Wake Up

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A reminder to wake up as we watch and wait for Christ’s coming again.

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The Drowsy Christian

What makes us fall asleep?
Being overfed - We experienced this on Thursday
Isolation - Lack of engagement in your surroundings
Inactivity - A lack of awareness of danger
What happens to the drowsy christian?
Letting down the guard - giving in to temptation - making a wreck of your life
A lack of witness, silent for so long you’ve lost your voice
Caught unaware and unprepared

The Day is at Hand

A vision of the coming day: Salvation is Nearer Now

The Day of Salvation -

Paul can’t mean that we’re not saved. Salvation is nearer than when we first believed, as if we’ve believed, and are waiting to be saved.
Past, present, and future salvation
We are saved by grace through faith: Justification - God’s act of declaring us righteous in Christ - we received it - it was proclaimed over us, we experience it
We are being saved: Sanctification - God’s work in your life - to make you more like Christ
Paul Washer - God’s purpose in your life is not prosperity, it is not your health, it is not wealth and more than anything it is not to have your best life now. God’s purpose for you in His Son is to make you Holy and according to the image of Christ.
We will be saved - this is what Paul has in mind

A vision of God’s coming glory

A coming Day
Judgment upon those who are outside of Christ
Salvation for those who are in Christ

What Day Is It?

The night has passed, the day is at hand
What is the night?
The Day is at Hand - the dawn is on the horizon
The immediacy of the day of the Lord - Either his return, or our going to him
This is Paul’s wake up call Wake Up

Put On the Armor of Light

Put off the works of darkness, put on the armor of light
Works of darkness - revelry and drunkenness, immorality and sensuality, quarreling and jealousy (basically - the way the world behaves) - Indulging in the flesh
Those things that are scandalous, self-seeking, indulgent, and otherwise putting up obstacles before your witness to life in Christ
Armor of light: Sober minded, self-controlled, gracious living -
A call to put on Christ himself

Walk Properly in the Daytime

Our relationships with the world around us should be lived in the light of Christ’s immanent return
We aren’t called to seek our own comfort and ease - to become gluttons of goodness, but to take the good that we’ve been given and give to the hungry, the lost
We aren’t called to isolation - but to come together to provoke one another to good works - Hebrews 10:24-25
We aren’t called to inactivity - but to engage in spiritual warfare, armored in Christ, armed with the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.
Matthew 24:45
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