The Power of 1 Peter 5:7

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One commentator writes that there was a successful business man who came to see him one day. He was a Christian who was quite active in the community though not in the church. He had founded a breakfast group of Christian business man and served as the president. He was the typical, high-powered, “type-A” leader who dominated his business, his breakfast group, and his family.

Still, he came to see the commentator secretly and out of sheer desperation. He faced an uncontrollable problem in his life and didn’t know what to do about it. He couldn’t control it; he couldn’t reason it away and he couldn’t overlook it because its presence was doing a number on what he thought he believed.

The commentator introduced him to 1 Peter 5:5-7, letting Him know that he didn’t have to carry the problem all by himself; Christ wanted to carry it for him. He needed to cast it on the Lord.

The writer said:

I will never forget his response. He sat in complete silence for several moments as he contemplated the possibility of committing his problem to Christ. He was a strong, handsome, self-made man, and his will was not broken easily. Then his lower jaw began to tremble. Next tears began to form in his eyes. He tried to deny them, but they would not cooperate. Suddenly he broke into uncontrollable sobbing. The dam had broken!

That day was a turning point in his life. He gave his problem to Christ—but he did much more than that. He heeded the counsel of God’s Word as shared by Peter. He began to love in submission to Christ and to his brothers and sisters in Christ; he humbled himself before the Lord and cast his cares upon Him. What a remarkable difference took place in his life, and what a remarkable difference will take place in our lives as we cast our cares upon the Lord and begin to live with the confidence that He cares for us.

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