The Best Possible Plan for 2021 - Part 5

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When I ask, “How can I pray for you?”, one of the most common prayer requests is, “I’m seeking direction . . . I need wisdom on which way to go . . . . I want clarity on what my next move should be . . . I am looking for my purpose” . . . and I believe we all can identify with those type of requests
Wouldn’t it be nice if life just took you where you were supposed to go? . . .
Turns out, there is such a plan . . .
Proverbs 3:5–6 KJV 1900
5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; And lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he shall direct thy paths.
today is part 5 or 5 of the Best Possible plan for 2021

Quick Review Part 1 - 4

This plan says that we should really trust in Him, have full confidence in God
So much so that you learn His words, and follow His words, even when conditions suggests that you should not follow His words
Don’t trust in yourself, but Trust in God’s word, in EVERY area of your life, you don’t leave God out of anything
and if you are sold out like that . . . we get to part 5 . . . . He shall direct thy paths

and He shall direct thy paths

first, we see that a promise is given, guarantee is presented
your faith and trust in the Lord will not be in vain
when you trust in God, you get a “He shall” . . . “He will
When we look at the original Hebrew language: direct thy paths means that he will make your paths . . .
straight, right, smoothing out of your paths
we’re talking about life paths: the course of your life, your life’s road, your life’s journey
Therefore, when you totally trust the Lord, the Lord will make the course of your life straight
when you sell out for the Lord, the Lord will make you are on the right road
when you look to God in every area of your life, the Lord will smooth out some rough places
Does that mean life with no problems? no, far from it
just a quick reading of the bible in context, will let you know that’s not the case
but it does mean that when you Trust the Lord, The Lord will make sure that life takes you where you are supposed to go
let me phrase it this way: When you trust in the Lord, the Lord will cause life, to work for you.
instead of life working you over, life will be working for you (Sounds like Romans 8:28)
The scripture is saying that when you follow God’s directions, God gives your path directions
The Lord will tell your path . . .“take them where they need to go”
Let me share with you a few reasons, why this is so awesome

When you trust in the Lord, you don’t have to worry about your past sins and bonehead decisions

Many of us have taken time to think about , “If I could do it over again” . . . “If I could go back to my teens . . .” because we’ve sinned and made some bonehead decisions
we knew it was wrong and we did it anyway
or we thought we were so right, but we were so wrong
we thought we were so smart, but we were so foolish
But when you trust in the Lord, God can direct your path to make up for all of that
Remember, the apostle Paul?
When we first hear of him, he is a Pharisee
A Pharisee he was an accessory to murder, because he watched the coats of people who were stoning Stephen, one of the first deacons of the church
Paul then starts arresting and terrorizing Christians . . . talking about someone who wish they could go back and do things differently
he thought he was right, he thought he was serving God, he had a zeal for God . . . but he was 100% in the wrong, sinning against the Lord
so Jesus met him on the path . . . the path to Damascus, and made his path straight (even had to go to straight street)
and despite all he had done, when Paul trusted in the Lord . . . his path became amazing
in fact, Paul’s past gave power to his ministry because his transformation was an amazing testimony to many
his training as a Pharisee, made him an expert on how the Old Testament pointed to Christ
his background as a Pharisee, help the Jewish Christians accept the Gentile Christians
now that his zeal was supported by the truth, he became a great apostle . . . wrote most of the books in the NT
cause when you trust in the Lord, you can say like Paul, “forgetting those things that are behind, and reaching for those things that are before
if God can make the path of a Christian killer straight . . . what about you?
Trust God, he will direct your path!

If you trust the Lord, then you never had to worry about timing

we are always worried about too soon, too late, too early, premature, not ready, if time has passed us by . . .
but when you trust in the Lord, know that God directing your life’s path includes the timing
so if things seem to be moving too fast, you feel unprepared, and not ready, then remember young david before he became king
David was just a boy minding his business, watching sheep on hill
prophet shows up out of nowhere, anoints him, and says you are to be king
next thing you know, you’re on a field facing a giant warrior named Goliath
just a little while later, you are a fugitive from the law. running for your life
things are moving fast and in a hurry, david did not ask for any of this, but God is directing his path . . .
and sure enough David did become king, he did become the sweet Psalmist of Israel, ancestor to Jesus, the Christ . . . so the Lord’s timing was right
and when things are moving fast and in a hurry in your life, if you are trusting in the Lord, then know that the timing is right . . .
and you’re not ready, but God is . . . and that’s what matters
and if things seem too slow, not moving at all, life and opportunity has passed you by, remember Moses
he was just watching sheep too, but he was 80 years old
He tried to fight the power in his younger years, but failed miserably
but when it seemed it was too late, God put a plant on his path, a plant that was on fire that would not burn out
and though it seemed Moses time had run out, turned out he had plenty of time
time to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, time to destroy Pharoah in the Red Sea, time to write the first 5 books of the Bible, time to lead his people for 40 years, time to prepare Joshua
and maybe your schedule has fallen apart, maybe you think your time is past, but if you are trusting in the Lord, The Lord is able to call you at this time, God is able to give you your own burning bush on your path
then what seemed slow will turn out to be right on time
running out of time will become . . . plenty of time
time is almost up will turn into . . . I got more time than I thought
Trust in the Lord, and he shall direct your path . . . even the timing

If you trust the Lord, then you never have to worry about where you are

some of us are not in a good place: financially, relationship, health . . you name it
but if you trust the Lord, then the Lord has directed your path . . . and when the Lord directs your path . . . then you are exactly where you are need to be
Many of us are despairing because of where we are . . . . we did not expect to be in this place, in this situation
but when you trust the Lord, you can take comfort in the fact that you are exactly where you need to be
notice I didn’t say where you want to be, where you thought you would be, where it would be fair for you to be, but where you need to be
Don’t your remember Joseph? Joseph trusted God but he ended up in some strange places
first, he was put in a pit
but it turns out being in the pit was the right place for him, because that led him to being in slavery
that doesn’t sound too good, but when you trust in the Lord, you don’t have to worry about where you are
turns out being in slavery was the right place for him, because that led to him being in prison
turns out being in prison was the right place for him, because that led to him meeting with a butler
and that led to the butler introducing Joseph to the king
and that led to Joseph being 2nd in command of all Egypt . . . and save his entire family, the nation, and the region . . . and it all started in the pit
that’s why when you trust the Lord, you never have to worry about where you are
some of you are in a pit . . .maybe somebody put you there: an enemy, society, circumstances out of your control
but be encouraged, if you trust in the Lord, then you don’t have to worry about where you are, God will direct your paths
God will make it so that it turns out, you are exactly where you need to be
what the devil meant for evil will work out for your good
what your enemy meant for evil
what society meant for evil . . . will work out for your good
because God is directing your path

Just Trust in the Lord and watch Him direct your path!

“Lord, show me which way to go is a good prayer” but an even better prayer is, “Lord, direct my path”
order my steps, dear Lord


and this trust extends beyond the grave, even after I close my eyes in death
people have talked about dying and being drawn to a light, angels escorting you
I don’t know how it will work, but I do know that the Lord will put me on a path to see him face to face
How do I know? because I trust in him, with all my heart
I trust that he sent his son, Jesus to shed his blood and die for my sins
I trust that Jesus rose on the 3rd day with all power
so I made Jesus both Lord and Savior
and though I often feel unworthy, I trust his word that says whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved
and the Lord will direct my path not only now but all the way into eternity!
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