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if you have your Bibles, turn with me this morning to Colossians chapter 3, Colossians chapter 3, as we continue on, and our study, through the Epistles, Somebody wants to ask you what what are the Epistles and sub you say will be the apostles wives.

But that's not true, they're just letters letters that Paul had written to these churches, the Church of glacier. Church of Ephesus Church of Philippi Church of colossi. He's riding through them and encouraging them to continue on in the faith to do the best they can in the world that they were living in. And we look at the world that they were living and we we see what they had to contend with and what they deal with. And we look at the world that we live in today seeing what we have to contend with and deal with and the question is what in the world was going on? Because we look at our world today and there's a lot of things that we need to contend with. There's a lot of things that we have to deal with when it comes to this Faith. Walk with our Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ. The foundational Doctrine in chapters 1 and chapter 2 and now he's beginning to make the Life Application. The Christian experience. Here's what it's all about him chapter 3 in chapters 4. Truth is something to live as well as to learn. So is Sherry the truth as to how to live this Christian Life how to be the Christian that we need to be not the way the world tells us to live. It is the way that God says it's done so I can pick up in Colossians 3:1 Paul says this. if then you were raised with Christ, She scares me, I stretch my voice too much singing. It's all Lisa's fault.

I blame her, right? You're not here. She was here earlier. Then you were raised with Christ seek those things which are above at the right hand of God.

Here's a question. I wanted to start out with this morning. What are you seeking? What is important in your life? Today, I threw out that question last week with the blank. If I just had more blank, my life would be fulfilled. My life would be complete. What is that blank to you? What is it? That is to go in that Lake? Now week, we know as as Christians allowed to be cries if I just had more Christ, if I just had more of this relationship with him and this is what Paul is talking about. But normally that's not the first thing that comes to our mind normally as well. If I just had more money, my life would be complete if I just had more fun, my life would be complete her, whatever that is, and whatever that blank is that we fill, in. Whatever that word that is, what becomes Our God or our Island. That's what we need to be careful of that. We do not put those things before Christ. Is that something you were raised with Christ? Seek those things which are above not the things down here? Not the things of the earth, seek those things were that are above where Christ is sitting. At the right hand of God verse to set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth for you died in your life, is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life appears, then you also will appear with him and Glory. Therefore put to death your members, which are on the earth fornication, uncleanness an evil desires covetousness, which is idolatry because of these things are wrath of God is coming upon the sons of disobedience in which you yourselves once walked. When you lived in that, let's pray father this morning. As we open your word, help us to set, aside the things in our life, that's keeping us from serving you. Help us a quinoa. Paula Sherry to the Church of colosky in order to live is fulfilled Christian life. The way that we should the had the piece that we truly really desire. The piece that truly and only can truly come from you. Father, you know, the needs in this life, you know, the birds on each hard. We ask that you would help and guide and direct and open up the Avenues of life. For those that are hurting this morning for those that are in a dark spot, maybe in their lives to just put those things aside and focus on the things that are above guide us, and direct us and your peace. In Jesus name, we pray Amen. So Paul begins here to the Church of clutches and listen, folks are some things in your life that you need to put the death are some things that you just need to kill off. Be done with it and he shares what those things are. He says that the here here's some things that we need to get rid of when we put to death these things. In verse 5 put that in your members which are on the earth fornication on passion evil desires and covetousness which is idolatry.

Those are some important things to get rid of. If we got rid of those things in our society, how much better would our society be? if we got rid of the, the fornication, if we got rid of the unclean us, if we got rid of the passion evilsizer, covetousness, Which is idolatry worried about, I got to have this, I got to have that the things that we desire over the things of God. now, the reality of that is Not true reality, is it because we are a fallen people who desire Fallen things they all goes all the way back to the Book of Genesis with Adam and making those decisions for themselves above those decisions of what God has laid out for them. Zane is in the world. Death is entered into this world because of the sin of Adam and Eve. And there for a week, we have to deal with these other things. But Paul is saying to the Church of God in Christ, you have died to the old life. And you are now raised to a new life, a better life, a higher life, get your eyes off of down here and get your eyes on the things of God.

