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Grab your bible this morning turn to Colossians chapter for Colossians chapter 4. We end up the book of Colossians today. Talking, about some things, I was very important to all of us. Paul is writing these letters. Glaciers Visions, Philippians Colossians. He's writing from prison, he's sharing with those outside of the Prison Walls. How good God is to him. If God has placed you in a spot like that, if God had put you inside Prison Walls, if you have been beaten for his name for his namesake in because you're sharing the gospel, a message, message to others, would you say that your God is good? Would you be thankful for all that? He has allowed you to go through? Would you be upset with him? Because he's things are happening. Or would we have the attitude that Paul has? You know what, I may be inside a Prison Walls, but that doesn't stop me from ministering to those around me. God wants us to minister, no matter where we are, no matter what's going on, he wants us to minister to those around us. Even if we are on our deathbeds.

Think about that for a second. What do you mean you want me to share the gospel with those? Absolutely. I mean if your can breathe and you can talk and we had to be sharing the word of God. We allow trials and tribulations are hardships that keep us from sharing these things. Prayer involves a persevering will. Prayer involves an alert. Mine will that leaves a lot of us out, right? Prayer. Involves a grateful heart. and I request should be made specific and be made related to Battle of the ministry. God help me so I can help others God take care of my knees so I can help others in their needs and however God sees fit to do that. I guess there was a big lottery drawing last night, I don't buy a ticket so I don't know who Juan enable interview in and 800 million dollars or something like that. That's up to a billion. Now, why better play now, huh?

How many people play? Well, if I just win all that Lottery, make my problems would be over. Now your problem probably just starting, right? You'll have more family members and you knew you had, you'll end up with more friends than you ever thought.

And your kids and your grandkids get kidnapped. That's the world we live in, sadly, isn't it? So we need to have our prayers made for a specific purpose of specific reason related to the ministry that God has before us. That doesn't mean I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with having money, there's nothing wrong with having money. As long as the money doesn't have you.

Paul was asking not for open prison doors. But it was asking for an Open Door of ministry inside the prison. God gave him that look at verses 2 through verse for Colossians chapter 4 will begin them will assume start with verse 1 says Master give you a bondservant, what is just and fair. Knowing you also have a master in heaven. A good lesson there for us to know how we treat. Others is how we're going to be treated how we judge. Others is saying, this is how we want to be judged as usually not true in our lives. We don't want to be judged by the way, we judge others. But that's what God says. You will judge be judged with the same measure as you judge others. Look at verse to continue earnestly in prayer. Being vigilant in it with Thanksgiving. It's not just a a prayer and we're done with it. I prayed and God, you've heard it in a few. Don't forget. So, you know, knossos continue earnestly in prayer. Don't give up. Be vigilant, pay attention, looking looking at what's going on around. You be vigilant in your prayers with Thanksgiving. See, God does not always answer our prayers. The way we want, isn't that true? And for that we should be thankful. Well know, if I'd be on a beach somewhere, Another you can't worship God on a beach somewhere.

God wants you to gather together with Believers were not so much for yourself before yourself but gather together as Believers for those around you to encourage them to build them up.

I share this in the early service, so I got to be equal and share this this morning with you. We have a an election coming up in a couple of weeks, right? What is God's will? What if I think one person ought to be governor in New York? And Chris thinks somebody else should be governor in New York. Who's right? And we're both larger will be done.

More complicated than that because I guarantee you, whoever you vote for, you think that's the person that it ought to be. Are you going to be voting for him? Correct. Who's right? Does God split. His will one way then the other four individuals or is there one way that God wants things to be done one way that it ought to take place? 9 Mi, no way saying that. Any person that we vote for is perfect in God's eyes. Neither, are you? And I right? David wasn't perfect. But he was a man. After God's Own Heart, even though there were several times in his life. We see the difference between David and between saw David was always seeking God's will to be done. Lord, how would you have me do this song was seeking? His will to be done in the video? This is why I am the king, do what I say. And David was Lord. I'm just a poor Shepherd boy. What do you want me to do? Go kill Goliath. Okay. I'll do that. I'll do that. Lord. How do you want me to do it this time because every time that David went in the battle, he sought God's guidance and Direction. Lord, how would you have me going to battle this time? What do you want me to do, babe. It's all just did his own thing. Saul just did it the way he wanted it to be done. You forgot about God. He wasn't being. Erna sinner's prayer. He wasn't being vigilant. With Thanksgiving. David had a lot to be thankful for saw, was blaming other people see when we do things, God's way he honors that He blesses look down a 12, in verse 14, real quick. As we read a couple of verses that goes along with this praying thing, he says a 12, he prefers who was one of you, a bond, ceramic rice reading grease. You always laboring fervently for you and prayers that you may stand. Perfect, and complete, and all the will of God. Verse 14, Luke the Beloved Physician and Demas.

