PowerPlant: The Impact and the Importance of Proper Planting

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Intro Perspectives in Church Evolution

1 He went back to teaching by the sea. A crowd built up to such a great size that he had to get into an offshore boat, using the boat as a pulpit as the people pushed to the water’s edge. 2 He taught by using stories, many stories.
3 “Listen. What do you make of this? A farmer planted seed. 4 As he scattered the seed, some of it fell on the road and birds ate it. 5 Some fell in the gravel; it sprouted quickly but didn’t put down roots, 6 so when the sun came up it withered just as quickly. 7 Some fell in the weeds; as it came up, it was strangled among the weeds and nothing came of it. 8 Some fell on good earth and came up with a flourish, producing a harvest exceeding his wildest dreams.
9 “Are you listening to this? Really listening?”
There are Two Types of Way to Sow Scattered and Strategic
The Scattered Seed: Incorrect Way of Sowing
This speaks of those times in which you are trying to reach somebody that is not interested in receiving what you have to say regarding God, Jesus, or Salvation.
The Road is a sign of the unreceptive heart or those that you are trying to reach.
The Birds are a sign of the enemy’s ability to take away any opportunity for that seed to reach a place of connection in their lives.
The Strategic Seed : The Impactful Way of Sowing
This is the process that understands the need to where the soil has been prepared to receive what is about to be sown.
Parables are only edifying to those that you are close with, so it is important to keep your sowing of the Gospel simple for the masses to be able to receive what you have to give.
The Planting of the Seed: in various locations you will see what it is like when you are in a house that gives you a general word or message that you are only able to keep with you for a moment. These are the kinds of words that only last a couple of days at best.
Shallow seeds are not built for any kinds of heat (trial or temptation)
Seeds in “weeded” areas growing around people that come to choke the gospel out of you.
Seed in healthy soil
Examples of a shallow planting
Dangers of planting in the wrong places
Dangers of uprooting from a place that God told you to be planted at
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