Called to Minister to One Another, part 2 // Acts 2:42 // Pastor Jose Brevil

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Acts 2:42, father, thank you for your grace. Thank you. We get to celebrate Thanksgiving together and father as we conclude our Series this morning. 1 psi to pray to share to invite to welcome and minister to one another. May you help us with God today. Take this things too hard, not things to forget. But first things to do, it is good to know this thing's but you say blessed are those who do them.

the father help us to be free or full for those who do not know you for those who are on Church supposed to share the gospel with those who don't know, you do so well on Church, Supposed to invite them, Lord, God to drain your family, to join our church community. Supposed to be welcoming, help us to be a welcoming Church in every way. Will you teach us to show Hospitality to one another and to strangers to do those? We don't know. The father, teach us more, how we can Minister today to one another. In Jesus name, we pray Amen. Last week, we started looking at that. How all of us are called to minister. And our series on PSI on sharing the gospel with others, if laprea, you're sharing inviting welcoming and minister. So today, let's our series here as we look at a ministering to one another. So just like last week, my gold this morning is to show us that all of us are called to minister. 2 + 11 + challenge. You to live up to the call that I've been placed in your life. All of us are called to minister to and with one another. And that's what we need to live up to God calls us to be disciples and we need to live as such an Acts 2:42. It says, they were devoted to the apostles, teaching in the fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers. Let's Stay Together. There were devoted to the apostles, teaching is the Bible and the fellowship that's being with one. Another breaking of bread. That's doing life together and freyr's that we are praying and encouraging. Another. So remember, from last week, Ministry starts with a commitment to God's word, which is our standard for living. That's the basis for Community Tech. It's not like, just getting together and just hang out together, but the basis for Community, is God's word, is God's word is not in it. It's not Community Fellowship, it's Nick Fellowship. God's word is not at the heart of it. It is not Fellowship. Call it what? It is hanging out. A fellowship is one of the most overused words in our culture. So the first is a commitment to God's word because there were devoted to the apostles teaching you just read it, which is God's word.

Fellowship Ministry starts with Fellowship. Fellowship is community belonging to a community of Believers and all of us are called to be in a community of Believers. We are not called to live in isolation. Nobody is an island Community to a friend's Community with a church, but God wants all of us to be living in community. Remember, we looked at Proverbs 18:1 last week. It says Let's read it together, whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire, he breaks out against all sound. Judgment.

Did you read that whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire and that's where we are in our culture. A lot of us like to isolate ourselves but God says, whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire. That means you just want to do your own thing. You just want to do you? He breaks out against what. All sound judgment. That's when you start doing, things that are weird, but it's not weird to me because you just doing it all by yourself. Just like the movie. I Can Do Bad All By Myself. I didn't see it. Ok, Google says isolate yourself. You seek your own desire and you will break out against all sound judgment. That's why we need each other. We don't fall away as we will. Look at this. Will look at my scriptures about this this morning. So remember we saying I can't meet you in if I don't know what your needs are and I may know your needs but I can't meet them if you don't invite me in. With me so come get it. So another to minister to one another so we need to subscribe to God standard, we need to be in fellowship and then we need to be doing life together. One thing to have Fellowship together in the world, but we need to be in each other's lives. Grabbing coffee together, grabbing a meal, like we doing later today? Together, those things are important and it goes beyond this church. That I give you a call. I sent you a text. How are things going in your life? Giving you an encouragement? Sending you a note. I know we don't do those things anymore. Okay, go see it goes beyond its inviting. You to my kid's birthday party. And you inviting me and your kids basketball game, you see how it goes? You having a birthday? Let's celebrate together. We need to be in each other's Life Fellowship breaking of bread, that's doing life together and then lastly was prayer. So that's where Ministry starts, God's word Community doing life together. And freyr started looking at that, the 59 one another's in the Bible. So we looked at 29 last time. So today we going to finish for sure, as we look at the last 30. So, we stopped at 29 military. That's what gets us in a lot of trouble when we are not humble. But God says, as Christians, one of the one another's in the Bible, these are the things that God tells us Christians, you need to do those 59, one another's. These are the things that's your way of life. Several of them are repeated Source, not even really 59, the big-city are repeating for scripture, but let's go through them. So, let's look at that text and let's read it together. So that is sex in member. So today's the training session, okay? If you came for a sermon, sorry to disappoint you. So let's read it together. Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit but in humility in yourself today,

Can you tell if your neighbor better than yourself? Can you count your co-workers better than yourself?