Not the reason I got this mark on my head is because I was looking down here as I was walking forward. And I didn't see this thing. With a v on it. And it hurt. Now, I know you're so it will pass or what do you say when that happened will Trent was standing there and Dawson. My grandson was standing there and I said, praise God how

I didn't say that. I think I said something. That hurt and turn those, are you okay? I will be give me a week or two. And Dawson like what happened? So, I showed him the top of my head. I mean if you saw his face last week it's not far apples. Don't fall far from the tree, right?

Because I was not looking up. I got a second by the things below. Now, that doesn't mean when we're looking up, we don't get affected by the things up. It's a world, we live in but I'm far better, be looking up. I'd be better for off, better looking up to the things of God than looking at the things of the world. Because you say, hey, when, when these things are there, these things bring an idolatrous that's because 46, is that? Because of these things, the wrath of God is coming. One, the sons are the children. Disobedience. Are you ready for the wrath of God? We talked about that a little bit last week in the conversation with the young man, a week ago, about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. And why do we focus on Jesus? We forget forget the importance of God and then that's true. We do. Jesus is important. but without God, There's nothing else without God. God is a god of wrath. He's a god of love. We hear about that lot. But we don't hear much about him being a god of wrath. Cuz one day, he's going to pour His wrath down upon this world. Do you think things are bad now? Part of the English, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet. The wrath of God is going to get poured out upon the sons. Of Disobedience of children of disobedience in which you yourself. What's what when you lived in disobedience? Where you living today? How is your life? What's going on with you? And what's going on around? You is your faith and your trust in Jesus as it needs to be or is your faith? And trust in the things around. You is your faith and trust in the Hope in a political system. God bless you, if it is because we need to look up, And that really doesn't matter, which side of the fence. You're on on that one, our faith and our hope is not in political systems. Our faith in our hope is in Jesus Christ. And if we were obedient that, we wouldn't have the issues around us had ever need stayed obedient in the garden. Had they done what God and told them to do. All this. You have to be blessed with one tree, just don't touch. They desired that tree, they touched, they partook of that tree. And here we are. Reaping. The benefits are the issues of that decision. Keep your finger and Colossians go with me. If we will to the Book of Romans. Romans chapter 6, look at verse 1, through verse 14. Cuz I said, we need to put something to death. In Christ, we have died to the old life and we've been raised to a new life in Romans 6:1 through verse 14. Paul says this, what should I say then? Shall we continue in sin that Grace May abound? And the answer to that is no, he answered it in the next burst but we should. No, no, that's not it. Don't continue. Its and just so you had this Grace. He's a certainly know how shall we, who died in living me longer to it? Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ? Jesus were baptized into his death. There for, we were buried with him, through baptism into death that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. If we have been United together in his likeness of his death, certainly we also she'll be in the lightness of his resurrection. Knowing this that are old man was crucified with him that the body of sin might be done away. Done away with that. We should no longer be slaves to sin for. He who has died has been freed from sending. Now, if we died with Christ, we believe that we should also live with him. Knowing that cries having been raised from the dead dies, No, More Death. No longer has dominion over him for the death, that he died. He died to send once for all but the life that he lived, he lives to God. Likewise you also reckon yourself to be dead, indeed to send, but alive to God in Christ Jesus, our lord there for Do not let Satan reign in your mortal body that you should obey it. And it's lust and do not resent your members as instruments of unrighteousness to send a present yourselves to God as being a line from the dead and your members as instruments of righteousness of God for sangel, not have dominion over you. For, you are not under law but under grace, thank God for his grace, a man that unmerited, favor that unmerited, love that he has bestowed upon each and everyone of us. And then this is what Paul is saying to. The Church of coffee, says, listen you need to put some things in that. Don't just fixing the corner there. Something that really need to be put to death in your life, remove from Take care of it, get rid of it because of his stick it over in the corner. You're likely to go back and get it. But if you put it to death, if you destroy it, if you get rid of it, totally, there's no going back to it. That we can't fall back into sin, we can, but if we just stick it in the corner, are we truly seeking a relationship with God? The way he wants. Are we just using it for what some people call fire Insurance? I've talked to people about salvation and so I'm going to say, well yeah, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. I'm using it as fire insurance. First time I heard. What do you mean? I never heard that before. What do you mean?

