Where's Your Anchor?

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Where will your anchor be during the storms of life?

Powerful storms were nothing new for the Sea of Galilee. Actually the Sea of Galilee is an inland lake about six miles wide and twelve miles long. The sea is positioned several hundred feet below the level of the Mediterranean Sea and is known for being very warm. But when the cold air comes down off Mt. Herman and the dark clouds make their way to Galilee, no one on the sea is exempt from the fury. Even in Bible times, the Sea of Galilee was known for its tumultuous weather. In our verses today the storm came quickly and was enough to cause several life-long fishermen to fear for their lives.

When we look at the storm in this story, we are reminded of the fact that the storms of our lives often come upon us quickly and unexpectedly. We each experience trials, tragedies, and devastations at some point in our lives.

Our country has experienced sudden storms and trials. From the Vietnam War that claimed many young lives to the bombings in Oklahoma City to the devastation of the attacks on September 11, storms and trials have hit our nation through the years. There is no way to prevent such trials or to deal with them. The only hope we have during the storms of life is in Jesus Christ.

We can all attest that today we either have storm clouds over us, clouds that have just passed by us, or storm clouds on the horizon. According to the Word of God, the storms of life are inevitable. But how we handle the storms determines the outcome. Will we succumb to the trials, or will we look to Christ for help and grow through them?

The only way a ship survives a storm is by setting down its anchor on a firm foundation. When the winds blow and the sea threatens to carry the ship out to sea, the only security the sailors have is by securing their anchor in solid ground.

Even so, where we place our anchor will determine whether we survive the storm. Is your anchor in your career, social status, possessions, or abilities? Or have you anchored yourself on God and His Word?

When you are anchored in Christ, He will be able to still the storm in your life. While sometimes God allows us to go through trials to grow us, He can also take away the trials in our lives if we seek Him. When the storm clouds begin to roll in, we should immediately seek His will in the matter. Whether God’s will is for you to endure the trial or for it to be removed, anchoring yourself in Christ and seeking His will is always the best plan of action.

Are you under a storm cloud? Can you see one coming on the horizon? Rather than tying down the boat and seeking to secure it on man-made docks, anchor your life in Christ. Spend time with Him. Seek His will in the matter and let Him have full control of your ship. The only way to survive a storm is by seeking refuge in Him today.

Source: Daily in the Word, August 10, 2008

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