for the next 18 years floods your mind. How am I going to take care of him, how will I communicate with him, how will i discipline, how do I have patience, how do I have serious talks when he gets older. it can be a overwhelming experience. The first thing I had to do was to admit that I was helpless. I didn’t know a thing about being a good parent. Sure I had great examples, but my son was going to be his own person. I had to admit that I knew nothing. If I had decided not to admit those things and just go through acting like I knew everything there was to parenting things would not be the way they are now. I have had to seek guidance from others, ask questions of people who I see as good parents. I could only do that if I was willing to admit that I was helpless. Some parenting just came naturally, but so much of came from the advice of others and seeing examples in my life.
For me to be a better parent I had to be willing to admit I didn’t know everything. That I wasn’t super man. I wasn’t going to be the perfect parent. I was going to make mistakes. But I had a multitude of resources that I could seek help from and guidance from. Let’s connect this to our spiritual walk.
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