In Christ Alone

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Starting a new series — Five solas
Five ways for us to explain the gospel to the world. Word “solas” means alone
In Christ alone By grace alone Through faith alone From Scripture alone To God be the glory alone
Big Question
Is the narrowness of the Gospel a bad thing? What is the main barrier to peace in the world
Religion Is religion basically a good thing, or basically a bad thing?
Surprising to you - it's a basically bad thing. Strong tendency to divide people Religion creates a slippery slope in the heart that can lead to superiority
I am saved because I do ________
The others are the unclean They are the others What do we do with this?
Hope for religion to weaken
As we get smarter we will need it less and less. Confine religion to your personal life
Believe in whatever you want All religions are a path to God So never try to convert people to your religion There are some approaches that fail us but can the narrowness be a bad thing?
Context Upper room discourse - Day before handed over - The last supper - washing the feet.
Jesus talking to the disciples. A good text for last week
Vs 1-4 —
We see Jesus is God because he is asking people to believe in Him as we believe in God. Jesus talking about what He would be/is currently doing in heaven.
Observation — Jesus doesn’t lie (vs 2)
Vs 4-6 —
Really cool convo
And you know the way to where I am going.” 5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?”
Where exactly are you going? - How do we get there?
If today - you would have been pulling out your phones…google maps Vs 6 — I am how you get there
How do you get right with God / get to heaven? - Me only There is beauty in exclusivity
Jesus doesn’t show us the way to the Father, He is the way
Prophets from other religions point you to something
Live this way and God will find favor Teachers show you a new philosophy.
Here is the way to zen Jesus doesn’t do that, he is pointing inward.
The character of God couldn’t allow more than one way to become right with God. If God is perfect then - one answer
Can’t get a question perfect on a test and have two answers
Except in math - Satanic To have a perfect test means that you could done it any other way and still maintain perfection. Why can Jesus ask us this? What gives him the right to be so narrow?
Jesus was the only perfect person. He can demand that his life was the only way because he was the only one who could fulfill the law’s demands.
Jesus doesn’t show us the way to the Father, He is the way
How else could we be saved?
Jesus is the only one who could take our place No one else can satisfy the wrath of God To say that there are many ways to God is evil
No I don’t really care if you’re sins are covered No
philosophy Moral improvement system Positive thinking Good works [No] …. Can save you It has to be a person. The only person who could fulfill the law. He can ask for a specific/perfect answer because he is the perfect answer.
Jesus doesn’t show us the way to the Father, He is the way
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