Can you tell if your husband better than yourself? Can you count your wife better than yourself?

That's why people get divorced. This will become so prideful. So conceited. We so full of ourselves and in our hearts become so hard, that there's no room for somebody else and because of our lack of humility falls apart. See, God says we should do nothing. Did you do the work?

Forgot to take anything that we doing. We need to do it from if you. Alright, we need to do nothing from selfish ambition. And the culture tells us It's All About Me. Myself and I all of us have learned to become very good consumers.

But God says we do nothing from selfish ambition. See people now it's all about networking. No friendship, really. Somebody's just trying to show you that I'm being friends. We've been really all just networking with you so that they can get something from you. Did we take the same thing? Like in the workplace? We networking to get a job but now would bring it like into day-to-day relationship also so if I don't need anything from you with you. That's why I see people dismiss others. It's all about networking. I remember somebody was sharing one day that he was at a fundraiser and, you know, Bill Clinton was there and and Bill Clinton was speaking to him. But obviously Bill Clinton was not paying any attention to him, because his eyes was going around to find the bigger donors.

The same thing and also will bring it into our day-to-day life and bring it to church. Receive what can help me, what can help me do some self-help videos? What did I tell you? It's all about you find people that will help you. What about you when you get to help others?

the Bible says, do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit Pride, but in your mail, it to count, others more significant than yourself, Did I say we're going to go for all of them so we better move the next one parody. We should not lie to one another. We should not lie to one. Another one thing that a lot of us after injuries, I try to minimize, try to play down lie, and we need to call the Lie by its names of each other, the truth. And even the culture have different words. For lying saying, I would not say the first one.

You see how messed up that we have become. That's why the Bible says the heart, is deceitful beyond all things working understanding and Jeremiah Embellishing, it's a lie, a Lie Is A Lie, big or small. Lie Is A Lie collection 39. Remember, we're going to read those verses together. Let's read do not lie to one another seeing that you have pulled out of the old self and it's practices. Remember 2nd Corinthians. 5:15 says the love of Christ. Compels mean Christ died for us. So we should no longer live for ourselves. We need to live for him. So your life is no longer your own, you have died when you came to Christ, your life was no longer yours. It is Christ. So God says you got pulled off the old sale in 1st Corinthians or 2nd Corinthians says you need to put on the new man falling onto the old self. You have not been transformed. And God said, why I am going to tell the truth. When people know about it, I'm going to tell the truth from people that know about it. I'm going to tell the truth when it's uncomfortable and I'm going to tell the truth, even when I think nobody is watching. I tell the truth.

Remember to training session? I've been put away. Falsehood. Let each one of you speak. What? The truth with his neighbor. That's means everybody. For we are what members of one another?

so Frank, think of yourself now you driving and in your eyes lie to you, What do you think? Will happen to that car?

Can I get a rick? So think about it. God says we are members of one another. That means we are a body. So when you lie to me, then you create this portion, And when I lie to you, I create confusion and Distortion and then somebody's going to get hurt.

Lying is no joke. It is net, a small sin. God says, we got to take telling the truth. Seriously, even the little ones. Look up. Proverbs you are serious. This line thing is what man is there with desires, life and loves many days that he may see good. keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking the seat to God bless you want to live Tell the truth.

Going to read it again. Are you got it? That's our serious. This lying thing is and we cannot go the way of the world and continue just like thinking like it's a casual thing, K line is not a casual thing. It is a serious thing. And as a Believer, as members of one another, the Bible says, we can not lie to one another look at Proverbs says there are six things that the Lord hates 7. Are an Abomination to him, guess, which one made the list?

Haughty eyes, a what? A lying tongue.

the guy says, hey, don't take this lying thing, like, you know, your day today, practice got to this is no joke, lying, destroy people's lives, I've ever seen somebody would years. They've been cheating on their taxes and then later on, they end up in jail. What? Lying.

