Haggai - homiletical outline

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Placing God As the Top Priority Produces Blessings.

I. God’s People Decide to Adjust Their Priorities. (Haggai 1:1-15)

A. God’s People Are Guilty of Neglecting Priorities. (Hag. 1:2-11)

1.      The LORD accuses His people of sin (Hag. 1:2-4)

a. The LORD accused Israel of denying the temple’s priority (Hag. 1:2)

b. The LORD accused Israel of granting priority to their homes (Hag. 1:3-4)

2.      The LORD orders His people to assess priorities. (Hag. 1:5-11)

a. The LORD ordered Israel to ponder their poverty (Hag. 1:5-6)

b. The LORD ordered Israel to ponder their possibilities. (Hag. 1:7-11)

c. Today’s priorities need assessment. [Application]

B. God’s People Should Adjust Their Priorities. (Hag. 1:12-15)

           1. The Israelites were encouraged to build. (Hag. 1:12-13)

                  a. The people heeded fearfully (Hag. 1:12)

                  b. Haggai gave divine encouragement. (Hag. 1:13)

            2. So the LORD moved the people to build (Hag. 1:14-15)

                  a. The LORD stirred up the spirit of the people (Hag. 1:14)

                  b. The people began to build the temple. (Hag.1:14-15)

             3. Today’s Priorities Should Put God First.  [Application]

                  a. God’s people need to fearfully heed God’s Word.

                  b. God’s people need to give God’s work first place.

                  c. God’s people can expect God’s presence and blessing.

II. God Promises to Bless His People’s Right Priorities with More Glory. (Haggai 2:1-9)

    A. The LORD orders Israel to compare the Temple. (Hag. 2:1-3)

    B. The Lord ordered Israel to be confident in His glory and peace. (Hag. 2:4-9)

            1. The Lord ordered Israel to be confident (Hag. 2:4-5)

                  a. The LORD encouraged His people with His presence. (Hag. 2:4)

                  b. The LORD ordered Israel to have courage. (Hag. 2:5)

            2. The Lord promised His glory and peace. (Hag. 2:6-9)

                  a. The Lord promised to fill the temple with Glory. (Hag. 2:6-7)

                  b. The Lord owns the precious metals. (Hag. 2:8)

                  c. The Lord's Glory will bring peace. (Hag. 2:9)

   C. Put God first in your life and He will bless you with His glory and peace. [application]

III. God Promises to Bless His People for Their Repentance and Obedience. (Haggai 2:10-19)

  A. God’s people are cursed for their negligence. (Hag. 2:10-17)

              1. The Lord confronted the priests of Israel. (Hag. 2:11)

              2. Unholiness debases sacrifice. (Hag. 2:12-13)

                 a. Holiness cannot be imparted to unclean things. (Hag. 2:12)

                 b. The Unclean defiles anything it touches. (Hag. 2:13)

              3. Israel's negligent lifestyle resulted in judgment. (Hag. 2:14-17)

                a. The Lord confronted Israel concerning their unholiness. (Hag.2:14)

                b. During Israel's neglect, they were cursed. (Hag. 2:15-17)

  B. God’s people are blessed for adjusting their priorities. (Hag. 2:18-19)

  C. God’s people are spared and blessed when they adjust their priorities.  [Application]


IV. The Lord Promises to Protect His Chosen People.  (Haggai 2:20-23)

 A. The Lord promised Zerubbabel the destruction of the opposition. (Hag. 2:20-22)

1. The Lord spoke to Zerubbabel through Haggai. (Hag. 2:20)

2. The Lord promised to destroy the enemies. (Hag. 2:21-22)

 B. The Lord chose Zerubbabel to be a symbol of authority. (Hag. 2:23)

 C. God’s people should trust God’s Protection.  [Application]

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