The Will of God Is...

Romans 12  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  37:49
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We are in a mental health epidemic.

In fact, we have probably been in one for many many years and are just now starting to break out of the denial.

Gen Z is lonely, anxious, depressed, stressed & disconnected.

According to Springtide Research: 47% moderately to extremely depressed, 55% moderately or extremely anxious, 57% moderately or extremely stressed and 45% moderately or extremely lonely. I do not believe it is just our young people struggling though.

Our world is languishing!

Languish gives a sense of burden, stagnation, emptiness and no vitality anymore. We are so concerned about making the wrong move, voting the wrong way, saying the wrong thing we are shriveling up.

The Church needs to be a safe place!

Sometimes we need to belong in a community before we will change our beliefs. The Church needs to be a place where those struggling can start to experience grace as we help them see Jesus.

We need to have a grace based thinking of self & others.

Paul uses a couple different words for thinking here but it comes down to having a reasonable and sensible view of self based on the grace of Jesus.

Grace makes community possible.

Community is not people being the exact same. Community is when people are different rally around something greater than themselves. Where there is a lack of grace there will be a lack of community.

The body is Christ’s.

It is not “our body”. It is not “my body”. It is the body in Christ, who is the head. There is no room for pride when we are not the head of the body. We have been transplanted into Him.

It is not about my will!

In a world where individual freedom is touted as the highest trait and value. In a world where personal choice is supposedly the greatest trait of humanity. We must realize this is not true when it comes to Jesus. We have freedom. We must protect freedom. But in the end is it not about me!

Christ gives grace to create community.

The list of the “gifts” are given at the will of Jesus.

You have purpose.

In Christ you have a purpose to complete.

You are not alone.

Do not walk this road alone. Do not think you don’t need anyone. You were created to be in community, the community of Jesus.

In Christ, you are enough!

Yes we are called to serve and to do what we can to encourage His body.

God’s will is you live out & enjoy His grace.

No this won’t magically take away our mental health epidemic. No it doesn’t mean you may not struggle with anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, marriage/relationship issues, or a host of other items. However, it can combat those things. Faith in Jesus will help provide purpose, connection, healthy expectations and a community where you can flourish.
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