The doctors you want to live. Stop lying to one another. Next one. Bear with each other in Colossians 3:13 and the same. Again, in Colossians 3:13 it says to forgive

The bear with each other and forgive each other. Let's read the text member training class with me bearing with one another. Are you hungry? Let's try again. Remember we eating soon. Let's try again. Let's get together bearing with one another and if one has a complaint against another for giving each other, as the Lord has forgiven you. So you also forgive one another

think of your worst sin, God has forgiven it

Think how many times that you have done it? God, still forgives you. So God says, we need to expand the exact same forgiveness to each other. You got this one? That's a big one. Forgive you, forgive ever and ever realize for giving us a lot of time is more for you than for The Parson. Sometimes people don't even care. But you, are you carrying that burden with you everyday and it's messing up your life? And it's, it's, it's, it's bringing like a burden in your heart, is bringing a burden on your shoulder, and then you can really move forward. And then, while the person is that even thinking about you,

See, forgiveness is more for you. God says, we need to bear with one another. That means I got to put up with you. And then he says that we need to forgive one another two more 33, teach one another load of us. So God make shoes that we know that we need to learn from one another. He says that not only we need to learn from one another. We need to also admonished each other, we need to finish each other. Let's look at the text with with me. Don't look so spiritual and close your eyes like you really processing the information but let's read it with me, you ready? Let's go. Let the word of Christ dwells in you how richly teaching admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing, Psalms and hymns and spiritual song with tech fullness in your

So God is saying another for us to teach one another. We got to be in the word, right? How old do we need to be in the in the world?

that means every day, if you want to be rich,

So that's why I got this. We need to be rich toward the things of God, not and Earthly possession. He's fine. Let the word of God dwell in you richly.

We need to teach admonish in a lot of us. Don't like to admonish each other. And God is saying hey we need to grow some bones. When somebody's doing wrong, we need to admonish them when somebody's doing the wrong path.

I do need to you don't get back to the word of God. Do it God's way? Because God commands us remember, those are not suggestions, the one another's in the Bible. That's the Christian Life. That's how we each other and we need to admonish each other. You see? It says in always them. You can really share wisdom with people if you're not in the word because that's where we get our wisdom from singing songs. That means you in the song, you reading the small arms and then he even takes it to the next level of you. Singing them, that means your internet. Internalizing them do, this is like music as a way to bypass your brand and go straight to your heart. That's why you singing it. You'd go straight to your heart and hymns spiritual song with thankfulness in your heart. That's why she's memorized scriptures, you turn it into a song. Because those things are life savings because God wants you to be what poor or rich in his word. God wants you to be rich in key is where but a lot of us spend more most of our time trying to be rich to in the world. Instead of being rich toward God, the God is saying this is the central there. 35. Make love increase and overflow for each other. So God is saying, I don't only want you to love one another, but I want you to increase in your love everyday. I want to increase. So it's like when you go ahead and you try to love me today and then tomorrow I'm worse the answers. You need to give me more love. You with me? Alright, let's read it together. Remember this is a training section, you ready? Let's go and may the Lord, make you increase and abound in love for one another and for As we do for you. So go, do you love fellow Christians, but you need to have love for everyone as we do for you. 36 love each other. That's the most repeated one another. That's the most repeated love one another that's read 1st Thessalonians 4:9, you ready? Love you have no need for anyone to write to you for you yourselves have been touched by God to love one another. So you're saying this is basic to the Christian Life. Who sings You Give Love? I don't know. What do you think that you were signing up for a bother saying this one? You don't need anybody to teach you as a Christian. You Are Made to Love. You with me. Alright let's keep going. 3709 another and that's in 1st Thessalonians. 4:18 let's read it together. Therefore encourage one, another. How with these words? Which words the words from the letter that Paul was written in for the time with that means the word of God. Is it? That's why God's word is essential. You see, we may give our opinion but our opinions will change. But God's word does not change. That's where he says they were devoted to the apostles teaching. Remember the Bible. It says that God's word is profitable. God's word is good for us, it's good for teaching is good for rebuking to and training us. In righteousness, that means in doing what is right? Two more 38, encourage each other again. You see it. That's the same book. It comes back again in 11 and it says build each other up. Not only encourage that would building each other up. Both in 1st Thessalonians 5:11 let's read it. It says therefore encourage one, another build one another up just as you are doing Look good. When you get an encouragement from somebody especially when you were down. Remember, we talked about I think a few weeks ago about connecting before you correcting.

We need to encourage one another. This is basic to our faith and it is needed. It is needed that we can courage one another and God says, not only encouraged but we need to build up one another. And I love Hebrews 3:13 that's that has become one of my favorite scriptures recently. It says, encourage one another win.

Can you use of encouragement everyday?

