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· What Titus was to teach was things consistent with sound teaching, to Proclaim.
Exp- Given the presence of false teachers that had infiltrated the church, Titus had to be quick to teach truth from God’s Word to counter-act the falsehood. Without truthful doctrine people’s live will wander into wrong thinking that leads to wrong-doing.
· Leading the church, Titus was to encourage and rebuke with all authority.
Exp- Titus was to exert himself aggressively in this situation and not be timid in correcting errors and lifestyles, so they will be consistent in their living out their faith in Christ.


· Older men – describes a man of older age, spiritually mature, that represents Christ well.
o Be sell-controlled – live in control of your choices and lifestyle.
o Be worthy of respect – live so that others can see integrity and faithfulness.
o Be sensible – live within your means and with common sense.
o Have sound faith, love & endurance – be so full of faith in God that you take on his character of love that doesn’t give up.
· Older women – like older men, describes a woman of old age that lives well, spiritually.
o Reverent behavior – live in modesty and honoring of the Lord.
o Be genuine & truthful – live with authentic grace and honesty before others.
o Be self-controlled – be careful and in intentionally good ways before God.
o Be pure – don’t let the world or your flesh control your life and stain who Christ has made you.
o Maintain stable homelife – set the mood and tone of your home with a gentle spirit and a faithful love from God.
o Love husband & children – make your husband and your children the recipients of the best of your love, above and over everyone else, except Christ.
· Younger men – men of younger years and spiritual maturity.
o Self-controlled – make sure your lifestyle is not controlled by your fleshly desires, but by the Spirit that is in you.
o Example of good work & integrity – do your very best at what you do to make a living & seen as one who is the most reliable.
o Sound doctrine & teaching – read and study the Bible so that you are solidly grounded in God’s Truth, so you can lead your family and friends to know that Truth.
· Slaves
o Submissive – be humble and obedient to those with authority in your work and life.
o Satisfying – well-pleasant and compliant in your ways and working relationships.
Faithful – be clothed with the essence of knowledge gained from the Word and the Spirit.


· The grace of God – the merciful kindness that draws us to Christ.
· Our instructions – being taught by God, our character molded by his work in us.
o Deny godlessness – to disregardworldliness in favor of righteousness.
o Deny worldly lusts – putting away things of the flesh and gratification of human desires.
o Live sensibly – in moderationand with sound minds and hearts.
o Be righteous& godly – living properly and agreeably with, and for, God; uprightand holy.
EXP- Believers in Christ are to take seriously the principles and precepts of God’s Word that contradicts and refutes worldly thoughts and guides them to live apart from sin, with character that is consistent with the ways of God, not the ways of the world.
· Our future hope –
o His blessed return – looking forward to the coming of Christ take us to heaven.
EXP- Heaven, where there will be freedom from sin and suffering and pain…
o His great promise– our redemption and cleansing through faith in Jesus Christ.
EXP- We are, in Christ, liberated from our sin and, one day to come soon, delivered from a world of contempt for Christ and his Truth, and from depravity of earth and made completely clean from the stain of sin.

Responding to God’s Word

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