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What makes humans so much more valuable and set apart from the rest of creation?
Gen. 1:26-29
What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
To be made in the image of God has a variety of meanings.
We have a conscience, morals, and are capable of a broad arrange of emotions.
We love each other, and are extremely relational beings.
The primary implication of us being in the image of God, is that we serve as God’s representatives to His creation.
This is why we see the rest of the verse pointing to the fact that God has given us dominion to rule over the rest of creation, and to oversee the world.
So as God’s image bearers we represent Him, but what are some other components of the image and what it means to be human?
So right in line with the creation of mankind, he also defines the two genders that God created man.
There are only man and woman, there are no other genders.
Gender is not a social construct as many would argue but is ingrained into the natural created order.
God goes further to establish this gender mandate, as it is a part of mankind’s duty to be fruitful and multiply.
All of creation has been submitted under and given to mankind to rule and represent God to.
Here comes the conundrum. What happened that messed this all up?
With the introduction of sin, came the distortion of the image.
Now instead of serving as God’s representatives we live against Him and break His Law.
So the question is what did God do to fix this?
Sent Jesus to live as the representative and to perfectly keep the law on our behalf.
Jesus did what we are all supposed to, and in dying and rising on the cross He provided an atonement which covers our sin and in being born again we receive credit for the life that Jesus lived.
From the moment of our salvation, God begins working in us to conform us to the image of Jesus, so that we may again serve as proper representatives of God.
So why does it matter that I am in the image of God?
Being in the image of God is what gives our lives value.
Because we are built to serve and represent God, when we are born again and living for God that is when we find the most fulfillment.
Discussion Questions:
Identity is a big issue that people deal with these days, how does knowing that we are made in the image of God effect how we think of ourselves?
If all that we do is a part of being obedient to God, how can it change how we think of things like work?
If we want to know what it means to live as God’s representative, who should we look at as our prime example? How can we make our lives look more like Him?
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