Love & Fellowship

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Love & Fellowship
The word fellowship is derived from the Greek word koinonia. That word can be defined as “holding something in common”.
Research suggest that Social Support has a very strong impact on your physical and mental health! Prolongs life, enhances self-esteem, lowering cardiovascular risks, lowering blood pressure, reduces stress, and depression etc.
Herod means - Comes from the word “Hero”
Agrippa I - One who causes great pain at his birth
The nephew of the one who sentenced Jesus
His grandad was the one who put out the decree to kill the babies (in Jerusalem) in order to get rid of Jesus at his birth!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people “ON PURPOSE!”

Acts 12:1-6
Job 14:1 KJV 1900
1 Man that is born of a woman Is of few days, and full of trouble.
This is NOT:
The story where Hez turns towards the wall
Paul and Silas singing praises
Where God confused the enemy
This is not even just previously in chapter 5:19 when the angel freed them (apostles) from prison and everybody made it out alright
2 Timothy 2:12 KJV 1900
12 If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:
This is:
Peter losing his brother in the Gospel (James son of Zebedee). A part of the inner circle. James the first “Apostle” to die a martyrs death
Political AND The Jews (anti-Christ Jews)
Him being in an “I might be next” position
Chained/linked/yoked up with those that have ill intentions towards him
What do you do when Life suddenly causes you to consider the “IF he doesn’t” factor going forward?
God who heals or the God that will comfort

Get UP anyway!

Acts 12:7-11
Angel hit Peter with a sharp blow. The bright light didn’t wake him
Arise up quickly THEN the chains fell off from his hands!
Shout GET UP!!!!
Only for those who can hear it! It was only for Peter
Take up thy bed and walk!!!
Even though you are hurt
although you are weak
feel left out
mourning the loss of....
you been here too long
If not now you will die in this place
even if you are stuck between a rock and hard place
I know you are saved and are fine whether or not this is your time BUT....
Put back on your clothes/armour/who you are that they tried to strip you of!
Get dressed
like you never were without it!
Follow even though you are not even sure if this is real or not!
The iron gate opened on it’s on accord when they got to it! Automatic gates before they were even invented hahaha
Tell somebody STEP TO IT!!!!
If you have the faith to step to it, then God has the power to use resources and inventions that have not even been introduced yet (1881)!
I don’t know how its going to open but it will when I....
Just like the red sea…bondage, army, things!
I don’t know what is going to happen when I go to the follow up appt, but I am......
I don’t know what they are going to say at the hearing but I am....
I don’t know if they are going to forgive me when I approach them but I am going to....

Everybody needs somebody!

Acts 12:12-17
Peter goes back to the place that has his back without even knowing they were praying!
Many were gathered. You don’t need all just the right ones.
Damsel comes to the door, hears Peter and runs in excitement!
Tells the others they think it’s his angel because at this point he might be dead like James. CHECK AGAIN
While they were praying God answered BUT God never told them he answered their prayers! No response doesn’t mean no!
Song: somebody prayed for me, kept me on their mind. Took the time to pray for me.
I NEED Prayer!
Not well wishes
Not positive thoughts
Not another convention
Not a concert
Not your crystals or sage
Not just a good shout
When sickness is around
When resources are low
When I have an abundance
For my marriage
For my kids
My Mind
For my loved ones
For my flaws
For my insecurities
Prayer changes the atmosphere, goes through walls of jails and hospitals. In court rooms and back rooms, raise the dead, cast out demons etc. Can change the weather in your favor....
It’s no coincidence that we are at G3OP the house of prayer!
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