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Summary: In Exodus, chapter 6-10, Moses and Aaron approach Pharaoh with a series of displays of God’s power and authority over all aspects of life.
Each consecutive plague, God ratchets up the temperature.
Rather than displaying the full might of His authority, thus giving Pharaoh plenty of opportunities to free the Israelites.
Nonetheless Pharaoh refuses to concede and Egypt is left in ruins.
-If you have your bibles, or if you’re following along in the bible app
-we’re going to be looking at Exodus chapters 7 through 10
-AND actually we’re going to be starting at the very tail end of exodus chapter 6
-and that’s a lot of Bible
-so what I want to do is jump in and start reading
Exodus 6:28-7:7
-God is making some pretty big claims here
-he’s claiming that moses will appear so powerful to pharaoh that pharaoh will thing he’s a god with his own prophet?
-he’s claiming he’s going to bring all of isreal out of slavery
-and God is using military language here
-I will bring out my divisions
-Remember how in Chapter 1 Pharaoh wasn’t worried about his slaves, he was worried about the neighboring armies coming and taking his slaves away.
-I want you to imagine you’re moses for a second
-maybe you grew up hearing the stories of God
-Maybe you heard about how back in your great great great grandfathers day God used to intervene in peoples lives and make promises with people
-but for the past 430 years God has been nowhere to be seen.
-and all of a sudden he’s promising to turn a bunch of backwoods sheepherders from slaves into soldiers?
-That is a very big promise
-What I want to do, I want to jump down to verse 19 and start looking at how god fulfils that promise
-Remember what Jesus’ first miracle was in John chapter 2?
-turning water into wine inside of what?
-That was Jesus’ first public sign that he was the son of God
-and here we have God’s first plague to pharaoh
-turning water into blood
-God is pointing you to Jesus here
Exodus 7:20-23
-Whether or not the magicians actually were able to turn the water into blood
-or if it was some sort of trick I don’t know
-but either way, they ended up making things worse, not better.
-Like if we went out to the north platte, which is the main source of water here in the panhandle
-and the north platte was just pure blood
-and the governer called in some experts and experts said
-ope looks like there’s blood in the river
-not to worry, we can put blood in all the water towers too
-we’d be like NO
-that is not helpful
-and they do the exact same thing with the frogs
they go to pharaoh and say ok, let us go or we’re gonna unleash the frogs
Jump on down to chapter 8 verse 5
Exodus 8:5-15
-so don’t mistake the magicians as being a threat to God somehow
-because all they are doing is making things worse
-now up until this point
-even if it was less than helpful
-Pharaoh’s magicians have been able to reproduce these miracles
-but this is different
-This isn’t God transforming one thing into another
-or summoning creatures from one place to another
-this is God creating literal life out of the dust
-Reminds us a lot of Genesis, doesn’t it?
-And for God this is a simple task
-we’ve already seen that God can create an entire universe with his breath
-that he can create extremely complex creatures like human beings
-just from the dirt
-do you think God has any trouble making gnats?
-and yet the magician even realize that they are way out of their league
-For god this is just another day at the office
-and already, pharaoh’s magicians are outmatched
Exodus 8:25-28
-so first off, I hope I don’t spoil it for anyone,
-but as soon as God takes the flies away, Pharaoh changes his mind and refuses to release the Israelite
-because his remorse is not Genuine, he’s just saying whatever he needs to say to get the flies go away.
-But notice the concession that Pharaoh tries get out of the deal
-he says fine you can have your little religion,
-but you need to stay here in egypt
-You can still practice your faith but I want you to stay under my authority and control.
-if you were here last week we talked about the tension we experience between choosing to be a disciple’
and choosing to live a comfortable life
-And pharaoh is trying to offer is the false choice of “best of both worlds”
-you get get to practice your faith and do all of your sacrifices
-but you stay here and I’ll feed you, I’ll provide for you
-I’ll be the one actually sustaining you
-It actually reminds me of the time that Jesus is wandering in the desert for 40 days being tempted by the devil
-satan gives jesus a very similar choice
-he says you know, if you just bow down and worship me, I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the world
-you’ll get the best of both worlds that way
-you can get all the glory, all the benefits
-with none of the suffering that comes from the cross.
-And the devil gives us that choice every day
-he says you know you could still go to church
-you can still get all of the benefits of being in a community of faith
-but if you really wanted you could still do all the things you used to do
-We’ve been spending a lot of time in matthew chapter 10 these past few weeks
-and once again I want to turn back there and look at what Jesus says to his disciples
-after he warns them of all the suffering they’re going to endure
Matthew 10:37-39
In mark and Luke they both say whoever does not take up their cross is not worthy of being my disciple
-God doesn’t ask for once a week Christians
-God doesn’t want Christians who practice their religion
-but still remain in Egypt under pharaoh’s authority
-That’s something that Pharaoh doesn’t seem to understand
-and that’s something that our culture today really doesn’t seem to understand
-the world wants to tell you that your faith, your religion should be more like a hobby
-maybe you get most Sundays off
-maybe you have a cross necklace or one of those fish bumper stickers
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