Toilet sprayer. That is there from all others, the prayer that we're asking. OK, Google. Help them to stand before you and how many times in our lives, when there's something that we individually want, we're asking God to knock this person down and to get me in that position.

About every year around May and June, a lot of churches, get resignations from their Pastors in the South. It's May schools. Done pastors with children are now looking to move elsewhere, they hear of a church larger Church, a better-paying church, whatever situation. So that church thing gets flooded with multitudes of resumes from pastors, who are seeking another Pastor, why Because you're wanting to climb a ladder trying to get up to that bigger position. Instead of just speaking. What God wants where God wants them to be. If we're praying that God takes one person down, so I can be lifted up. That was Saul's problem, right? David Saul killed. His thousand. David still just like that. He want to be killing the tens of thousands, he wasn't content with a thousands. So he would pray and strive to take David down. David was God's man God. It said David you're going to be king someday that had to play out that had to happen. There's no way that was going to change. You know why? Because the seed of Jesus Christ was coming through David

When we seek God's will, when we seek his way, there's no two ways about it. So, in the election coming up, I'm asking you to seek not your will Seek God's Will. And the only way you going to know God's will for real? Getting the word, don't listen to the pundits on television. Half of them aren't in the Woodward. They're just hearing was being told them and spewing out information seek the will of God lord not my will. Define be done. And truth be told we usually go to the voting polls geared with what we desire to see happening. There's a higher calling than you and me. Even you and me, as Christians is a higher calling, there's a calling of God, seek my righteousness, does what to a nation. Exalts. A nation. Send tears us down. We need to be praying earnestly. We need to be praying vigilantly. With Thanksgiving Lord not my will but thine be done and Lord. Thank you. For answered prayer. And I might not be my answered prayer but it might be the prayers. That God knows is real in the right that he answers. If we want God's will to be done.

We're seeking him. Look what else about this prayer? Thing verse 1st Corinthians. 16:9, he says for a great and effective door has been open to me, but there are many adversaries. There's a lot of adversaries out there trying to keep this from happening, trying to keep us from serving God, trying to keep us even from being here. This morning, don't raise your hand, but how many of you had some roadblocks this morning before you came to church? All these things coming up, right? I can't, I can't.

Because the devil doesn't want us Gathering Together. The devil wants to divide us and get us to The Runaway. 2nd Corinthians 2:12 says, when I came to troas, a priest Christ, a door was opened to me by the Lord. When God opens the door, you know, it When God closes a door, we need to accept it. Sometimes we try to kick that door down because that's what we desire.

Lord, If It Be, Your Will open this door.

Look up the roadblock before Jesus Christ before he went to the cross. Right father, but he might buy, will let this cup pass me. He knew what was coming? His human side was Frank. I don't want to have to do this criminally.

But being God, the Sun. He says, I know this is what's before me. Father, let this cup pass from me. But Lord, not my will, but thine be done for the humans. I see if there's any better way. For the world to be redeemed. Let that happen. But I'm willing to sacrifice myself if that's what you want. I'm willing to lay myself down on that cross for world that will reject me a world that will mock me a world. That will make fun of me. I'll lay my life down for them. That whosoever will make come And this morning if you know Christ as your lord and savior, aren't you thankful that he did? That aren't you thankful that he willingly laid himself down? Go to Revelation chapter 3 + 3 verses 7 through verse 8. This morning, Revelation 3 verse 7 through 8 Cousin to the angel of the church in Philadelphia, right? D sayings says he, who is Holy, he was true. He who has a key of David. He who opens? And no one shuts and shuts and opens, I know your Works. See, I have set before you and open door and no one can shut it for you. Have a little strength, have kept my word,