Just in case it's all true. I got fire insurance. I'm not sure that's the way it works. I'm not sure that's how it works. I use this illustration, 30 years, you've heard the same illustrations. You're going to hear him again, all right? If I said to my wife, when I asked you to marry me, hey honey, would you marry me in case? There's no other, no one else comes along. How's it going to go over? Not well, right. Most Wanted in. What do you talk with case? Nobody else you don't think. I mean you don't think I'm good enough. And that's why our relationship with God. God I trust you I'll follow you but I'm holding on to this just in case just because all of this is a hoax and at least I can go back and have some fun. Do we truly believe that he is who he says he is, when he says that we need to remove from our lives. That I doubt if you're that fornication, that evil desires that, just as young cleaners, the passions that are there that are keeping us from serving God, the way that we should. Go to Ephesians chapter 22. I want to read once again. Verses one through verses 10, we read this. A few weeks back cuz we're going to the book of Ephesians. But here in Ephesians 2 verse 1. He says again and you he made alive who were dead and trespassing. The old man has passed away, right? The new man is walking in the newness of life and you, he made alive who were dead and trespasses and sins in which you once walked. According to the course of this world, according to the prince of the air and power, the are the spirit who now works in the sons of Disobedience among whom. Also, we once conducted ourselves, in the last of our flash full, feeling the desires of our Flash and I'll do mine and we're by Nature children of Wrath just as the others. And then there's two words right there that come into this next verse and verse for. But God, But God, who is rich in Mercy because of his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses and sins made us alive together with Christ by Grace. You have been saved any raises up together.

And made us sit together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. That in the ages to come. He might show the exceeding Riches of his grace and his kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. Now, you ready for this cousin? Versus 8 and verse, and I look what he says. For by Grace. You have been saved through faith. Your face. And what Jesus says is true, and because of his grace, his mercy upon us, unmerited, love for by Grace, you have been saved through faith and that, it's a gift of God. Not of works. You can't work for it. Lest anyone should balls will my Works rather than your work? We hear that a lot right now. I'm better than you and we may not say it out loud but many times we think it when were judging others around us,

For we are his workmanship. Created in Christ Jesus. For good works. That's what we were created to do by his will by his ability. I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

were created in Christ Jesus for good works which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in that the only way The only way I can get to heaven is by putting my faith in Jesus Christ. Now, once I've done that, there's some things in order to have that right relation that I need to get rid of what I wanted a relationship with my wife went when we were in college and and we started doing Ministry together in a rest home. In on Monday nights, we go to the restaurant and somewhere along in that path. I got the idea that she might like me. So sorry, it worked out the courage to ask her to go out on a date and we went out on a day then and then we began a relationship together from that day forward. And yes, there was a time and place where I asked her to marry me. I didn't just ask you one time. I didn't just ask her two times. I asked her. You know, the answer to that. 3, *. First time. She said, no. Second time. She said, no. Third time. She said yes, like I never asked her again.

Jerry's in the first few times you did not because I was a rotten terrible person. At least that's not what she told me. We were in the first year, college going in their second year, college and, and I'm asking to marry me thinking, okay, is at the end of the second year of college was will get married two more years to go, and we'll get out of this place and go in the ministry. She didn't want to get married have children while she was in college and thinking that she wouldn't be able to finish college.

