God of the Impossible

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The God of the Impossible

By Daniel D. Schreck

Pastor of Assimilation/Small Groups

First Assembly of God Christian Center

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Text:          Luke 18:27 He replied, “What is impossible from a human perspective

is possible with God.”

Luke 1:37 “For nothing is impossible with God.”


Topic:       How to go on when life doesn’t treat you like you think it should!

          Believing for the unbelievable.

Big Idea:   Whatever our circumstances, Obedience Bring Blessing-

The God of the unseen, invades the space of your impossibility and brings about His divine opportunity.


Keywords: Christ, authority of; Christ, love of; Circumstances and Faith; Despair;

Difficulties; Experiencing God; God, power of; Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ; Presence of God; Prophecy; Revelation, Book of; Spiritual Perspective; Trials; Trouble; Worship


There are many dangers facing the church today, but the greatest danger is not the one that you may think?

You may say: it’s Liberalism, Humanism, homosexuality, apathy, lack of commitment, or even false doctrines?

Some say it is Christian Colleges, Post Modern Thinking, The new contemporary Translations (NLT, NIV, or The Message).  I have my own personal convictions about those things, but I don’t think any of them are the Church’s greatest danger. Rather, I believe that our greatest foe is something more private, more personal, and more intimate with each of us.   I believe that the greatest danger to the church today is that the church is buying into a “mentality of impossibility….”  A mentality that weakens true faith and cripples God’s Kingdom by inactivity an unintentionally.

The Rich Young Ruler In Luke 18 presents some tremendous lessons for Christians today: lessons about stewardship, humility, worldly riches, and obedience.  It also present us with what I believe is our greatest danger.

Months ago, I began seeking the Lord about what He wanted me to do this year.  Although I did not hear an audible voice, I did sense in my spirit a stirring and a conviction about what God wanted from me in 2006.  I believe the Lord gave me this thought:  “BELIEVE FOR THE UNBELIEVABLE, TRUST ME FOR WHAT YOU THOUGHT IMPOSSIBLE, and OBEY ME IN THE OPPORTUNITIES.”

Tonight, I’d like to encourage the Body of Christ by the words that He has shared with me to believe that “THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE” is walking with them, working in them, and witnessing through them.

T.S.  Lets begin by looking at:
I. THE HUMAN PERSPECTIVE OF IMPOSSIBILITIES (or What the world says is impossible.)
A.  I once read,

1.     "There are at least two thing in this life that are impossible:

a.     To make a crab walk straight and

b.    To get blood from a turnip."

2.     Or “Life is a little like playing golf, there are always some impossible shots we are face with...”

a.     In 1867, James Eads thought that it was possible to build a bridge across the Mississippi at St. Louis.  (Eads was an American engineer and inventor from Lawrenceburg, Indiana.)

                                                                          i.      He was told it was impossible…. no bridge could span the mighty Mississippi.

                                                                        ii.      In 1874 the bridge was completed and it stands today as a historical landmark in St. Louis.

B.  The World says:

1.    It’s impossible to create “something from nothing,” yet that’s how God produced the cosmos. (Creation Gen. 1)

2.    It’s impossible for a woman in her old age (80-90) to give birth, yet that’s how God Blessed Abraham and Sarah.  (Gen. 17:17)

3.    It’s impossible for Animals to speak, yet Balaam had a donkey that did just that.  (Num. 22:23-30)

4.    That there was no way that the Israelites walked across the Red Sea or the Jordan river on Dry Ground, yet the evidence tells a different story. (Ex. 14:22 & Josh 14:14-17)

5.    There is no way to make the sun, moon and stars stand still, but scientist are trying to figure out why there is a day missing in the celestial clock. (Josh. 10:12-14)

6.    Not to mention:  Making an ax head float (2 Kin. 6:6;), raising children from the dead (1 Kin. 17:17–24  , 2 Kin. 4:18–37), feeding a crowd with only a little grain (2 Kings 4:42), Healing the blind (2 Kings 6:17), and Curing the sick (2 Kings 5:1-19 & Isa. 38:21)….. AND That’s only some of the impossibilities listed in the Old Testament!

