Top Five Problems

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And I don’t know of any time in our history when our nation needed to be lifted up by God more than it does today. I don’t know if you’ve been noticing or not, but, we’ve got problems. One website I visited this week listed the top five. Want to hear what they listed?

The #5 problem: Government size and spending. In the last year alone, the government has spent 1.1 trillion in bailouts and is on tap so spend trillions more in new programs. And guess who is holding $740 billion of that debt? China, the strongest communist country in the world.

But the picture nationally only mirrors our problems personally. One reason the government stepped in to bailout banks was because you and I had borrowed so much that we could never hope to repay That’s our #4 problem: Individual fiscal irresponsibility.

This website listed our #3 problem as the decline of morality in the Media. We’ve watched that decline for years. The open approval of homosexuality and the promotion of agendas that contradict biblical standards is rampant.

Problem # 2 was listed as the decline of literacy and education. America spends more to educate than many other countries in this world and gets less for its money. Because we have laden teachers with bureaucratic expectations and robbed them of the necessary tools of discipline we as a society often expect the impossible. Without morality and the support of parents teachers have an absolutely impossible job, no matter how much money you may throw at the problem.

Which leads us to the #1 problem: The decline of the Traditional family. Those who helped to pass proposition 8 in California which recognized marriage as being between one man and one woman has been castigated in the press and its defenders demonized, harrassed, and, in some cases physically attacked.

The revelation that 17 teenage girls in Massachusetts made a “pregnancy pact” and were “high-fiving” in the school clinic when their pregnancy tests came back positive was a sobering revelation of just where we are as a nation. By the way, do you know what the school nurse’s recommendation was upon learning of the pact? She recommended that birth control be prescribed to any student regardless of parental consent.

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