Why Are You Seeking The Living Among The Dead?

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The Trial Of Jesus

Luke is the defence attorney for Jesus’ Messiah-ship
Because of today’s celebration
the feast of first fruits/ resurrection Sunday
we are skipping to the end of the book of Luke
but Luke still is giving us a defence as to Jesus being the Messiah
the one who comes from God the Father
to be the substitute condemned man in place of His church
the one who comes as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world
the spotless human who is qualified to be the redeemer
Luke has set out to prove that Jesus is the one
we are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the grave
and the resurrection is proof of one thing that Jesus is sinless
because the wages of sin is death
The subject this morning is why are you looking for the living among the dead?
Jesus is not dead! He lives
and because He lives we too can live
Read Luke 24 1-12

Jesus Is Dead

Jesus has been tried and convicted
sentenced to death on the cross
His body was mutilated at the whipping post
and nailed to the cross and hung there until death
Nicodemus and Joseph of Aramathea took Jesus body from the cross and buried him in a nearby tomb
this job had to be quick because sundown was approaching fast that began the Sabbath
The women through tear blurred eyes put together the spices needed for the body over the weekend
this brings us to verse 1
All is lost, their hope is gone
the one who was supposed to be the Messiah is dead
the one who healed people
the one who just last week raised the dead, Lazarus
we believed in Him, but where is He now?
behind the sealed up boulder, with guards to make sure He stays dead
the women folk has brought more spices to keep the stench of the rotting body of Jesus from smelling too much
they are pleasantly surprised, they don’t have to find someone to move the stone
angry, grave robbers to add insult to injury
V 4
Horrified, the sudden presence of the angels
these women are being put through the wringer emotionally
they had forgotten the teaching by Jesus
they had forgotten the faith of Abraham when he was ready to put his son to death
knowing that God would resurrect him
Jesus had told them that he would be put to death and be resurrected in 3 days
they should not have gone through this emotional trauma
why are you seeking the living among the dead
They should have come rejoicing because the grave could not have held the Messiah
but they forgot the words of Jesus
V 6-8
Maybe they did not listen intently
When i was a small child my parents told me we were moving to Mexico
it did not compute...
until we was loaded up in the car and driving away
from Maine to Texas to Guadalajara Mexico
I don’t know what Jesus just said… but it was not that
what they heard was outside of the scope of imagination
and it just did not compute
but now reality has struck the fan
and truth has confronted them
why are you looking for Jesus in a tomb?

Jesus Is Alive

V 8
they remembered, it is now computing
now they are ecstatic
sorrow has turned to joy
I must tell the others
they will want to hear the good news
V 9-10
so they went to the other disciples and reported the good news
Jesus is alive, Jesus has risen from the dead
But they are even more stubborn
V 11
they still have the dead among the dead
with no hope
with not believing the women
V 13
2 of them went home to Emmaus in grief
Thomas a week later was still in disbelief
They did not believe in the resurrected Lord
they were dead
turn to Eph 2
they have been with Jesus
they have seen the miracles
they have heard the teachings
they were told of this event
but their hearts were still darkened
they were the dead looking for the dead
it was not for a couple of days later that when Jesus intruded into their pity party that they believed

Seeking Life amongst The Dead

there are a lot of people out there today seeking life from a dead person
Mohamed is dead Buddha is dead, all religions started by someone
if you investigate you will find that they are dead
and their religion is dead, it gives no life at all
Jesus the one who we celebrate today
the one who resurrected from the dead
the one who is sitting on the throne of God
waiting for the Father to give him the nations of the world
Has come to give us life … more abundant
there is a story about a man who lost his beloved brother. a couple of days later in the rain, before the grounds crew could place the stone marker. the man went to the cemetery to grieve through the rain soaked tear filled eyes he could not find the grave of his brother. dejectedly he was saying that not only had he lost his brother but he could not even find the place he was buried. then this verse came to his mind Why do you seek the living One among the dead?
He then went away joyful because his brother being a christian was not really dead. but got a permanent address change. to heaven
remember what Jesus said
Matthew 22:32 LSB
‘I AM THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, AND THE GOD OF ISAAC, AND THE GOD OF JACOB’? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”
Jesus is the only source of life, eternal life
Hebrews 7:25 LSB
Therefore He is able also to save forever those who draw near to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.
Are you saved forever?
are you alive in Christ ?
or dead in your transgressions and sins
are you a child of wrath? or a child of God?
are you ready to call upon the name of the Lord and be saved?
or maybe you are a Christian and you are miserable because you have forgotten what Jesus taught you
maybe you were not listening with both ears because it did not apply to you
and you are looking for the living among the dead
Jesus is alive and is governing the lives of His bride
Trust Him with today, whatever the circumstances
Jesus is not a dead, I dont care about you, don’t want to be involved in your every day life
Jesus died in your place because he loves you that much
Go to the place of the living to find Jesus
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