A New Kind of Family

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The Season after Pentecost 2022  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  13:46
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In the name of the father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

AR reading and 2nd Thessalonians is a striking and Powerful indictment of idleness in the early church. 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 through 11 and 14. If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat for. We hear that. Some among you walk and idleness, not just at work but busy body. Take note of that person have nothing to do with them, that he may be ashamed.

It appears that those who don't contribute are reviewed and ostracized disappears, harsh on the surface. Or is it? Paul is working to create a new kind of family and the creation of a new Christian culture. This was a new orientation, I knew King requiring Allegiance and worship. It was not like what was demanded by Caesar this King. Gives unending love. Thessalonica was one of the first Christian, family communities and loyalty over Road. Many other considerations resources were pulled Saint Stephen one of the first deacons. He's a great example of this occurring in the early Church in the care of widows and food distribution. He created first food bank, labor is needed for the community to grow the Creative Energy of all is required for the church to survive. These ideals were revolutionary, the foundation of society was shaken the new Christian family. Grew it grew and grew. A Jewish reference described it as a new route transplanted to new Soil and Water from a different spring. If you belong to it, you did not belong to the outside world anymore, everything changed, you changed. The new family was not at ease with the Pagan or traditional Jewish culture in establishment anymore. Once you discover a better way. It's hard to go back. But this created problems for the Neighbors you interacted with. And the first Decades of existence has led to persecution by Pagan by the government. And by the Jewish Community who did not accept as Lord and savior.

The new community was viewed as subversive they were labeled as different was secret vices. You know what? The drinking of blood. Christ, would not give homage to the emperor and Christians resisted doing so Zoo. Imagine how are traditional Jewish Family. Felt when a family member became a Christian they felt betrayed and often shaandaar. Ostracize that person. You may lose your job due to your new beliefs. Your boss may think that it is bad for business and this still existed a Dennis and I were in in Japan. Japan is the second largest city in the world. I think New Delhi. Beats it out and we're walking down a street like thousands of other streets in Tokyo on a Sunday morning at 9:55 and we're in front of the Methodist Church that we've been there three or four times, this is the only time we ever found a church in Japan. and we see the person is going in in church was at 10 a.m., so of course, we run up to the door and ask if we can come and they say yes, It was a beautiful thing, we didn't understand a word they said, but you could see the order of the Liturgy. We understood that and the hymns were beautiful. They were all in Japanese, but it's the same thing that we have in our hands here. So that was very, very comforting. Afterwards.

The Elders of the church came to talk to us and I asked a question, I said, what's it like being a Christian in Japan and the one thing they all said was holding down a job. There were self-contained and often employed each other but that was a real issue for them. So they pulled their resources, you know, for them to survive.

In the early existence of the church, it was commonly believed that Christians subverted, the normal social, and cultural life of the Empire Pharisee name saw was so enraged with hatred that he gave me authority to attack. Unarmed Christians. He traveled wide seeking them out often citizens, inform the authorities against Christians and where they lived. Saint, Stephen was murdered for his unwavering beliefs and testimonial to his accusers. He was our first documented martyr for the faith, So back to Paul and Thessalonians, I remember he's the reform Saul. Is demanding that there was no idleness in the new family, all Talent energy and resources are needed to succeed. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working to inspire and hold the new family together. The new community is given new life and new task. So let's ask ourselves, why is Paul doing this? Why, why is he ho hard about this concept? Is he trying to strengthen the new family by demanding adherence to the way? Is he trying to protect the new church from relapsing into their former lifestyle?

The new Christian structure and Community gives strength to face trouble and persecution. It provides family solidarity. It provides a model that pierce into a future that is uncertain. We trust in God, even when trouble surrounds us. when one of us suffers, we all suffer Paul layer gives the idol Cristiano road back. We are to treat them not as enemies but as Brother's to admonish, correct and accept back into the fold. 2nd Thessalonians, 3:16 Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother. Paul himself was giving away back to Jesus Christ. Herbies, Auto glove.

In Our Gospel for today, Luke 21. It tells us that trouble and persecution doesn't end. It's for warrants of the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, and all of the whores connected with that. It holds throughout history to today. Jesus's words comfort and Gotti many Believers down throughout time. Who face similar circumstances? Luke 21, beginning at 7. And they asked him teacher. When will these things be? And what will be the sign when these things are about to take place in verse 9, Jesus tells us And when you hear of wars and tumults do not be terrified for these things, must first, take place, but the end will not be at once. Then he said to them, Nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilences and we can all relate to pestilence to know after living through covid-19.

Let's continue and great signs from heaven, but before all this, they will lay hands on you and persecute you. delivering you up in the synagogues and prisons and you will be brought before Kings and governors for my namesake,

Jesus in, Luke tells us that we continue to be persecuted as the end will not be at once. Today. We still see persecution around the world. In China is in our recent Bible, study taught us in the book face in the wilderness. Christians in Myanmar, the cop Dixon, Egypt, Baghdad, and the United States of America. That's right in our own backyard, our secular World, minimizes our beliefs. In some circles, the Bible is labeled as hate speech. Two weeks to go, 3 at Accenture building secured including a Cardinal's residence in New York City and all these things were vandalized. On Election Day of church was burned to the ground in Jackson, Mississippi, and the list goes on. All you have to do is watch the news.

So what do we do now right now? What do we do about all this? Do we pretend it doesn't exist because do nothing ever happens in Largo or Clearwater. So what do we do? Fidelity to Jesus.

Adhere to our Christian way of life unwavering display firmness and faithfulness and our beliefs. An ongoing investment in one. Another love. The greatest of these is love.

We are a part of a network of Christians throughout the world, we support missions, local and around the globe. We strolled charity to those who are unable to care for themselves. We provide an example of love to the outside world. When we do this, we can earn the respect of others, it can bear witness and show others, that fear of Christians is unfounded. The world is watching. The world is watching our actions very carefully.

Are Saint Vincent's family is a community that supports each other in good times and bad. We often pool our resources and come to the aid of our own just as the early church did. Meals delivered in times of personal crisis, help, and moving a refrigerator. Help remember find a new place to live. Financial assistance for an unexpected expense to tragedy. It gives converts. It gives new Christians, an example to follow and a way to find wholeness and Oneness, with the group, with our church family family, We Are Family. We are so fortunate today. If you become a new Christian, you have generations of experience from grandparents parents and siblings, friends, Saints and the church experienced clergy to rely on for help. You have over two thousand years of tradition and learning to guide you. The Bible is available throughout the world and in many languages In the early Christian Community, it was so new that often there was confusion and lack of human need leadership. Without the Holy Spirit, it would not have survived.

I challenge you to find your place. In this saint dunstans Community, find a service or Mission and pour your heart into it. Pray access your gifts figure out, which you are drawn to Try something new. Bring a new project to the table and don't be afraid to think big.

Serve out of love and as a result of your love for Jesus Christ. Paul just alone Ian's encourages us to endure to the end. We endure until Christ returns.

In the meantime, we work.

We work to spread the gospel. We love. We wait.

Lord bless our church family. Lorde. Plus our worldwide Christian family.

Give us the strength to endure.

May God find us Worthy. Amen.

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