Dry eyes at man that I am. It said I had that one that'll never happen. You won't get pregnant while you're in college. And she did, she got pregnant while I was in college.

She finished a year ahead of me cuz I took a year off and had to figure things out. God, what do you want me to do? so, She graduated in 83 Lacey was born in the summer of 83 and I graduated in 84.

That's not correct.

She graduated in 82.

See how that works record-keepers around here, right? She graduated in 82 and I graduated and Lacey was just a few weeks old when we moved to Clearwater, Kansas to work in the church in Kansas. See when you started playing it on his time frame, doesn't always work up here. Then you okay.

2 years in Kansas and God moves us to New York. And we've been here since But the thing is, I wanted a relationship with her. So I asked You want a relationship with Jesus?

Father, I love you. Father, I'm a sinner. He already knows we are. But this is what we get. We got to admit to who we are, right? Father I am a sinner. I'm asking you to come into my heart and life be my Lord, to be my savior. And I said, past couple weeks is what Paul was dealing with in the Church of Ephesus. The Church of a, classy hear the church at Phillipi. Church of Galatians is just not having that relationship. I want you to come and be my savior and not just save me. But Lord, we want him as our savior but we don't want him as our Lord because there's more of a connection. But when we have a relationship, a right relationship as when Lori, and I started the Mary singing when we were dating. There is no other women in my life is no other guys. And It was a relation between the two of us and it grows within two years later, here we are. We need that same kind of relation with God's only deeper than what we had was one another because with God everything else gets blessed. Amen. If I don't have God in my life I'm losing out on some blessings not just for myself but also for you both to listen put the death these things in your life, make the new life, the focus of your attention trying to lift, get your eyes look up. Bob at those things, set your mind on it seem to experience all that you have in Christ. Is it okay? To put the death, these things things? Are they keeping you need to get rid of them. And you know, what? They are in your life, have you stored them in the closet if you set him in the corner so you can go back to him just in case. No put them to death and then he says, okay now now do you put those things, the death of things that are dragging you away from Christ. You need to put off some things now Put off something. Look at verse 8, verse 9, Colossians chapter 3 Just but now you yourselves are to put off these things. Anger. Bright Wrath. Malice blasphemy filthy language out of your mouth, do not lie to one another since you have put off the old man. With his deeds. Certain things? Yes, we need to put the death, get rid of those and get rid of them. Totally have no use of them in your life. Remove them. Now, you're some things. You got to put off because we know that anger comes and goes right. Put off anger, put off. Malice, put off these things that are hindering. Your relationship with God, and also your relationship with others. Cuz if my relationship with others is hindering because of me. Then there's something wrong with my relationship with God. We got a bad connection. Speaking of bad connection, we had a bad connection with my microphone this morning, it was snapping and crackling. And when things are in our life, hindering us from having a right relationship with God, then things are going to snap and crackle in our lives, when life is frustrating is gets annoying after. Of time, I was getting annoying to me with my microphone was popping and snapping. You know why? There was a loose connection? Sometimes we have a loose connection or relationship. With Jesus, it's not his fault. He's done everything for us to plug into it. He's done everything for us to have the power that we need. But if we haven't put the death from things and we if we haven't put off the things that we need to, then we will find out that we have some water. Not where we need to be. Like Lazarus, you must get rid of the Grave clothes. and put on the grace clothes that got has John 11:44 he says and he who died came out bound hand and foot speaking of Lazarus with Grandpa and his face was said to them loose him and let him go. Get those grave clothes off of in. Put the grace clothes on him. Let him go. I don't know about you, but man, if I had died, if I was, if What God Says, in his word is true and I believe it is, if I die, and that's where the body is to be present with the Lord. If that is what happens, man, I'd be a little upset if I was Lazarus. Lord. What are you doing today? I was heading for paradise and you brought me back to this. Do you know my sisters are going to tell me what to do. You got me? Going to boss me around. I got sisters and you know, they're mad at me cuz I died. They're mad at you cuz you let me die.