All of us can agree with this one in Mac. God says, we need to encourage one another daily. Let's read it together, Hebrews 3:13, that's one for you to underline to Circle, to memorize to remember and to live by, you ready. Let's go. But exhort one another every day. Let's everyday again every day. As long as it is. the writers of you were saying, I want to make sure you

we need to encourage or exhort one another every day. As long as it is to get away from it, everyday encouragement.

When somebody attacks. Hey, I was reading. I was doing my devotion this morning. This is the scripture that I read and this is how it's supposed to me and I just wanted to share it with. You have a blessed day How would you feel if you if you get that text, when you wake up tomorrow morning? How would you feel? How would it make your day feel?

Come on. Look at me now. Be honest. Looks to spiritual member. This is the training session. It's a workshop. Okay, how would you feel

What if you feel good, that somebody was thinking of you. And again, early in the morning. When you busy trying to just find whatever clothes was ready and put it on and get to work. I'll go to class or whatever that you need to do. The trying to fix breakfast for kids, but you took time out. You woke up early, you had your devotion and you have encouragement to share.

Why is my assignment for you? You said, you would like that, right? Nice to look at each other now and somebody you have a number. You have that number Text them tomorrow morning. And encouragement based on your devotion that you do that morning.

David are you in? Can I text somebody tomorrow morning? Okay. So you got this, right?

Training session members to exhort one another every day. As long as it is called today. None of you may be hardened by the Pacific Nest. How do we end up sending all the time? Cuz we're not in the word because we're not being challenged by one another because we living in isolation because we not in community, that's how we live in sin. Do you know that I'm part of a community? I don't want to mess up that Community. I don't want to finish feel shameful. I don't want to destroy that Community. I know how much that I love. The members in my community, because guess what? If you would have Christian Community and then you living in sin, you will not be able to stay.

Unless it is a dysfunctional, Christian Community, you just will not be able to stay.

but that's why God says that a that's because remember the heart is deceitful, it is

That's your precious heart. It is deceitful and it is wicked, bad things. Come from your heart. When it's not submitted to God's word, to the heart, submitted to God's word, guess what it is. Trained in righteousness and it brings out good things. When you will face a trial or difficult situation get wet, if we come out to love, Because you've been training your heart to more. We need to Spur one, another, to would love and good deeds. And then again, the same commitment again, what does it say? Encourage one another k241 in 42 has to do with spurring one. Another, that means firing one another, that means challenging one another that means push one another toward good works and love and then to encourage one another. So let's read Hebrews 24 and 25 together, you ready? All right, let's read together. And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works. Not neglecting to meet together as it is the habit of some, but encourage one, another and all the more as you see the Day Dawning. So God is saying to us. Start up when another stimulate one another to good works and also irritate one another to good work is sometimes when we try to stimulate, you know, if it's if it's something easy for us will do it but sometimes we need to irritate one another to do what is right. You're right. Don't you need to get irritated sometimes to do what is right. That's exactly what scripture is saying there. We need to stimulate and irritate one. Another, we need to get on each others, nerves as long as it's to stir us up for the would love and good works not to make me worse, okay? Step on my toes to help me. Become more loving step on my toes to help me do. What is right to do? Good, deeds you with me and encouraging one? Another one, another, while that's a big one, know, one another that's why gems for 11 says in a remember these are not suggestions. These are commands for us to do slender one another. Let's look at the text and read it together you with me by let's read together says do not speak evil against one another Brothers, the one who speaks against a brother or judges brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the Lord, that means the word of God. But if you judge the law, the word of God, you are not a new word of the Lord.

This is loaded. Look at it with me in the message version. Paraphrase of the Bible badmouth other friends. It's God's word, his message, his Warrior rule that takes a beating and that kind of talk. You beating down God's word. You was supposed to be on the ring.

The message God's words, not writing graffiti all over it. So whenever is you slandering a fellow believer or anyone? You are writing gravity over there life and that's why people get sued. When you slander a business, Are you are you slender somebody's character? When is that true? See, God is saying that you cannot be bound, mouth-washing, one another, and one of the problems in churches, gossips and slandering one another and God says no, there's no place in the church board.

And God says, don't badmouth one another. Psalm 101 verse five. States ever Slender's is neighbor secretly. Look at it. You got to read this one. I'm not making this up. I want you to read it so you don't think I'm making it up. You ready? We'll ever Slender's. Is Neighbors secretly. What does it say? I will destroy. I want you to read it yourself in here. Let me hear it. Try again, whatever.

