1 Samuel 25 The Fool & The Discerning Wife

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Read 1 Samuel 25:1-5

I. Samuel Dies vs. 1

The end of an era comes
The last judge has died
All Israel assembled at Ramah to bury him at his house
It had to be a little unsettling for the nation of Israel to see it’s prophet pass away, it’s warrior in exile, and it’s king going crazy
The mourning probably had an extra emphasis
They wanted a king, but it wasn’t working out like they had hoped
It was working out exactly like Samuel had prophesied

II. David Seeks an Offering vs. 2-8

David didn’t stick around too long after the funeral
He headed for the wilderness of Paran
A region of wilderness in the eastern central region of the Sinai peninsula.
Ishmael lived there after leaving Abraham’s family
There was a man who lived in Paran who was a descendent of Caleb, although nothing in him resembled his great grandfather
His Name was Nabal and he had a wife named Abigail
She was discerning
He was rude and behaved badly
He was very rich, posssessing 3000 sheep and 1000 goats
When David came to Paran is was wool shearing season, a very lucrative business
Sheep Shearing
David sent 10 young men to ask for an offering from Nabal
He told them to greet him in David’s name and speak peace over the house
We were with your shepherds and flocks in the wilderness and we treated the shepherds wells and didn’t take an animal from the flock all while protecting them
It was normal for raiding bands to exact a protection charge from herders
They would often just steal them
David protected Nabal’s herds because he was a shepherd at heart
He knew what it was like to be out in the wilderness
He prevented groups like the philistines and Midianites from attacking their flocks
Instead, he sent some young men and asked, David’s name, for an offering of whatever Nabal had

III. Nabal’s Rude Hospitality vs. 9-17

vs. 9-12 Who is David?
Nabal treated david’s young men rudely
In fact, he took advantage of David
No one was going to attack his flocks with David nearby
He is acting like he doesn’t know David but he is being arrogant
Nabal is using David being in exile to his advantage
He gets free security and doesn’t upset Saul
He knows he should be taking care of David’s troops
That’s the smart thing to do but Nabal was harsh and behaved badly
Nabal means “Fool”
He is definitely acting like a fool
Notice how he says “Who is the son of Jesse?”
This is a put down
We saw Saul do the same thing
“There are many servants breaking away from their masters”
He belittles him once again and doesn’t recognize David’s accomplishments
David isn’t a renegade
The young men come back empty handed
vs. 13 Strap on Your Sword
David’s response?
Strap on your sword
400 men went with David while 200 remained in the camp
This was no small response
David is taking his army that is full of mighty men
They are going to wipe out Nabal and his house
You don’t disrespect someone who has treated you with kindness
vs. 14-17 Trouble is Brewing
Fortunately one of Nabal’s servants went to the wise and discerning Abagail
He tells her that David sent messengers to Nabal and he railed at them
This is the only time the Hebrew word Yaat is translated Railed
It means to scream or shriek
Nabal treated David’s messengers angrily
This is probably what upset David the most
The servant went on to tell Abigail that David was very good to us and they suffered no harm
They were a wall both day and night
Do something because harm is coming against our master and this house because no one can speak to him
The servant had no respect for his master
He was willing to call him worthless to his wife

IV. Abigail’s Quick Response vs. 18-31

vs. 18-22
Abigail made haste
That’s all that needed to be said
She knew how desperate the situation was and she acted
There was no time for fretting
She grabbed two hundred loaves of bread, two skins of wine, 5 prepared sheep, 100 clusters of raisins, 200 cakes of figs
She was a woman of means and had the ability to meet the needs of David’s crew
She sent the supplies ahead of her then got on a donkey and headed David off at the pass
That’s a good thing because he was still hot
He wasn’t going to leave one male alive
We may not get this whole picture, but it is important to understand Hospitality in this culture
I’ve talked about several times, but it bears repeating
There was a code that needed to be adhered to and people like Nabal skirted it
Because of his wealth he got away with it, but that didn’t work against someone like David
vs. 23-31 Abigail’s Humble Apology
Only a sovereign Lord could have arranged the timing of David’s attack and Abigail’s approach so that the two bands met.
Abigail is a wealthy woman yet she doesn’t hesitate get off her donkey and bow before David
She is trying to make amends for the guilt of her husband
My husband is a worthless fool
I didn’t see your men or I would’ve taken care of them
Receive this present that I am offering
May God do all that He has said that he will do

V. God’s Dealing w/ Nabal vs. 32-38

vs. 32-35
David acknowledges Abigail’s actions
He blesses the Lord for sending her and her discretion in dealing with the situation
She kept him from bloodshed and working salvation from his own hand
David’s receives her gifts and tells her to go in peace
He granted her petition
Essentially telling her that she has called off the dogs
This shows us that when we use discretion and act on the Lord’s leading we can often head off disaster
vs. 36-38
Abigail goes to Nabal and he is holding a feast fit for a king
He couldn’t spare anything for David, but he was drunk
Abigail didn’t tell him anything until the morning
At first light Abigail tells him everything
Nabal’s heart dies within him
He probably had a heart attack
His heart became like stone
10 days later he died
The thought of David attacking with 400 men would make most men’s heart stop

VI. David Marries Abigail vs. 39-44

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