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Many have questioned on the above subjected topic and they keep on doing so.
Those so-called preachers of this time do practice it in open stages and conferences.
Here, Christianity plays dual role with a positive response on this subject one side and negative response in other side.
What does the Word of God teaches about it?
Did our Lord Jesus Christ practice it?
Was there such a practice among the early apostles?
Do we have any occurrence as such in the Bible?
I would like to use this platform to develop a clean teaching on this topic in the light of Scripture which is the final word of any erroneous teaching aroused and arises on this age.
Argument: 1 History of ‘slain in the spirit’ is begun on 19th or 20th century.
Rebuttal: If it was a practice of the Bible, it must have an origin of AD 1st century itself.
This is just like other cults that rose in between; e.g.
Jehovah’s witnesses, Mormon, etc; which have been crept into true Christianity later days.
Argument: 2 Slain in the spirit is an act of falling down of a person by the power of Holy Spirit.
Rebuttal: There is not a single occurrence in the word of God that a person who falls down when the Holy Spirit empowers him.
Though, the Bible speaks of a good number of accounts on the exhibition of the power of God.
None of them gives us any clue on slain in spirit.
a. Be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts.
1:8, 4:33a)
Filling of joy, and peace to abound in hope (Rom.
Signs and wonders (Rom.
Paul’s speech and preaching (1 Cor.
Argument: 3 Slain in the spirit of God means ‘manifestation of the Spirit’
Rebuttal: Bible never teaches and provides us a single verse to say that slain in spirit is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
Apostle Paul says to the Corinthians that: ‘but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal’ (1Cor.
If falling down of a person is the manifestation of the spirit then we must conclude that the falling of a person brings profit to all.
Today, none of there falling down makes any changes either in the assembly or with the case of any individuals.
Many times, it ends up with some pain in ones’ body due to the cause of falling.
Falling down is a psychological healing ministry which would roast in the oven of today’s charismatic, Pentecostal, and unknown evangelical ministers.
It is the only occasion that discloses emotional excitements of the people who are not wise enough to determine the truth of the word of God.
According to the scriptures, manifestation of the spirit is the fruit of spirit that detailed by Apostle Paul to Galatians.
Argument: 4 Slain in spirit proves that the work of the Holy Spirit exists.
Rebuttal: Even a single verse does not support to this argument.
It is not slain in spirit proves the power of Holy Spirit in a person rather the fruit of a person that exhibits.
Slain in spirit is not recorded when Paul write a list of fruit of spirit.
Witnessing of the Lord Jesus and good works of godly people echoes the power and presence of the spirit of God.
Slain in spirit is not biblical but emotional.
Argument: 5 Slain in spirit heals the sick
Rebuttal: Healing of sick is not a work that associates with slain in spirit.
It is with the purpose to confirm the word of God among the unbelievers (Of course physical healing is there too).
The God’s word speaks of a hundreds of divine healing except slain in spirit.
Healing only, no falling down or slain in spirit is associated with.
a. Lord Jesus: Earthly life of Jesus details a good number of accounts of the healing.
We cannot point out a single incident which speaks to think that a person healed with slain in Spirit or falling down in spirit.
Jesus never practiced it.
Apostles: Many early church apostles like Peter, Paul, etc were given authority to heal the sick.
The Bible speaks many were healed by their ministry too.
It is true that none of them slain in spirit along with their healing.
None of them slain in spirit to be healed too.
There is no verse within the Scriptures to claim that the healing of someone was held along with slain in spirit or falling down in spirit.
Argument: 6 There are so many great men of God fall down before the Lord God.
Daniel, Disciples of the Lord Jesus….
Rebuttal: We have many such verses in the Scriptures which speak about the falling down of people.
Let us analyze them one by one:
Daniel 10: 1-10:- Daniel’s vision by the great river is detailed here.
He fasted for three weeks, then had a vision and fell down into a deep sleep which normally the falling down movement quote to argue for their notion.
Rebuttal: Falling down of David is true here.
But, he was lying face down, not backwards as there are many charismatic, Pentecost, and Evangelical movements.
Matthew 17:6: “And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid”.
Rebuttal: Note that it was not for any healing, caused not the manifestation of the Holy Spirit (as they argue), and not the exhibition of the power of the Holy Spirit.
Then, it was a bright light overshadowed them and heard a voice out of the cloud was reason behind their falling down.
It is also note worthy that they did not fall down backward.
John 18.4-6: Jesus, knowing all that was going to happen to him, went out and asked them, “Who is it you want?” “Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied; “I am he,” Jesus said.
(And Judas the traitor was standing there with them.)
When Jesus said, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground.
Rebuttal: This event may turn many to think that they fell backward.
That is not true.
It is clearly stated there that they drew back which means stepped backward and fall down.
It does not support us to think that slain in spirit is biblical.
Acts 9:4: Paul fell down by the power of the Holy Spirit (Paul).
Rebuttal: Apostle Paul had an experience of falling down before the Lord.
Remember, it was not for his physical healing, not of slain in spirit, and not of the power of Holy Spirit.
It happened so because of the majesty of the Lord revealed unto him.
The falling down of Apostle Paul before the Lord Jesus results his conversion.
Rev. 1.17:
When John saw the Risen, Glorified Christ, he fell down as one dead.
Rebuttal: As it is mentioned earlier, seeing our Lord’s majesty with his own eyes, Apostle John hid his face here falling before Him.
Today, God’s majesty, glory and power, we see that with our spiritual eyes keeping our master’s promises in our hearts that he is coming soon with his power and majesty to take us to where he is.
Argument: 7 – Final words:
That people who fell, fell on the face when they received Holy Spirit, they did not fall backwards ever in the Bible (Ez.
1:28; Dan.
Though when people see the glory and power of the God trembled themselves and fell down before him, but God says unto them to stand upright(Dan.
11:11; Ez. 2:1; Mat.
17:6,7; Rev. 1:17-19).
Today, such so called leaders pushing them to fall down and don’t want to see as standing.
There is no one healed as they fall down before the Lord.
Because that was not intended.
Even if those biblical falling down practices are different comparing today’s slain in spirit, as they quote them it is worth distinguish both of those practices.
Bible events: Not after inviting others
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