If you want to fight God welcome, go ahead and slender people around and see what will happen to you. God says, when you slandering people God says, I will destroy you. Whoever has a naughty look and an arrogant heart. I will not endure. see, that's where we really need to live in true Christian Community, where we really doing it according to what standard God standard gods were there were devoted to the apostles. Teaching 44, don't Grumble against each other. Did you hear that? My sweet daughter don't Grumble against each other. That means don't Grumble against your brother. Was the first 90 that everything is in the Bible. Everything in the Bible is an all-encompassing book. There was not a thing that you will not find in the Bible. Let's read it together. Do not Grumble against one another brother so that you may not be judged behold. The judge is standing at the door and I love how he put Brothers. Do you remember? I'm reminding you of Who You Are. So if you're Christian, you cannot be grumbling with one another. The Bible says, if you have a complaint against somebody, you need to go to the brother and share your complaint with them. If they don't listen to you, you need to take one or two brothers or sisters to go with you and confront that brother with the complaint that you have, and if they still don't, listen to You Lie, says to tell it to the church, that means you tell more people leadership in the church about it. And the person is still they not like repenting and they say that you should not even eat with such a person. That means you need to pass them out of Fellowship. The Bible says, do not Grumble against one another Brothers. In-N-Out ads, sisters. The brothers and come pass sisters also but I just bring it out. The message version says friends don't complain about each other. You got two friends that complain about each other easy to just complain about people. That's the easy thing to do a far, greater complaint could be Lord, Lord against you. You know, I got to read it the way, it should be read. Friends, don't complain about each other, a far greater complaint to be against you. You know, the judge is spending just around the corner. The guys that keep complaining about each other, God is just around the corner. Be careful. Be careful what you trying to bring them yourself. 45 and 46. It says we need to confess our sins to one another in James 5:16 and then it says we need to pray for each other in James 5:16 as well. One of the things that destroys people is unconfessed sin that we just living because we didn't confess it to somebody else. When I confess it to somebody else that brings accountability and that's Christians. We need accountability in our lives so that we don't keep on sending the same way over and over and over and over. If we confess our sins to one another of sending to God is saying as Believers, we confess our sins to one, another doesn't mean you need to come in front of the church and confess your sin, okay? That's why you need to be in community, you and the fellowship. There's one person or two or three persons in the fellowship that you can or off when a small group, you get together and you say I'm struggling with this thing. Pray for me. Pray for me and I'm confessing to you right now so that you can keep me accountable. So that a week from now or a month from now or five months from now you can call me a how you doing in this area. Are you overcoming this sin that you have in your life? Are you getting better? And I pray more for that or is there you have a new struggle in your life? Community is important. Remember as long as it is called today, we need to encourage one another. So that's why the Truth Fellowship comes in that we can truly minister to when I do. Remember, if I don't know your name, I cannot meet them. I cannot help you. And even if I might have his suspicions, I might think that I know what you need is, but if you don't invite me in, I can do a thing about it.

Alright, so let's read the text together in James 5:16, let's read it together. Therefore confess your sins to one another and pray for one another that you may be a lot of us are suffering in the church because of unconfessed sins to one another and lack of freyr and it says the prayer of a righteous person has great power. Is it is working. Okay, the prayer of a infant size that righteous person has great power. When you walking with God, your prayer has power. Love one, another. How Deeply from The Hearth in 1st Peter, 3:8? And then 4323, It also says, live in harmony with one another. So 47, love one another deeply for the AIDS live in harmony with one another. So, finally, all of you have Unity of mine. Sympathy brotherly. Love a tender heart and humble mine.

4950 and 5149 says, we need to love each other deeply and 1st Peter. 4:8, same come in again, when from Peter, 3:8 to 1st, Peter, 4:8. So, Peter says, a man in the way from this, okay? Then 1st, Peter 4, 9 says, we need to offer Hospitality to one another without grumbling and then 50 ones as each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve one another. So your gift is why what do you need to use it for

serve one. Another 49 love each other off of hospitality and 51. Use our gift to serve others. Let's read the text together, 1st, Peter 4 verse 8 to 10. That means it's important. Keep loving one. Another how earnestly since love covers a multitude show Hospitality to one another without grumbling as each has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's various race.

As good as each has received a gift.

