The Dimensions of Disaster


Genesis 19:27-38

Genesis 19:27–38 NET
27 Abraham got up early in the morning and went to the place where he had stood before the Lord. 28 He looked out toward Sodom and Gomorrah and all the land of that region. As he did so, he saw the smoke rising up from the land like smoke from a furnace. 29 So when God destroyed the cities of the region, God honored Abraham’s request. He removed Lot from the midst of the destruction when he destroyed the cities Lot had lived in. 30 Lot went up from Zoar with his two daughters and settled in the mountains because he was afraid to live in Zoar. So he lived in a cave with his two daughters. 31 Later the older daughter said to the younger, “Our father is old, and there is no man anywhere nearby to have sexual relations with us, according to the way of all the world. 32 Come, let’s make our father drunk with wine so we can have sexual relations with him and preserve our family line through our father.” 33 So that night they made their father drunk with wine, and the older daughter came and had sexual relations with her father. But he was not aware that she had sexual relations with him and then got up. 34 So in the morning the older daughter said to the younger, “Since I had sexual relations with my father last night, let’s make him drunk again tonight. Then you go and have sexual relations with him so we can preserve our family line through our father.” 35 So they made their father drunk that night as well, and the younger one came and had sexual relations with him. But he was not aware that she had sexual relations with him and then got up. 36 In this way both of Lot’s daughters became pregnant by their father. 37 The older daughter gave birth to a son and named him Moab. He is the ancestor of the Moabites of today. 38 The younger daughter also gave birth to a son and named him Ben-Ammi. He is the ancestor of the Ammonites of today.


Abraham is looking over the destruction of the cities. It seems that he is reminiscing about the conversation that he had with Yahweh. Yahweh also seems to be reminiscing about the conversation as well. Interesting that Yahweh “remembers” Abraham and not Lot. The covenant was made between Yahweh and Abraham, Lot was/is not included. Why is this important? Although Lot is saved from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, he does not learn from the verdict of the judgment. Proverbs 26:11

Proverbs 26:11 (NET)

Like a dog that returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.


Proverbs 28:4–5 (NET)

Those who forsake the law praise the wicked, but those who keep the law contend with them. Evil people do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it all.

Initially Lot was told to head to the mountains but Lot wanted to head to Zoar; now that he is in Zoar he becomes afraid. Why?

His daughters are also dealing with the perception that “no man” is willing to marrying them. Emotions must have been all over the place. Feelings are responses to stimuli; they are neither wise nor foolish, right nor wrong, they are real but are not quantifiable. The easiest way to deception and manipulation is through emotions. Proverbs 19:2; Proverbs 21:2

Proverbs 19:2 (NET)
It is dangerous to have zeal without knowledge, and the one who acts hastily makes poor choices.
Proverbs 21:2 (LSB)
Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But Yahweh weighs the hearts.


“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Lot was living a life of ease, luxury, and comfort; now within a matter of minutes he is on the run. Why does he not go back to Abraham? Why does he stay in the area that has just been destroyed? How come he does not repent? How come he does not acknowledge that he was the cause of the majority of his problems beginning with choosing the better land? The worse type of desperation is the one that leads to self-pity. Proverbs 23:29-35

Proverbs 23:29–35 (NET)
Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has contentions? Who has complaints? Who has wounds without cause? Who has dullness of the eyes? Those who linger over wine, those who go looking for mixed wine. Do not look on the wine when it is red, when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly. Afterward it bites like a snake, and stings like a viper. Your eyes will see strange things, and your mind will speak perverse things. And you will be like one who lies down in the midst of the sea, and like one who lies down on the top of the rigging. You will say, “They have struck me, but I am not harmed! They beat me, but I did not know it! When will I awake? I will look for another drink.”


Proverbs 22:6 claims “train the child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will turn from it.” This proverb is interesting in that it holds to the law of probabilities. If you raise a child by allowing them to watch TV, have no boundaries, no negative consequences for their decisions, drink alcohol, have sex with everyone, anyone or anything, affirm what they believe without challenging those beliefs, why do parents become surprised when their children start acting the society and community around them? When we douse our children with “fair tales” and “happy ever afters” we are training them to be delusional, to be depressed, and to live a life within this delusion. The daughters believe that there is no man, no other way by which they can continue the lineage of their father. They are “saved” so what else is needed? Lot and his daughters will not participate in the Sanctifying process, the process by which Abraham and his offspring will be set apart.


Proverbs 17:4 (NET)

One who acts wickedly pays attention to evil counsel; a liar listens to a malicious tongue.

Lot is raped by his daughters; he is taken advantage of through drunkenness. Lot does not have a say in the names of his sons, there is no record that he even gets to participate in the raising of his sons. On the contrary, the wording is that Lot has nothing to do with his offspring provided by his daughters. The term is “poetic justice.” Lot tried to “give” his daughters to the men to do with them whatever they wanted, now he has just experienced what his daughters would have. The Moabites and the Ammonites will be “thorns in the side of” the Israelites for years to come. Lot’s story comes to an end. He does not receive any rewards, no second chances, no accolades, no accommodations, and no praise. He seems to have started his “race” decently, but he does not finish his race well. How will you finish your race?

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