Following Orders

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Submission is the key to victory...

Roger Staubach, who led the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl victory in 1971, admitted that his position as a quarterback who didn't call his own signals was a source of trial for him. Coach Landry sent in every play. He told Roger when to pass, when to run, and only in emergency situations could he change the play. Even though Roger considered Coach Landry to have a "genius mind" when it came to football strategy, pride said that he should be able to run his own team.

Roger had a decision to make. Would he allow pride to rule his life and ignore his coach, making himself the star? Or would he listen to the coach and do what he wanted? Staubach later said, "I faced up to the issue of obedience. Once I learned to obey there was harmony, fulfillment, and victory."

That is an event that you don’t see too often in professional sports today! A superstar athlete submitting his will to whatever his coach told him to do. But because Roger Staubach decided to ignore his own thoughts and ideas and simply follow his coach, their team won. He decided to follow orders.

Noah was also good at following orders. God said, “Noah, everyone around you is doing wrong and I’m tired of being ignored. Gather some wood, build a ship—as big as you can—and gather all the animals on it. Here’s the type of wood and pitch and materials I want you to use.” Rather than questioning God’s plan or design, Noah said, “Okay, Lord. Whatever you want to do is fine by me.”

Think about God’s plan. There had never been any rain on earth. The concept of water falling from the sky was foreign to Noah. It would be as if God came to you today and told you to build an underground bunker because trees were going to mysteriously fall from the sky for the next month and a half. Rain was unheard of to Noah! Yet rather than questioning God’s plan or wasting time trying to figure out the reasoning behind it, Noah followed orders.

How many times has God give you a command or some orders and you have wasted time trying to figure it all out? Let me save you the trouble. Your finite human mind will never be able to figure out the plans of an infinite God! If God has given you a command, then do it! Do not question, manipulate, or ponder it. If Noah had waited to build the Ark until he had figured God’s plan out, his family would have drowned.

Source:, March 4, 2008

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