And have not denied my name. How powerful is your god? even when he doesn't answer your prayers, the way you want, Do you trust them? Do you follow him? Do you listen to him? The prayer is a big thing. That's awesome, talking to God, but many times our prayer. We, we use it to try to inform God of stuff. I don't nobody in the 10 Services, those 8:30 people that do it, right? spell somebody's Sister Mary has lung cancer. So our prayer in church when we're praying and asking God to guide and maybe out loud, are feral be following. We pray for Sister, Mary do it. We pray that you would remove this lung cancer from a large, you know, 45 years of smoking. We start filling got in on why? And it's not really God, we're feeling that. It's everybody else around us. God already knows. Why not just pray for Sister Mary and her lung cancer? We don't have to give the commentary on the rest of it when I'm watching a football game, right? We don't need somebody telling us what's going on in their lives when we're asked to pray for that individual. Pray for them. The Olaf. The other thing is we're asked to pray and the answer. Was that your own fault, 45 years of smoking.

Pray. Amen. How it got there doesn't matter. That has the question is, are we willing to pray for this individual now? Imagine what some thought about the Apostle, Paul being thrown in prison when he went from place to place for, you know, the only reason he joined in prison cuz he won't shut his mouth. And that's true. Anybody got in prison. He still didn't shut his mouth. Did he? He was sharing the gospel message in the world, didn't like it, they didn't like being called on the carpet. They didn't like being told that their sins were wrong. Sort of like where we live today. Don't tell me my lifestyle is wrong. I'm living my life. Me and God got this understanding.

Well, are you understanding God or is got understanding you? And is usually the other God understands you. When he knows that your understanding is not right. Cuz our understanding usually based upon our own experience, our own wasn't her own wishes. And when we're praying, he says, pray this way. Our Father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy will. How will be thy name? Thy will be done? We're asking God to take care of our life. According to his will, not according to our will. We have the next Nexus, witnessing? Witnessing to the unsaved. Those who are outside the family of God Ministry, maybe it's in our own family, maybe it's our friends or co-workers, whoever maybe but there's an opportunity for us to witness to them and not do it in an abusive, kind of way. Doing it in a loving, kind of way. It's our task to help bring them into the share, the gospel message. Effective witness involved, walking wisely. And being alert to every opportunity around us. How can I Minister today for you Lord and then looking for those opportunities looking for Avenues to share the gospel with somebody. Being careful in what we say and how we say it. Tell me you're going through a tough time and we get together with them and we said, hey will you know if you just straighten your life up and give it to Jesus, you'll be. That's not really the way to answer that thing, right? Have you been listening to Joe? And our morning readings, Joe had three friends that came, they sit with him, sit with him for a week. They listened to his care. Has listened to his concerns and after a week, they got tired of listening to him. So they decide now, it's all right. Time to tell you Joe, what your problem is. They didn't have a clue.

They said, try to tell Joe job. You're going through these problems is Charles because there's sand in your life. Just go back and read the first two chapters of job. You'll find out why Joe was going through these trials in these tribulations.

Everyday is Yoga. Get up. He would offer sacrifices for his children because he knew they were Sinners. So if y'all knew his children were, since he also knew him, he himself was a guy for sacrifices for his children and offer sacrifices for his own household him and his wife.

And yet. God said to Satan and that whole Passage. You know what have you considered my servant job?

Play Shamwell, I can't touch him. You got a hedge of protection around them. Well, remove that hedge of protection. Satan, you can do anything you want to him, except take his life. So why did All This calamity come up on job? Not because it was sent in his life but because God through his name out to Satan So you didn't come to him, so hey, let me attack Jobe. No, God said to Satan. Hey, have you considered My servant, put your name in there. if we went through what job went through, Where would we be? What we have faith in God, we will be wondering what's going on, or what? That's just human nature, right, jobs? Like Lord ice. I've done all these things. I've sacrificed every day for my children. I thank you for everything. I have I'm not going to curse you God I'm still going to trust you through it, I don't understand that you normally but I'm going to trust you through it. And yet his friends one by one, begin to tell him his faults. Over pretty good at that ugly. We're pretty good at looking at everybody else and telling them, their problems, their Falls, where they're going to ride. But when we looked in the mirror, we don't see it in ourselves cuz I'm a Child of God. I'm perfect. We are only made perfect in God's eyes. Do the shed blood of Jesus Christ. That's the only way. I'm going to tell you a secret this morning. You ready? You can't tell anybody else. I'm not perfect. Did you know that? Norm. You didn't know that Norm. You're not perfect either. Sorry, brother, right?