I don't know that that's what he said but that's what I would have said.

To get rid of the Grave clothes, put on some Grace clothes, the unmerited favor of God that he has for us. By faith, put off the old sense. Those that binds you to keep you from going forth, why? Because Christ has set you free.

And your free indeed a man when we follow Christ we will let those things go. What is it in your life? That's got a hold of you that you need to let go. That's keeping you from doing and being all that God wants you to be. No one when we have issues in our lives when when when we can't get along with people that we, we live with, when you can't get along with people that we work with, when we can't get along with people around us is not everybody else's fault. there's a common denominator right there that we got to deal with and that common denominators, usually us the individual, they don't need to change, maybe I Need to change. Put to death some things. Put on some put on some things. So once we put things to death and once we put off some things, we need to put on some things now. Because if we don't put things on, then the world's going to put them on us. Like digging a hole. Have you ever dug a hole in the ground? And and just let it stay for a while. You're going to be going to put something there. You can put a post in or you going to plan something and you go back Weeks Later a month later, when you find that holds been filled up with something else, other things have blown into that hole and now you got to dig it again. You got to dig that hole that you already wants dog. If you don't sell, if you don't put something there, the world will fill it up for you. So now he says put on some things. Look at verse 10 through verse 25, Colossians chapter 3. Put on the new man. So you put off the old man with his days and now I put on the new man which is renewed and knowledge according to the image of him. Who created him? Where there is, neither Greek nor Jews circumcised or uncircumcised Barbarian scythian, slave nor free. But Christ is all And all. and then all Christ is all we need. When we put him on, he will guide, has he will direct this. Why does that scare people so much? And I talk to people all the time and they're answered me. And when I talked to him about Salvage, well, I hope to get theirs and, you know, you don't have to help, you can know Pulses, I know whom I have believed them with me that he will keep me until that day. I know where I'm going. When I die. I know that I have a whole choir because I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Does that mean that my life is perfect? I have no problem. I have no issues. There was no pain knows. No, look what happens, We live in a fallen World things happen, but when we get our eyes focus on Jesus, the way that we should, then regardless of what goes on around, us is in control. He's got it. David King David, understood that King Saul tonight, so I was concerned about himself. He'll always worried about stuff, King, David, Follow God. All there's time. When he fell off of that, he did his own thing and he had to pay the price. And that price is always more than we ever want to pay. But what's keeping you from putting on Jesus Christ, completely, not just enough to have him as your savior, that gets us into heaven. And yes, it so much that I'm going to get to Heaven by the skin of my teeth that might be true. This enough to get us and they have it, but is he your Lord? Because if he's our Lord than things in our lives will change. I don't just want him as my savior. I didn't ask Lori to marry me just to be my wife. And, and to be the person I can come home to, and have kids and have food prepared, everything taken care of. I didn't want to just as my slave, I wanted her as got to put her as my helpmeet to help me the guide and direct our lives together as husband and wife. With God. Leading the way. Has it always been easy? And no, it hasn't always been easy. Heartaches and hardships, trials and tribulations come But greater is he that is in me than he. That is in the world. by faith, put off the old tunes that bind you put on the things that Christ has given. Put on. Jesus Christ. If your focus is on things Heavenly, you will obey God and things on the Earth. But if your focus is on things Earthly, then you going to do what you want and disobey God, Your relationships will be hindered because you're not being the person, God meant you to be.

