Matthew 26:1-26

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Matthew 26:1-26 Jesus betrayed (knows and explains).
This was the end of Jesus preaching. And was the 3ed time Jesus predicts his death. (But it took me many readings to see that Jesus said you know… what will happen), that it is Passover (PPT about it) and that the son of man will be delivered up to be crucified. (Do they know or is Jesus reminding them about it again?)
Right after Matthew adds how the chief priests and elders plotted to arrest and kill Jesus cunning trickery way, and a none public way, so there will not be an uproar. (that had happened on Passover before according Josephus).
Jesus knows all this he tries, as he has explained it to his disciples.
Jesus was at Bethany in Simon the lepers house in, - Map? Jesus is given a lavish very expensive gift, a woman poured it on his head. (It may have been the most valuable she had). One could say wow, what devotion what worship, what a sign that she shows what she thinks of Jesus. (Question, what is Jesus’ worth? What do you think, how do we show that? – Giving God our all).
But instead, we get this religious response from the disciples, what a waste, they are angry, this could have been sold, for a large sum and given to the poor. (have you ever done this? This thing costs this, that would be 5 meals for people? Not saying it is bad, but if you don’t give it, what meaning did it have). This event costs the disciples nothing, but the woman gave what she had… It is easy to be complain and say what others should do, but do I do it?
It is slightly crazy, the disciples are saying this as she is giving the gift to Jesus, (Imagine that today, someone is offering to Jesus a great gift and a group of people would be there saying you wasting your gift give it to someone ells).
Jesus then defends the woman and elevates her gift and story even above the disciples, we don’t hear about her failures and rejecting knowing Jesus, but Jesus promise that where ever the gospel will be proclaimed in all the world her beautiful gift, and devotion will be shared in her memory. Verse 12 she has prepared be for burial, - again Jesus about his death, what she did was beautiful.
The poor you will always have, there will always be poor people, but you should do good with what you have not with what other people have, the expensive ointment was not the disciples, still they felt the should could say what is should be used for. Beware about that for yourself, you are not to spend others money and things, but steward what God has blessed you with. And as Jesus said, we are very welcome to help the poor, as the OT also teaches. (Therefore, it is not a text that is to be used to give only to Jesus – or in a worse way preacher instead off meeting the needs of people we see and know).
Are you giving worth to Jesus? How? Money, time, talents, mind etc. And what about your neighbor? (Poor).
Verse 14. If you don’t know the story, this is a great scandal and shock, Judas Iscariot,
he might have been disappointed in Jesus, or motivated by the money he might gain, or both. He goes to the chief priests and asks how much they are willing to pay if he delivers Jesus to them. They give 30 pieces of silver, and form that moment Judas tried to find a time to betray Jesus.
Judas does the very opposite of the woman, she gives, Judas asks what can I get for Jesus. (What about us? Is our life with God, is it more about what can I get, or what can I give, worship? A daily surrendered life?)
Is Jesus the greatest planer or does he just wing it… His disciples ask him where to prepare the Passover meal. Then like with the donkey Jesus gives instructions (unclear to us) In to the city to a certain unnamed man and say my time is at hand. (The only time in Matthew it is now). And I will keep that Passover at you house with my disciples. (The city is full overflowing with people 2 million?). verse 19 the disciples do that… and 20 it is evening, they all are around the table, eating, then Jesus say, one of you will betray me… What follows is a strange sober indication that they did not know who it was, they ask is it I Lord? There are two people at the table that are not surprised, Jesus and Judas. Jesus because he has known all the time who it would be, and Judas because he just got money to betray Jesus. verse 25 Judas asks is it I Rabbi? / Not Lord? Is that the big difference, that Jesus was his teacher but not his Lord, and that is why he delivered Jesus up? – Jesus is Lord God savior, not one of them all of them if we don’t live that out we will not, understand Jesus.
From 26-29 Jesus Changes the Passover meals meaning, from exodus from Egypt to exodus from sin. He will show that his body and his blood was what all the sacrifices was all pointing to, the only offering that could really take away sin, and reconciled to God.
(Again, if we know nothing about stories, they seem very strange, eat my body, drink my blood)
Do we know what Jesus have said? What will happen? And what does that mean? Jesus’ life, his death, and resurrection, his assertion, and coming back? Do we really know what that means?
Jesus knows what it is like to love and serve people, very close people also, and knows what it is like to be betrayed by a friend.
Judas, experienced the same as all the other disciples, healings casting out demons, and Jesus’ teaching, but he still chose not to trust in Jesus as Lord. Chapter 10:1-4 Authority to cast out, heal every disease and affection. what about us?
What does it mean for the disciples and us that Jesus makes a new meaning of the bead and wine?
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