Matthew 18

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Who is the Greatest

what is the kingdom of heaven going to be like?
a topic for the next few chapters
who will be there and who will be stopped from being there
Jesus trying to tear down the presuppositions of the apostles
humble yourself like this child if you truly want to be great
what is considered worthy of repute in this kingdom is humility and innocence
be like them and be an example to them of good and not sin


something we touched on last Thursday
meaningful existence requires complexity
there must be opposition or there is no meaning to our choices
entering life is the goal and no cost is too great

Lost Sheep

verse 10 is strange
“their angels” not to be confused with the idea that when we die we become angels
the message of the innocent and humble is the closest in relationship to God
“in the face of”
Luke 15 summarized

Sin in the Church

moving a step further how to deal with the one who has sinned outwardly
be like that shepherd and go after them
let them see how many people care about them and want them to be a part of their family
if everyone trying to bring them back does not work then maybe making them miss what they had will
repeat of the binding and loosing
Christ is where we are gathered and there he is working where we are agreeing
not about anything, but that this is the example for how the kingdom is meant to work and part of the basis of our ethic as the church of Christ

Unforgiving Servant

how often do you forgive?
the best way to solve those conflicts, to be forgiving
how much have you and i been forgiven more than something so meaningless as money


humility and innocence are the character we are meant to assume
unending and illogical forgiveness is the action that should follow from that character
if I am no greater than you and I truly have nothing to lose or gain, then what grudge or burden is worth holding on to?
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