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Acts 2:42, father, thank you for your grace.
Thank you.
We get to celebrate Thanksgiving together and father as we conclude our Series this morning.
1 psi to pray to share to invite to welcome and minister to one another.
May you help us with God today.
Take this things too hard, not things to forget.
But first things to do, it is good to know this thing's but you say blessed are those who do them.
the father help us to be free or full for those who do not know you for those who are on Church supposed to share the gospel with those who don't know, you do so well on Church, Supposed to invite them, Lord, God to drain your family, to join our church community.
Supposed to be welcoming, help us to be a welcoming Church in every way.
Will you teach us to show Hospitality to one another and to strangers to do those?
We don't know.
The father, teach us more, how we can Minister today to one another.
In Jesus name, we pray Amen.
Last week, we started looking at that.
How all of us are called to minister.
And our series on PSI on sharing the gospel with others, if laprea, you're sharing inviting welcoming and minister.
So today, let's our series here as we look at a ministering to one another.
So just like last week, my gold this morning is to show us that all of us are called to minister.
2 + 11 + challenge.
You to live up to the call that I've been placed in your life.
All of us are called to minister to and with one another.
And that's what we need to live up to God calls us to be disciples and we need to live as such an Acts 2:42.
It says, they were devoted to the apostles, teaching in the fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers.
Let's Stay Together.
There were devoted to the apostles, teaching is the Bible and the fellowship that's being with one.
Another breaking of bread.
That's doing life together and freyr's that we are praying and encouraging.
So remember, from last week, Ministry starts with a commitment to God's word, which is our standard for living.
That's the basis for Community Tech.
It's not like, just getting together and just hang out together, but the basis for Community, is God's word, is God's word is not in it.
It's not Community Fellowship, it's Nick Fellowship.
God's word is not at the heart of it.
It is not Fellowship.
Call it what?
It is hanging out.
A fellowship is one of the most overused words in our culture.
So the first is a commitment to God's word because there were devoted to the apostles teaching you just read it, which is God's word.
Fellowship Ministry starts with Fellowship.
Fellowship is community belonging to a community of Believers and all of us are called to be in a community of Believers.
We are not called to live in isolation.
Nobody is an island Community to a friend's Community with a church, but God wants all of us to be living in community.
Remember, we looked at Proverbs 18:1 last week.
It says Let's read it together, whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire, he breaks out against all sound.
Did you read that whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire and that's where we are in our culture.
A lot of us like to isolate ourselves but God says, whoever isolates himself, seeks his own desire.
That means you just want to do your own thing.
You just want to do you?
He breaks out against what.
All sound judgment.
That's when you start doing, things that are weird, but it's not weird to me because you just doing it all by yourself.
Just like the movie.
I Can Do Bad All By Myself.
I didn't see it.
Ok, Google says isolate yourself.
You seek your own desire and you will break out against all sound judgment.
That's why we need each other.
We don't fall away as we will.
Look at this.
Will look at my scriptures about this this morning.
So remember we saying I can't meet you in if I don't know what your needs are and I may know your needs but I can't meet them if you don't invite me in.
With me so come get it.
So another to minister to one another so we need to subscribe to God standard, we need to be in fellowship and then we need to be doing life together.
One thing to have Fellowship together in the world, but we need to be in each other's lives.
Grabbing coffee together, grabbing a meal, like we doing later today?
Together, those things are important and it goes beyond this church.
That I give you a call.
I sent you a text.
How are things going in your life?
Giving you an encouragement?
Sending you a note.
I know we don't do those things anymore.
Okay, go see it goes beyond its inviting.
You to my kid's birthday party.
And you inviting me and your kids basketball game, you see how it goes?
You having a birthday?
Let's celebrate together.
We need to be in each other's Life Fellowship breaking of bread, that's doing life together and then lastly was prayer.
So that's where Ministry starts, God's word Community doing life together.
And freyr started looking at that, the 59 one another's in the Bible.
So we looked at 29 last time.
So today we going to finish for sure, as we look at the last 30.
So, we stopped at 29 military.
That's what gets us in a lot of trouble when we are not humble.
But God says, as Christians, one of the one another's in the Bible, these are the things that God tells us Christians, you need to do those 59, one another's.
These are the things that's your way of life.
Several of them are repeated Source, not even really 59, the big-city are repeating for scripture, but let's go through them.
So, let's look at that text and let's read it together.
So that is sex in member.
So today's the training session, okay?
If you came for a sermon, sorry to disappoint you.
So let's read it together.
Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit but in humility in yourself today,
Can you tell if your neighbor better than yourself?
Can you count your co-workers better than yourself?
Can you tell if your husband better than yourself?
Can you count your wife better than yourself?
That's why people get divorced.
This will become so prideful.
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