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1. A Celebration of Glinnis’s LIfe

A. Glinnis’s Loves

i. Glinnis loved her family.

1. When I would visit the Bobby, Betty, and Glinnis, she was always talking about her family. Joseph and Lana were always the topic of conversation.

2. She enjoyed her family.

ii. She played softball and played the trumpet.

iii. Glinnis loved the Ole Miss Rebels and the Atlanta Braves.

iv. Glinnis loved her cats.

v. Glinnis loved to laugh. She was always telling a joke or messing with someone. She would always give me a hard time because I am an MSU Bulldog. The only time she was ever happy for the Bulldogs to win was when they won the CWS.

B. Glinnis loved Jesus.

i. She sent me a post several years ago on Facebook.

ii. Get ugly and honest with Him in your prayers. Be specific. Don’t dress up the ugly problems as pretty problems. God isn’t afraid. We spend so much time trying to play characters that God didn’t create rather than crying out in the struggles of our reality. Your mess matters.

She had a relationship with Jesus.

2. A world full of pain

A. Today, we are reminded that we live in a world full of pain.

i. Sin has broken and fractured the world in which we live. Because of the fractured world, sickness, disease, and heartache are rampant.

1. Romans 10:22 // For we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.

2. In fact, a large part of Jesus daily ministry revolved around healing those who were irreparably sick.

ii. Saints suffered throughout the Bible in unimaginable anguish.

1. John 30:17 // The night racks my bones, and the pain that knows me takes no rest.

2. 1 Kings 19:14 // It is enough! Now, Lord, take my life, for I am no better than my fathers! Elijah no longer wanted to live due to the mental angish over a poor decision that he had made.

iii. Glinnis’s situation speaks to the broken nature of the world in which we live.

1. Sickness, disease, and pain are difficult.

2. The world is a painful place of many people.

3. Glynnis is no longer in pain.

iv. Jesus, as he would heal, had to deal with the brokenness in the world. He healed. He was often met with the incredulity of others. They couldn’t remember a life before sickness, and they couldn’t fathom a life without that pain. Jesus entered into that moment anyway.

B. Glinnis’s death, I know, is incredibly painful. (Pastor Neal Thornton, privides some clarity)

i. Glinnis’s death is not your fault.

1. Glinnis, in her weakest moment, believed something about herself that was not from the Lord.

2. You could not have changed it. You cannot blame yourself.

3. We often blame ourselves in situations like these. Here me say, you have loved her well.

ii. Glinnis’s death does not define her life.

1. I know that I have made decisions in my life that I am thankful have not defined me. I know that Glinnis is not defined by a single decision.

2. Do not forget that God blessed you with Glinnis. Her smile, her jokes, her personality, and her love for so many things – including you.

3. Glinnis was made by God for a purpose. Psalm 139 tells us that He knit her in her inmost being.

iii. Glinnis’s death needs your forgiveness.

1. Glinnis’s death and her decision added to your pain.

2. You will need to forgive her. Her heavenly Father already has forgiven her.

3. One of the most confusing emotions in a time like this is the anger and sadness and pain can sometimes be directed towards this person that we love so dearly.

iv. Glynnis’s death is covered by the cross.

1. There is only one unforgivable sin.

a. The sin of resisting the Holy Spirit for salvation.
b. Knowing Jesus isn’t about dos or donts but DONE.

2. Glinnis knew Jesus, and she had a relationship with Him

3. No more pain or sorrow

A. Read Revelation 21:1-6

B. Glynnis now lives with no more pain or sorrow.

C. She is completely and totally healed before her Heavenly Father.

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