The Gospel Will NOT be Stopped

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To each obstacle God's Good News overcomes; it WILL accomplish His purpose!

Sermon Tone Analysis
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The Greatest Story Ever Told - was an Epic film that was released (and perhaps the 2nd most notable thing that happened) in 1965. Since then, many other depictions of the story of Jesus have been made, but the cast of this version sets itself distinct from many others.
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‌The 10 Commandments often plays at Easter because of the connection to Jewish Passover, but I encourage you to invest some time watching and discussing this with your family. A good question to ask children and teens is if the characters in the film are similar or different to their imagination from hearing the Bible’s account.
‌But there are barriers to people hearing the story!
A lesser known film is the 1983 low budget film The Greatest Story Never Told (Not to be confused with the documentary on Hitler by the same title).
In the movie I am thinking of, a preacher’s son hears visiting missionaries speak of their challenges and he realizes that he doesn’t have to go to the jungle to preach the Gospel, he can take it across the street.
Whether you are called to remote jungles or the vast spaces or the Open Range of Chase County…
Transition: Acts 27 and the beginning of Acts 28 details 3 challenges that Paul faced before he was permitted to proclaim the Gospel in Rome.

The Spread of the Gospel Overcomes Impediments (Acts 27:1-28:10)

I realize that we have limited attention spans so I didn’t want to read both of these chapters in one stretch. But since may have been a week or two since you read these accounts, it would be worth our time to hear what is actually in these accounts. Let’s start with just the first 20 verses of Acts 27, then I will make a few comments about each section.
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Storms (27:1-20)

1. Over the last 150 years (since the Industrial Revolution) One of the most ardent opponent to faith has been Naturalism.
a. Man searches for human explanations to phenomena that used to be attributed to the supernatural.
b. Man begins to overestimate his own ability to overcome circumstances.
· Oliver & Wilbur Wright overcame gravity in 1903 · Spring of 1912 saw the launch of the Transatlantic “unsinkable” Titanic · Summer of 1925 the Scopes Monkey Trial brought the conflict between creation by God and naturalistic evolution to a climax.
2. Man would rather take a risk on the uncertainty of his own abilities, than listen to a sure word from God.
a. On the chance that somehow (v.12)
b. Rather than accept the simple Gospel of faith in the finished work of Christ, too many people reject the Gospel in favor of their own goodness or some sort of cosmic karma.
3. Man’s ability to work himself into a bad situation is illustrated in the next 24 verses.

Shipwreck (27:21-44)

When hope was gone because of the Storms they began to psychologically prepare for the worst.
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1. Despair makes people do unreasonable things.
2. Fear can paralyze – Fear prompted them to drop 4 anchors (v.29)
3. Fear can lead to pretense (deception) – some of the soldiers snuck off in a life raft, never to be heard from again.(v.32)
4. Fear had stolen appetites (v.33)
5. Those who stayed with the ship until it ran aground (as Paul advised (v.34b) ALL were brought safely to land. (v.44)
6. Mankind frequently gets himself in a jam by overestimating his own abilities, then fear often wins the battle over faith.
7. When faith is practiced, God’s will is accomplished!
They were all safely on land, but Snakes, Superstitions, and Sickness are about to reveal the power of God.
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Snakes & Sickness (28:1-20)

1. A snake strikes Paul and they assume he is a murderer.
2. He survives and they conclude he is a messenger from beyond.
3. He prays for people and they are mended.
4. Often we are called to take the Gospel to people who are not searching for it. Ordinary situations can be the opportunity for God to reach people who don’t know what they are missing.
Transition: Arrogance, Despair, and Ignorance are often traits of those who are far from God. To those in these lost conditions, the end of Acts shows that…

The Presence of the Gospel Provides Hope & Understanding (Acts 28:11-31)

Paul arrives in Rome (as he had been told in a dream) and there is no record that he ever gets to present his case to Caesar. But, he is permitted to live outside of jail with a soldier to protect Him.

The Hope of Israel (v.20)

1. As has been the custom ever since Jerusalem, the Gospel is first offered to the Jews, those who had the Scriptures and started from a monotheistic worldview. (v.17a)
2. Paul starts with his own testimony. Telling your own story, rather than starting by pointing a finger is a great way to begin a dialogue.
3. Israel’s Hope / hope of Israel can be a double entendre
a. For many in leadership in Israel, their hope was for power and their hope for power put Paul in Chains.
b. For Paul, he hoped for Israel to hear the Gospel, and his chains got the Roman government to pay for his travel to Rome so that he could preach Christ to the people of his own country.
I have a nephew who is currently a sailor in the U.S. Navy. When he is on ship or on base, he must be solely focused on his job within the military. But military service has also provided leave opportunities throughout the Pacific. I have heard great reports from both Navy and Army personnel of chances to talk about Christ around the globe, and their travel is paid for by our government! I have also heard of business travelers who leverage off hours for the Lord’s purposes.
4. Israel’s current hope put Paul in chains, but Paul saw the chains as an opportunity to live out his hope for Israel, that Israel would find Christ is the true reason for hope.

Understanding with the heart (v.27)

1. V.23 tells that Paul spent the day in the Scriptures.
2. His testimony intrigued them, but once they agreed to listen to him, he went to the Word of God.
3. V.24 speaks of mixed results, but Paul doesn’t seem to consider those who disbelieved a failure.
4. He admits that belief is a work of the Holy Spirit who calls individuals in such a way that they are able to respond.
5. V.26 send us to tell (even if they don’t respond)
6. V.27 says that those who understand with their heart will turn and be healed.


I know what it is like to get brushed off by people who are not interested in what I have to share about the Gospel. Some are polite about it, others can be quite rude.
I know what it is like to give my whole story and people still refuse to accept it (As Agrippa in chapter 26).
I also know what it is like to explain the beauty of the Gospel (even with my limited words) and see the Spirit of God mightily call a sinner to repentance.
We are commissioned to evangelize Everyone, Everywhere, starting here. Some will ignore, Some will indulge us, and Some will be healed and forgiven by the Mighty Power of God!
Paul’s hope as it related to his country was that they would find hope in the Gospel. Is that your hope for our country?
Our song of response is an opportunity to remind ourselves that God’s power to save others is mighty, wherever we go.
Song of Response #59 v3........... “I Sing the Mighty Power of God
Benediction: 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18 (ESV) — Rejoice always, 17pray without ceasing, 18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
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