Ready For a God-Sized Assignment?

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Text:  Mark 10:27


            For several weeks now we have been preparing to receive and walk in God’s will.  I have to be honest with you, this was a tougher series to prepare than I originally thought.  When I looked in the Bible at the assignments that God gave others, I was overwhelmed.  God gives assignments that are so much bigger than we are.  And therefore to become involved with Him in His assignments takes faith.  But I want to see the same caliber of things He did in the Bible.  Are you ready for one of His assignments?

            Listen to this story of Len Koster and missions churches in Canada.  (Read)

            When you encounter God, it will bring a crisis of belief.  That crisis will require faith.  Without it, we will never be able to please God.  Read Text.

1.      Do you think god would ask you to do something you can’t do on your own?    How does faith in God stretch you to go beyond what you are able to do?

2.      What were the assignments God gave to the following people?
Noah – to build an ark when there was previously no floods or rain.
Abraham – to leave for a country without knowing where he was going; to sacrifice his only son.
Gideon – to go to war against a nation with only 300 soldiers.
Joshua – to take a city by only marching around it.
David – to kill a giant with only a slingshot and a stone.
Daniel – to stand up for God knowing the lion’s den was waiting.
Mary – to bear a child when she was virgin.
Peter – to walk on water.
The Apostles – to cast out demons and perform miracles.

3.      According to John 14:12-14, what kind of assignment can we expect?  (To do things greater than the world had seen in Christ’s time.)
Application: The world hasn’t seen God’s greatest work yet!  The world hasn’t seen yet what can be done with one who totally trusts the Lord and will follow wherever He leads!  Do you want to be that person?

4.      God doesn’t do grand things just so we can say, “Wow!” when it happens.  What do you think He has in mind when He does big things?  (To draw unbelieving people to Him.)

5.      What was the result of what God did in each of these stories?
Ex 14:4, 31
Josh. 4:23-24
Dan. 3:28-29
Acts 9:40-42
When the world sees something happen that only God can do, they come to know God!  But when we don’t see that caliber of things happen, it’s because we are attempting only those things which we can do without God!

6.      Why are people attracted to Christ when they see Him at work?
Application: Let the world see God at work in your life and He will attract people to Himself.

7.      What is the two-fold explanation of Jesus’ words in John 12:32?  (Christ crucified and Christ glorified draws people)   How can that verse be personally applied?  (Let Christ crucified and Christ glorified be seen in us and they will be drawn to the Lord.)
Application: The world needs to see broken people become healers of others.  They need to see a shipwrecked life become a glorious example of godly living.  The world needs to see addicts walking in freedom from addiction.  They need to see broken marriages and families become a healing balm for others.  The world needs to see a once backslidden Christian now walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.


            What are you attempting to do for God that will happen only if He brings it to pass?    What is the Holy Spirit saying to you right now about what God wants to do through you?


            God is far more interested in you having a relationship with Him than He is in getting a job done.  You can’t accomplish an assignment of God and not be changed.  His assignments are bigger than you are.  His assignments require faith to accomplish them.

            God can do anything without our help.  He can get the job done anytime He wants.  But what He is interested in is YOU and the world out there!  He wants the world to KNOW Him!

            So God will give you a God-sized assignment.  But what you do with what He whispers in your heart will determine how you will live from this day forward!

            God has been preparing you all your life for your next assignment.  And like David preparing to fight Goliath, we too must know that God has prepared us for this moment.  1 Sam. 17:32-37

            David’s actions revealed what he believed about God.

            Sarah’s actions indicated what she believed about God when she was told a nation would come from her womb (she laughed).

            Which are you like?  David or Sarah?

            Are you in a belief crisis yet?  What are you going to do about it?  What you determine to do from this point forward reveals what YOU believe about God!

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