But Halep is love in his Mercy. He sent his son to die on the cross, that he who believes in him. Not just a head knowledge relationship thing, he who believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. Do you believe? If you believe are you witnessing to those around you? Who you don't know whether they believe or not. That's a tough thing to say to somebody had you do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ go there. They may say yes I believe. Good. My part. Have you do you ask a question you got an answer but listen, this the devil believes in Jesus Christ. But has not accepted him as Lord and savior. The Bible says, not everyone who calls me, Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven. So yes, it's, we're capable of believing In Jesus, but not believing. And Jesus that's when that relationship begins go to 1st Peter. Chapter 3 First, Peter chapter 3. When we look at this passage, we see some things that God has. For us to emulate and to follow through on 1st Peter chapter 3. Look at verse 15, through verse 17, But sanctify, the Lord, we're in your heart and always be ready to give a defense to everyone. Who asked you a reason for the hope that is in you how with meekness and with fear. Having a good conscience that when they the same, you is evil doers. Those who revile your Good Conduct and Christ may be ashamed.

Yes, we can boldly share our faith. But don't go to people, sharing your face acting like you are. Jesus Christ himself perfect. We're not. Share your faith. But understand the position God wants us to be a, I'm not a perfect person and I hope that my walk in. My talk has been the same, but sometimes we know they're walking our talks not the same when we're looking around. Say okay. Who's going to hear me say this because we don't want other Christians to hear. And then we say something that maybe we shouldn't say To a lost and dying world. And then later, when we try to share our faith with him, we make a mockery out of our faith because you said this before and now you're trying to tell me your child of God.

This is what Paul is talking about. Our prayers need to be Earnest, our prayers need to be righteous or witnessing needs to be for the Lord, putting him first. Following his guy in following his Direction, doing the things that he's called us to do. Look up verses 7 through verse 9 in Colossians. Chapter 4 is we can turn continue on. He talks about Prairie talks about witnessing. Now, he's going on to the informing aspect. He's a sticky as a beloved brother. Faithful manager of fellow servants in the Lord will tell you all the news about me. Can somebody tell somebody else all the news about you? I mean, everything, there's nothing hidden. Do you want somebody to tell all the news about you? Are there things in your life that you don't want anybody to know? If there's things in your life that you don't want anybody to know you need to realize, God already knows them. And we need to remove those things out of our lives so that we can be the best that we can be for the Lord. For this very purpose that he may know your circumstances and comfort your heart with onesimus, a faithful and beloved brother, who was one of you, they will make known to you all things which are happening here. I want you to know about my knees. I want you to know about what's going on. I want you to be able to pray for me in a, right? And a proper way. Turn all that. There's heartaches and hardships trials and tribulations in life. And sometimes, when when we ask people at and we hear a prayer request and they said, hey, I just, I need prayer today. Okay, maybe they're not in a position to share with you what it is in their life. They just want you to pray for them because God knows. God knows. But sometimes that warlord, you know, Norm, you know, the many things that can be in this life, it could be this morning. We just start going down a list of things that we think is wrong with Norm. And we run out of time cuz we don't have enough time.

Finish that list. Again, we're trying to inform God. God doesn't need us to inform him. God just needs us to pray for one another. Well I don't know how to pray for the Lord. I ask your blessing upon them, guide him and direct him as you will and help him to see your hand and all that simple, simple that we have. Those help is? Yeah, we can pray more specifically for them. Right. But pray for God's will to be done? Not your will. Listen to this, not even their will.

God's will. Because whose will is perfect. Is my will perfect. Or is God's will perfect. That's tough. Sometimes it Lord thy will be done.

So we can form Paul wasn't hesitating to share his knees with others because he was depending on their prayer support this ministry. This church would not be here. Had it not been for the prayers of others. This ministry, this church would not be here had not been for a collective prayer. As we gather together weather, till Sunday morning, whether it's a Wednesday night, whatever time it is that we would gather and price as a group. But each and every day this church needs your prayers. Father died in this church. Helped him to follow you. And by the church when we're saying church, I'm talking about each and every one of us has a part because again, it goes back to whose will is, right? I want this. No, I want this Governor we can't both be right. We can't have two Governors who won.

Lord, your will be done. And if it doesn't happen the way, I hope it would happen. I pray. God's will. To be done? Do I trust him? We'll listen, he's gotten us this far in this world of political pundits, right? He's got and I don't always get my sometimes I do.

