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The DNA of God is forward only.
There is no reverse in God.
Never one time in the Bible do you find God going backwards.
Everything about God is forward motion about moving forward, about pressing on
More, greater, forward, higher, deeper, driving, reaching, stretching, pressing,
These are the words that express the attitude of God when it comes to the Christian Life.
I believe the sentiment, and the spiritual D.N.A. of the Christian life could be expressed in this one scripture
This is what I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying today.
Tell the people to go forward.
Now I want to recognize that even as I tell you to move forward, there is a fact of life we have to contend with
There Will be Times of Exhaustion
I feel like most of the church world, is feeling today, just like the Israelites felt that day when they heard Moses speak those words to them.
They felt like Moses had lost his mind.
First of all they were worn out physically, mentally, and emotionally.
They were exhausted.
And no doubt they were very disappointed in Moses, because it looked like he had led them into a trap.
They no doubt felt just like multitudes are feeling today Drained, empty, wiped out, tired, and sleepy.
Every body needs a cheer-leader in their life, but lets be honest about it Sometimes the last thing you want is a cheer-leader.
Sometimes you don’t want to cheer up.
You don’t want to be happy You want to be tired.
You just want to sit down and mope.
You want to be upset for awhile.
You just want to sleep.
Praise the name of Jesus that God loves us too much to let us be comfortable in our dysfunction.
In the great classic Pilgrims Progress, one of the greatest threats to pilgrim and his companion hopeful, on their journey, was the enemy of sleep.
Let me read to you an excerpt from this great classic
"I then saw in my dream that they went till they came into a certain country, whose air naturally tended to make one drowsy if he came a stranger into it.
And here Hopeful began to be very dull and heavy of sleep; wherefore he said unto Christian, "I do now begin to grow so drowsy, that I can scarcely hold up mine eyes; let us lie down here, and take one nap."
- "By no means, lest sleeping, we never awake more."
- Why, my brother?
sleep is sweet to the laboring man: we may be refreshed if we take a nap.
- Do not you remember that one of the shepherds bid us beware of the Enchanted Ground?
He meant by that, that we should beware of sleeping; wherefore let us not sleep as others, but let us watch and be sober.
- I acknowledge myself in fault; and had I been here alone, I had by sleeping, run the danger of death.
This is one of the tactics the enemy is using against the church today He is wearing out the saints.
The saints are becoming weary.
And they are just looking for a soft place to go to sleep.
Not to say that they are lazy, or that they are not great warriors, but they are tired.
The dictionary defines sleep as... a condition of body and mind that typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.
It's interesting that when referring to going to sleep, you never hear phrases like...
I leaped into sleep, or I jumped off to sleep.
But instead we use the phrases like he fell asleep, or I fall asleep.
The inference is that you don't overcome sleep, but sleep overcomes you gradually.
That's the battle we're in today, people are being overcome by sleep... the desire to just lay down and surrender to a spirit of slumber.
We Need to Wake Each Other Up
Like never before, we need the cheer-leaders, even if we don’t want to hear them.
We need to hear them thundering from the pulpits Wake up O sleepy heads, your journey is not over.
Theres many more giants to be slain.
There is much land, much property, much spiritual territory, that belongs to the children of God, but the enemy has moved in and become a squatter.
It's time to evict the squatter and take back, and repossess the land that belongs to us.
One of my favorite little verses in the Bible is right here in 2 Kings
I feel like this is a word for the church today, as though the Holy Spirit himself is saying Drive Go forward Slack not....don’t slow down unless i tell you
Slack not.
Don't back up... Don't take your foot off the gas... Wake up... Get busy.
Again in Ezekiel 1:12 And they went everyone straight (forward:) whither the Spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.
This is the word of the Lord today Get up, and get moving.
Get in gear.
You’re not home yet.
You cant afford to get caught sleeping.
I know were tired.
I know were battle weary.
I know it feels sometimes like your efforts don’t make any difference at all.
But they do Every movement in the right direction keeps the kingdom of God advancing.
Every prayer, every testimony, every hallelujah.
Every time you quote a scripture, every time you clap your hands in faith.
Every time you sow a seed, every time you speak in tongues, you are fighting back the hordes of hell.
Upward, onward, higher and higher, more and more, greater and greater, glory to glory.
Its like the old song Higher Ground says
Vs 1. I’m pressing on the upward way, new heights I’m gaining every day, still praying as I’m upward bound, Lord plant my feet on higher ground.
Vs 2. My heart has no desire to stay, where doubts arise, and fears dismay, though some may dwell where those abound, my prayer my aim is higher ground.
Never think you have arrived.
There are higher mountains to be climbed, wider rivers to be crossed, bigger giants to kill, greater glories to behold.
There is no place to turn around.
From the day of your new birth it is an upward journey.
Beware the Enchanted Ground There is no time for sleep.
The Christian life is not for pansies or the timid and fearful.
The Christian life is a life to be seized.
To be lived boldly, fearlessly, and aggressively.
Genesis 26:13 Speaking of Isaac, says:
Notice that Isaac only became very great (by going forward).
Forward is not an Accident
Forward is not an accident.
You can slide back effortlessly, but you can't go forward without intention and effort and an unwavering determination.
We are not going anywhere by accident...
The only way we progress in this Christian life is, through intention and effort.
The Holy Spirit is waiting to put his Super on our Natural; but He won't do anything until we do something.
Remember this very simple yet powerful truth When Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit in the Bible, he introduced him as our helper.
Not our servant.
The Holy Spirit is sent by God to assist us, to help us, to give instructions and directions.
He comes to guide and counsel, and to empower us as we move our feet.
In other words, as we do our part he is activated.
The Bible says that Samson would shake himself and then the anointing would come upon him.
This means to me I have to do the natural, and he will do the Supernatural.
The secret ingredient of faith is: Push.
Somebody said I'm just waiting for opportunity to knock at my door.
Somebody else said: The door of opportunity is marked (push).
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