Bible says every good and perfect gift comes from God. Use it to serve one another. Good stewards of God's fairy Grace. That's what I'm looking forward to eat some good food today cuz some people that serving one another, you're cool King. See how this works. This is God's grace. See there's a proverb that the Denny's proverb that says, what you are is God's gift to you but what you do with yourself is your gift. Do you got I always liked what kind of gift you want to give to God. What you are is God's gift to all of you God, gifted to you. Now, what you do with yourself Is your gift to God. Make it good. 52, we're going to really finish It says Club yourself. We want you military to one another so we'll talk plenty about you likewise, you are younger, be subject to the elders clove yourselves. All of you with humility toward one, another for God.

Proud. But he gives grace to the humble. You want to receive God's grace? Be humble. if you want God to be against you, to oppose you Do not be on the same team with God, be prideful. Choose your battle. Women. I hope that's encouraging right now, depressing, 53 of love, not Judas kissing Jesus K, but a kiss of love kiss of betrayal, but a kiss of Love 1st. Peter 5:14 greet one another with the kiss of love, peace to all of you who are in Christ by 54. Love one. Another in 1st John 3, 11 love one, another for Jean 311. It says for this is the message that you have heard from the beginning that we should say it with me. Love one. Another in 1st, John 3:23 it says again to love one another. That's number 55 1st, John 323 Lee Street version 322 together and this is why the suggestion. This is a command that we believe in the name of his son. Jesus Christ and love one. Another, as I have commanded you those ones always get me going me off whenever I see those just as We cannot have our own definition of love. It's not our own definition of love. It has to be God's definition of low just like in John 13:34 to Jesus. No, John 13-1, Jesus says, he'll of the disciples feels the end including Judas. Jesus love deeply deeply. 56 love one another 1st John, 4:7 56, love one, another 1st, John 4:7, it says beloved let us love one another for love is from who Not trying to teach us that we don't know what love is that. The culture is trying to teach us that love comes from the culture, like, Love Is Love, Like like Christians. Don't know how to love electricians are haters in the culture that are more known for what we against than what we are for that that that we are more known for our hatred, for what we had. Then what we love and in the world is trying to show that it's in the world that we really love. It's in the world. We really have social justice that we really care. If you really love one, another that to the extent that you know what we can all love whatever that we want to.

Know the culture does not define love, would you find love God the find love beloved. Let us love one. Another for love is from God and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God to see that that thirst for love in. The culture is coming from. Where from God, they are created or even though they don't know,

See, that's why you always have a starting point to talk to people when people tell you that how they care for social justice, they care about loving one. Another, the careful that versity to care for all those things, where does that love comes from? Do this is what the right thing to do that, right thing in your mind. Where does everybody feel the same way that? There's always a starting point to share the gospel with people. People may not be coming to church but they very actively involved in rights that everybody has their rights. They, that's the gospel. Now today, it's all about animals, with we're not fighting for each other.

She got a thing. Love is from God. So as Christians we need to show our love much more show it to the culture so that the culture doesn't have confused that they think they are the source of love. But God is the source of Love. Wow, we making it 5758 one more 57 + 11. + 412, says to love one another. Let's read it first. John 4, 11, and 12. Saint Petersburg me. The love of God. So loved us. We also are to love one. Another no one has ever seen God, if we love one another, God abides in US. is Love Is We have no excuse not to love because his love is perfected in US. So every day we could be coming, more loving would becoming more and more like God and then lastly, love one. Another again, many times that you love Love one another and 2nd John chapter 5. It says and now I asked you deal lady that was just code word for the church not as though because they want the persecutions that they were using codewords when they were writing to each other. So now, and now I ask you, dear lady. I'm not as though I were writing you a new commandment but the one we have had from the big can a. So when did love start just today, That has always been the Commandment cuz the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart and love people. So vertical love. And a reason to love one another that we love one another hearing trucks when they was speaking about a talk about a message you gave by five years ago, truck's window, is it is it is a very famous preacher if you don't know, and is the chancellor of Dallas Theological, Seminary, that's the Harvard of the Christian world. That's the school that I saw in my sleep, that I attended, okay? And But that's the Harvard of the Christian will. That's, that's the Harvin for Christian pastors. And that's what school everybody, dream to go to the chancellor, that school, and I guess what he was sharing his story about falling away. From from the gospel. And guess what? His son is doing. Does a cannabis shop.

And guess what? He has the exact same name as he does. Sushi. Google trucks window. One of the most famous preacher in our culture.

But when you Google that name,