But God is faithful. God is just that's the importance of our praying. That's the importance of our witnessing. That's the importance of informing those around us of our own needs. So they can pray knowingly for us and don't add the somebody's prayer requests and they've asked you to pray for a specific thing. Pray for that specific thing. Don't try to inform God because God already knows and Romans. 15:30, pulses, fried together with me and prayers to God for me. Striving me to work at it right to keep on going. And yes, sometimes it gets hard, sometimes it gets tough. We we don't know whether God's answering or not, but when we hear that God's answer to prayer and it's the way that we would hope it would be. Thank you God. Ephesians 6:19. Pray for me that others may be given to me to open my mouth boldly. Have you prayed that one for yourself? Lord, I pray that I can open my mouth boldly to those around me.

Years ago, I was talking about sharing our faith with one another. I said, to listen, week, we don't need to be so bold that we push people away. And this is where I quoted Hank Glen Hinkle. And says, he'll be well, where we going to, push him to hell, that's where we going, which is true.

but if people don't know your heart, If people don't know your current concern or care for them and and you just cut him off at the knees. You and I don't like that. Why would an unbeliever like that? We need to be careful. We need to live our life pleasing to God, not to people but to God and when we live our life and we're walking we're talking the way that we should that. God would have us got take that so you keep plants that. So you and it doesn't come in your time or my time. It comes in his time.

Pray for me. That the others may be given to me to open my mouth boldly, Philippians 119. He says for this I know it will turn out for my delivers through your prayers. Important for us to pray for one another and support for a suit to build one another up, not tear each other down but for the pause he's not the negatives.

I have a hard time even when somebody comes to me. I have a hard time if they ask me. What negative do you see in my life? And unless it's a blaring - I'm not looking for negatives in people's lives. I'm not going to let me know I can pick on norm and you know that everything that I say this morning and any other morning we're going to pick up Norman all fictitious, right?

Resident my disclaimer. But we're looking at people to find out the negatives in them. so, looking for the positives, The positive we do the tire kicking when we would like we're walking around the car will see what kind of Christian you are. You know. Good thing, your car doesn't go out every time you get the tire, right? Because we do the same thing that Christians So prove them when they want position. When they want certain yet, there's got to be some proof in their life but I shouldn't have to go around kicking tires. It ought to be losing out of you. Your love and your faith in Jesus Christ by your actions. Don't just tell me how great you are. God knows whether you are or not. Love it. And when we live at, we don't really have to say a word. God provides 1st Thessalonians. 5 25 brother, brother and pray for us. This is what policy encouraging Philemon verse 22. Is that I trust that through your prayers. I should be granted to come and visit with you post wanting to get out of prison, wanting to get back and have some time together. It's like that through your prayers. This will be granted.

So we go from, praying we go from witnessing. We go to the informing of our needs. Here's my prayer request. Here's my needs, and God has blessed me. Play 30 years here at the church is not at all. What I thought it were. I thought I would be 40 years into the ministry 30 years here, 10 years, prior to that God's been good. I wouldn't have written it this way. It wasn't my plan to to do it this way but my plan was okay. Lord hears, what I desire. Pedal all written out, five year plan 10-year plan, 15 year plan. No, those plans came to pass. As I desired. I'm waiting for the five-year. I'm 10 years and five year plans, haven't come to pass as like, Lord. What in the world? I'm 10 years in five year plans, haven't come to pass, nor the 10 to 15 years in the five years. A 10-year of my 15-year plans. Haven't come to pass. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden somewhere in between it all those things that I had hoped to accomplish in Ministry.

God, this is a lot of responsibility.

I didn't need it all at once, but God, chose differently. He's faithful. He is not on your time frame or my time frame. Amen. God is on his time frame. And when were saying, okay, Lord, your will be done. That means. Okay, Lord, in your time, not mine.

Then we get to serving and Paul sets here and he names men who were able to work at a side men who were encouraging him in the ministry and doing the work of the Lord. Email, an apostle cannot get the work done alone. Paul saying Hey listen I needed other people. This church is not here because of me, this church is here because of what God has done through his people. Over the 45 years that this church has been established from the very beginnings of the Bible studies that they had in homes Gathering Together asking God. To allow this to happen. Not really visualizing all that. God was going to do. I sit back and I look at the people who have come through the doors of our church over time. Those who have common and moved on man. If we were all here we wouldn't have room for all of them in both services but God has a way of of dispersing his people's I'm here, some there some other way and yet here we are. We have ministered to a community of people. That knows what hoosic Valley Community Church stands for. I was in a restaurant yesterday morning to Jagged Little Diner yesterday morning. I sat down and somebody next to me says, Hey hadn't seen you in a I had been in like a whole week.

