Have You Received?

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Things on our website: Staff introductions, previous sermons, calendar. Front page: service times and directions.
Lots of ways to get here. Directions on our website.
But regardless of direction, you can get here!
Faith journeys that also brought you here.
Different faith or religious backgrounds.
Some may value one’s story over another...
Embellish their story. While others wish they had a boring testimony.
Most important thing is to get to Jesus.
Ephesus. Filled with a variety of backgrounds who all got to Jesus.
But, created tension and they forgot the goal of their salvation.
Paul reminds them.

Some Grew Up Hearing.

vv. 11-12
Who is the “we”? Jewish believers.
Some sense of superiority. They knew the Law and the Prophets. Chosen people.
They obtained the inheritance of salvation by God’s plan.
It isn’t about your own power. Born / Raised. No control.
The view of God as the cosmic chess player. He always wins. Surrender.
So, Paul, among other apostles and the majority of early believers were Jews.
What does Paul say is believed? For his own gain or glory?
The purpose of salvation is worship.
Some of you here grew up in church, hearing the Gospel. Responded younger.
Advantage? More time to worship.
Disadvantage - being able to answer the questions.
Don’t confuse knowing about with knowing Jesus.

Some Didn’t.

vv. 13-14
Beginning of v. 13 begins same v. 11.
But, now the subject of the sentence changes from we to you. You?
They heard…word…Gospel… And believed.
Hearing isn’t enough.
There is a directional change of faith.
Believing leads to sealing. Proving authenticity.
Jordans - Game 2 of 1998 Finals. Sixth and final NBA Championship.
What makes a person a Christian is what admits them into heaven. Faith in Jesus.
Guarantee - Down payment. Deposit. Engagement ring. More to come!
Acquire - redeem. To be freed out of slavery through a purchase.
The purpose of salvation is worship.
Advantage - not necessary to do anything before.
Disadvantage - Thinking you’ve been too far away. “Not religious type.”


Paul’s conversion isn’t typical. Blinding light moment.
Usually takes more time. Lots of conversations.
Sowing the seed and praying and more conversations.
Evangelism is a process.
You can identify where you came from...
identify where you are right now.
Have you made it to where you are worshiping Jesus as one of His?
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