You the Hero?

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To all those that fight injustices,

to all those that battle evil

to all those that suffer in silence

to all those that are sad

To all those that are lonely

To all those that are in pain

To all those that find it hard to continue

To all those in despair

look inside yourself, because therein lies hidden the hero, the hero that will bring you through, the hero that will help you raise your head again, because ultimately, when all is said and done, you and you alone deserve to be called a hero, because that is who you are.

That is the mantra that typifies our American culture. Man is his own measure and his own god. He seeks to control his own destiny and insure his own future. According to Pew Research, a survey found that 81% of 18-25-year-olds said that being rich was their top goal in life. The second closest top goal in life for this age group? Being famous!

Self-promotion and self-gratification define man’s greatest desires. What a contrast to hear the God’s greatest dream for man. Jesus says it in Matthew 18:4: “Therefore, whoever humbles himself as (a) little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.” A little later Jesus adds in Matthew 23:12, “And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” The Apostle James tells us that we should “Humble (ourselves) in the sight of hte Lord, and He will lift us up.”

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