Been busy getting caught up with all the things that I got to do and you know, doctors they change their mind. They don't want to see you today. They call you the night before. You can't come today. Can you come back next week? All right, so all those things going on. Figuring out all this. I did my stress test this week, they let me come home, so I guess I passed that. Find out what this progress of all of that is next week. Next Friday, I even got an email from my sister say hey you're bossy sisters, want to know what's going on with your health. They haven't heard no news to report. It takes you three months to get into the doctor's. There's nothing to say, I'm still alive.

So I said, well, I have three sisters, my younger sister van. She's probably watching this morning. My youngest sister van is the one that texted me this? So I wrote back here, will tell Sandra and Linda, my older sister's saying they were the boss. He wants. I know it's not them, it was Wanda, tell Sandra and Linda, but all is well, until I find out from the doctor is not all is well. So, that was it. But I see this guy yesterday, where you been? I said, well, I've been here been. I've been busy been a busy week, while I have it. Ready for you. Right here, every morning you haven't shown up. I said, guess what? I've been telling you for 20 years. I got to see right here for you. And you haven't shown up, I've shown up here more and a week when you have in 30 years in my charge, I say that with a smile, they know maybe someday. I'll be pleased, I'll be happy. Yeah but that's Ministry. You share those kind of not only, did he hear what I was saying but everybody else in the restaurant The Diner that money was hearing what I listen to We got seats available, you walk in, you've got a seat. I mean you VIP treatment right? Hip hop front. How many all these don't set up here because they just show up. They got to pay for those seats. They didn't know that.

Mary, she just get to sit with him.

But when we're witnessing the people when we're sharing one more Pray when were serving sometimes we got to roll our sleeves up and get a little sloppy. They man. Thank God for those who were helping Paul today, I had all this help. I had these people that were there with me. Toy named six of them. How he was grateful that he He has his ministry with the Saints, grateful for the sayings that are willing to do the work. That needs to be done. Faithful ministers in colossi. We need that in hoosic Valley Community Church. We've got faithful people. but we need others willing to step up because guess what Are faithful folks are getting older. Right. You're getting less active. Right. So we need some younger generations of Step Up lie to keep this going for the Lord. Write the process. You keep bringing them in. We keep growing, okay. God bless us that we we get people to step up and step forward.

Carlin Sunday. They got that donut thing down pretty good. So yeah, I'm not going to volunteer to pick up donuts for him ever. Don't want to get in their way. Right car or Miss Lisa, strong swimmer, she does all the cleaning around here, you know, you see something a mess on the floor. Plenty to do after you guys leave. Don't worry. If you help her out, she appreciate it. There's always work to do.

The people. This is not my church. This is your church. Right someday. Patrick legs going to be gone. I'm not resigning. I'm going to die rest. My dad. You said I don't want to die in the Pulpit. That's no fun for anybody. What's my grandkids? I don't want them shelters that people thought I died on the Wind tonight. Right there, a few weeks back, didn't know what was going on. That didn't go. Well we got the most views ever is all on a Wednesday night. Bible study. Not sure they got the message but they saw what took place later. I'm fine folks, that's my thumbs up the next morning on the back deck. Hey, I'm fine. We have service to do until the Lord returns, right? And then when he returns and takes us home, we get a sit at his feet and worship. With all of our family and friends who have gone on before us. And here's what I'm saying to you and closing family friends be there with me. Be there with me, God's made. The way all we got to do is say yes, Father, we thank you, thank you, for your goodness, your mercy and your love. Thank you for the way that you provide for each and everyone of us. Help us to be faithful in our prayers. Helped us us to be faithful in our witnessing faithful in our serving. We're never too old to serve. The father, we need people willing to serve to help take the burdens off of others who have been doing a lot. We need others willing to witness to take the help, take the burden off of those who have been witnessing above and beyond and father, the more that we can witness for you. The more blessed we make you The more happy we make you because we're doing your will and it's not up to us to bring somebody to crisis up to us, to plant the seed. It's up to us to water the sheets. You gives the increase for that. I'm thankful for that. We give you the praise. But do you know the needs to know the birds? You know? Each and every heart here today, guide, us and direct us. Take care of those needs. Help us. The labels burdens at your feet and we give the praise in Jesus name.

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