By The Blood

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Important questions: college, marriage/relationships, job/career, house/living, church.
Paul structures this section around the themes of hope, peace, and community.
Leads us to ask ourselves what could be the most important questions.

Are you experiencing eternal hope?

vv. 11-12
Therefore = vv. 1-10 From death to faith.
Remember…remember… Gentiles
Appearance doesn’t save you.
Separated, Alienated, Strangers = No Hope. Describes the world.
If no hope = no God...
A relationship with God brings hope.

Have you received peace in Christ?

vv. 13-18
Far off to Near.
No distance is too far.
Peace in two directions:
Christ gives you horizontal peace.
Ethnic tensions. Not an elevation, but a combination.
Chrysostum: Not one is elevated to the other. Taking two statues and melting them down and combining.
Copper. Tin. But add them together you get bronze. Resists corrosion and is harder than iron.
Destroys the dividing wall - Josephus: A warning for Gentiles not to cross the middle wall or be executed.
Christ gives you vertical peace.
Christ kills the hostility! By removing the requirement and replaces it with grace.
This is for those far and near! Regardless, you it takes Jesus.

Are you joined with others in worship?

vv. 19-22
Roman citizenship had its privileges: Trial w/o torture; No execution w/o fair trial; No crucifixion w/o emperor; appeal to emperor.
Privileges of being a part of the church. Image of being built together, building/temple upon Christ and the Scriptures.
You are connected in fellowship for worship.
Fellowship does not equal food! But, doesn’t hurt.
Community. Not alone. Not the only person. Years in youth ministry.


Are you experiencing eternal hope?
Have you received peace in Christ?
Are you joined with others in worship?
How to respond to each of those.
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