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Did you see something for which you are grateful for today.
Email from Emily Michaels concerning Selah.
Did God send someone here today He wants us to shepherd?
Who has been missing?
Corporate Worship
I need corporate worship. I need to be reminded of the truths of the gospel in that worship. But I need something else. I need to hear my brothers and sisters sing the gospel into my ears. I need my dull heart awakened by their voices again.
Corporate worship is designed to produce in you a greater sadness than you’ve felt before(sin), resulting in deeper joy than you’ve known before (grace), together producing more commitment to God’s will than you’ve had before (holiness).
Why we plan?
Plan for the congregation’s sake. Not for a performance.
Promote joy to all that involved. Planning allows all of us to enjoy being together.
Support the teaching of God’s Word. Planning helps removed distractions.
In HS my team gave me a plaque because they I never received them at the tournament but I loved the team. I love what we are doing.

Implementing Planning Center Services

service is completed in the week it allows us to have the right info in Proclaim.
when volunteer roles are assigned we have no conflicts between volunteers and we get to be mindful of who just has too much going on
provides reminders to volunteers
allows us to make changes to the service that will assist us in receiving and responding to God’s Word
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