Then we need to be filled with the word. Filled with the word. Colossians 3:16 through verse 4:1 parallels. What Ephesians, 5:18 through Ephesians 6? Verse 9 talks about. Except that there's an emphasis here on being filled with the word of God. Let's go on and see what else he says. Therefore verse 12, therefore, is the elect of God. Holy beloved, put on Tender Mercies kindness. Humility meekness. So we put off some things. We put the death something, because here's what you need to put on Tender Mercies kind of humility, M, long-suffering bearing with one, another forgiving one. Another, if anyone has a complaint against another even as Christ forgave you. So you also should forgive them No. There's a commandment there. So you also must do, but above all these things, more than all of that put on. Love. Which is the bond of perfection. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts to which also you were called in one body and be thankful.

You know the story about your mom. Pinky, toe walking through the house in the middle of the night. It hurts the whole body. It affects those around you, you got to be careful what you do, how you say in the even if Nobody's around and whatever it is that you blurt out, when that happens. Here's it. More so important to me yesterday when I busted my head. More. So important than what my grandson Dawson would hear me, say or my son would hear me say is, what God would hear me say or what? God would know in my heart. Is one time in High School junior high. Go back to Junior High one time in junior, high, that I used her. She's never been a part of my life. My father was a minister that wasn't part of what we did. I never heard my father curse, wasn't something that wasn't language. That was common around our house prayer. And Faith was common. I'm thankful for that. So when something would go wrong. Cursing wasn't something that came out of my mouth.

So one time in High School, junior high, I forced myself to use the word help, all the cool kids were doing it.

Play says, I'm like what what the hell were you thinking? Is that what the moment? I said that it's like that just sounds bile in my own tears. Right? Why did I say that? And everybody's looking at me, like all the passwords, did you hear what he said? Is that cool cuz they recognize? No h e double hockey sticks. Right as in the Bible, right?

It's the context that we use it many times. Right? When's the last time you told somebody to go there? well, they can just go to

Really. You really think that? Is that what you want? Because that's not what Christ, wants some things we need to put off. What? You don't know. The people I was talking about Patrick why they're just Wicked evil people. So weren't we, Right. You know what sin keeps us out of heaven. The sin of unbelief. That's what keeps us out of Heaven. What gives is in the heaven is belief, believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. It is not just a head knowledge. It's a relationship with him. I don't want you here this morning walking at you while I hope to get there. I want you walking out here this morning knowing that you can get there by putting your faith and trust in him. It's not your worst but works comes after our Salvation. Now it's important for me to do good and to love one another As Christ. So love me. That's a high calling right there by yourself. Is it not to do the things that God has called us to do this? Continue on

All these things put on love which is the bond of perfection and let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to wish you were called and one body and be thankful that the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom teaching you and I'm managing you one another and one. If you want another and songs and hymns, and spiritual songs singing with Grace, in your heart, to the Lord, in whatever you do in word or In Deed. Do all in the name of the Lord giving. Thanks to God the Father through him. See what he says right there. In all that you do. Do all. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I grew up the Son of a Preacher Man, so I'm the only one that could ever teach you.

Summer View that'll sink in a little bit.

It's an old song. Got to be 60 or older Maybe. Ashley had that song at her wedding? Right before she walked down the aisle with Trenton me standing up front.

I'd mention that I think to her, she listens pretty cool. So it was a good moment. But just because I'm a Preacher, Man. Song doesn't mean a thing. I can be a Preacher Man. Son and be Wicked and terrible and vile. But I am partly who I am today because of who, my Earthly father was. and the other part I am today, because of who my heavenly father is And everything that I was taught to say and everything that I was taught to do by my father, was always pointed to Jesus. You're a representative of Jesus Christ. Make sure you live up to that. Oh yeah. Then the responsibility that I had. When I went to town, I had to put on a collar shirt, I couldn't go to town in a T-shirt. How to put a collared shirt on. Why? Because you're mccaskill go to town looking like you're not poor, even though we were.

But also, the rehire responsibly was to serve the master Jesus Christ. if we can learn how to do that, not as a burden. But out of desire to lift up his name. Imagine how much greater our nation would be imagine how much greater life around this would be. And then Paul gets