To Whom Shall We Go?

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To Whom Shall We Go? John 6

I. They wanted to eat ; Jesus wanted to fill them. (6:25-27, 35; Isaiah 55:1-3).

To whom shall we go? A food giver or a life giver?

II. They wanted to do enough; Jesus wanted them to trust Him enough. (6:27-29; 35, 40, 47; Ephesians 2:8-10).

Will we trust our goodness or Jesus' goodness?

III. They wanted to see a show; Jesus wanted to give life. (6:29-33; Luke 23:8; John 20:29).

To whom shall we go? A thrill giver or a life giver?

IV. They wanted to argue; Jesus wanted to teach. (6:41-52).

      • A. Teaching about His death.
      • B. Teaching about His memorial meal. (6:53-58; Matthew 26:26-28).

Where shall we go? a debate class or a teacher with authority?

V. They wanted a fun life; Jesus wanted joyful disciples.*(6:60-69).

To whom will you go?

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