Lesson 37: Contrasting Kings

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In the last few studies we have seen the end of the norther kingdom of Israel, they were taken into captivity to Assyria, they had not only done corrupt things but their leadership was horribly corrupt and wicked as well. God could not longer tolerate His children for their sin after sending to them over and over again prophets, miracles, blessings, mercy, longsuffering - He had not choice.
We will see them briefly in the next king or so because their ending coincides somewhat the kings mentioned here today.
Judah, the southern kingdom continues to go on and, because of David and because of some good kings - continues to be a kingdom.

I. Jotham - Jehovah is Perfect

2 Ki. 15:32–38; 2 Chron. 27:1–9.
I love that name and what it means and what it says. Jotham name praised God and puts the emphasis and focus on God and who He is. Now it is just a name, Jotham had not accomplished anything when He got, but there is a recognition at least from his parents that they were trying to point people to God with the life of their son. They may not have been perfect, but they wanted to say as best they could that their God is perfect.
May my life, my name, may your life and your name, may Maineville Baptist Church our name corporately here in Maineville, make a name for God and testimony for God that He, indeed is perfect. What a wonderful name.

A. His statistics

11th king and a good king
2 Chronicles 27:6 KJV
So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the LORD his God.
He started his reign at the age of 25 and reigned for 16 years
(750–732 B.C.).

B. His mother was Jerusha - Possession

Or taken possession
His grandfather was Zadok

C. His accomplishments

Let’s look to 2 Chronicles 27 for the most of what we will talk about next.
And herein, I would like to give you an an outline with an alternative Subhead but all of this is still under letter C-His Accomplishements as well:


1. Right in God’s eyes

The Bible says that he was good as his father was but not quite
The Bible says that he was good in the same manner of his father, which is nominally good, average good, but not good like unto David’s goodness.
But it dose make the notation that he did not transgress the Law of God 2 Chron 27:2 like his father Uzziah had in our previous study. So certainly we see that was step up.

2. Continuing to build

He built the upper gate of the Temple and erected fortresses and towers. That is what Ophel was, a tower on the wall of Jerusalem apparently.
He built cities all around Judah and castles, these were both for growth and protection.
By they way building both helps us to grow and provides more protection.

3. Fighting the battles

He defeated the Ammonites and received a huge annual tribute of silver, wheat and barley.
But not only them, we also saw in 2 Kings 15:37 that he had some foes that were bigger
2 Kings 15:37 KJV
In those days the LORD began to send against Judah Rezin the king of Syria, and Pekah the son of Remaliah.
I don’t think he wanted to fight them - simply he had to fight them.

4. He prepared his heart

We, also, should prepare our hearts in every way possible.

a. Every morning

We should do it every morning.
If we expect to hear from God in our devotions, we should start out my submitting to God, confessing sin, as for His leading and teaching as we study and pray.

b. Before church

If we expect to get something out of church, before we leave home or get our of our cars, we should
prepare our hearts also.

c. Entering into the world

We should also prepare our hearts for the world.

D. He departed of natural causes

When the Bible says that someone slept or went to sleep - it means they died not in war or an assassination or treachery, but of an ailment or old age.
Let’s look at the next king.

II. Ahaz - Possessor

Or he has grasped
2 Ki. 16:1–20; 2 Chron. 28:1–27

A. About him

1. 12th king of Judah

He ruled sixteen years (732–716 B.C.).

2. Among the of most evil

He was perhaps the second worst king of Judah.
How evil was he?

a. Walked in the ways of the Israel’s kings

b. Abominable sacrifices

He sacrificed his own children to devilish gods.
The Bible ways that he caused them to pass through the fire.
Beware of doing things as the world does. Make sure everything you do, is blessed and acceptable to God.
Romans 12:1 KJV
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
Not only did he do this to his children, but it says the he burned incense and sacrificed everywhere (high places, hills - at the base of any good tree he could find.
Perhaps trying to find the best combination to fulfill the wicked lusts of his wicked heart.
We have people in our generation trying to find fulfillment in anything and everything - but never finding it.

B. War with Israel and Syria

Pekah and Remaliah came against him to battle, they lost 120,000 in one battle because of God’s judgement.
200,000 were taken captive, but a prophet of God made Pekah send them back. 2 Chron. 28:9-15

C. Trusting in anything other than God

We already read 2 Chron 28:6 that God allowed that great loss because Judah had forsaken God.

1. Ahaz hires the Assyrians to aid him

But the devil alway takes more than you thought he would.

2. He adapts the altars and worship of Damascus


D. Ahaz slept with his fathers


E. A note about Ahaz’s name

Who is the possessor of your soul?
Or sometimes, what is it that possesses you?
Life does not consist in what a person possesses, but in what possesses him.
May it be our God fully that possess us.
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