C.  ILLWhile a Student at ISU:  Anne Kiemel – “I love the word Impossible” 

          1.  Impossible to Reach “the Party” dormitory… Waterson Towers

          2.  Impossible to go from a 1.4 GPA to a 3.7 with the classes I had.

D. I don’t doubt the sincerity of this young Rich Ruler, when he came to Jesus with

     his question.

1.    Mark tells us that he ran to Jesus and knelt before him.

a.     This tells us something about his respect for the Savior and the condition of his heart.

b.    He wasn’t like men who because of their power and influence had attempted to trap Jesus with their questions and schemes.

2.    I believe that he truly wanted to know what he needed to inherit eternal life.

a.     Jesus answered his question in a way that he didn’t expect.

b.    He was looking for approval more than anything else, he couldn’t bear the answer.

c.     Remember his reaction? 

3.    The passages from Matthew, Mark and Luke, point out that:

a.     The rich young ruler became very sad, was overwhelmed with grief, and went away with great sadness

                                                                        i.      because he had great possessions and was very rich.

b.    In essence, his reply to the one thing he lacked for eternal life was, "I can’t," “It’s impossible!”

E. "I can’t" or “It’s impossible” are the four most destructive words in Christians life and the greatest danger facing the church...

1.    It’s dangerous because it’s the expression of a heart and mind that posses a faith that is so weak that it cannot begin to comprehend “how great is our God!”

2.    It is a faith that cannot believe for the unbelievable or even consider the impossible being possible.

3.    How many times do we hear ourselves saying, "I can’t" or “it’s impossible” when we’re faced with a decision where the “spiritual” challenges the “physical?”

a.     “It’s impossible” for me to live in this relationship…

b.    "I can’t surrender my life” to Jesus because…….

c.     “I can’t give up my friends” for Christ even though they are bad influences.

d.    “I can’t put the Lord first” in every thing, because if I do Jesus may interferes with my business practices.

e.    “I can’t go into all the world” because I am afraid someone will not like me if I ask them about their relationship with Jesus."

f.       “I can’t get involved in SMALL GROUPs” because there aren’t any that meet when I am available….

g.    Individually these are some of the things we say.

F.    As a congregation we can fall into the same trap…The church has just as many "We can’ts" as individuals have "I can’ts."

a.     “We can’t enact a certain program” because we don’t have the resources.

b.    “We can’t evangelize” our community because we don’t have the facilities….

c.     “We can’t get involved in community affairs” because we’ll lose our non-for profit status.

G.  Others that said “I can’t”

1.    The Rich Young Ruler said "I can’t."

a.     He was right, he couldn’t

b.    because he left “the God of the Impossible” out of the equation.

2.    Moses did the same thing when God approached him for service.

a.     He gave every excuse in the book,

                                                              i.      "I don’t know what to say,

                                                            ii.      I am not good with words,

                                                          iii.      they won’t believe me."

                                                         iv.      "I can’t, I can’t, I can’t."

b.    Moses was right, without the God of The Impossible… he could do nothing!

                                                              i.      Without the unseen God of the impossible intervening in the space of the reality of leading over 1 million people out of Egypt through the desert, and into the Promised land, Moses and the people would still be about 40 miles from the Promised land.

                                                            ii.      It’s in situations that seem impossible for us that God breaks in and presents His divine opportunity…

                                                          iii.      It is because of these impossibilities that we learn about God’s Heart, His Character, and His love for us.

                                                         iv.      “He demonstrated His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, He sent His Son to die for us…”

T.S.  Which brings me to our second point for tonight: 

         God, Our God, Your God is the God of Impossibilities….


A.  After seeing the response of the Rich Young Ruler, Jesus made the comment that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

B. Here is where we find the meat of this passage.

1. Jesus said in verse 27, "The things which are impossible with men are

    possible with God."

a.     Did He just say: “God can do the impossible?”  That’s exactly what He said.   We can’t, but God can.

b.    With our own abilities we are unable, but with God we are able to do all things.

2.    God is the same Yesterday, today, and Forever….

c.     He created life from a desolate planet… today, He creates life from death,

d.    At the wave of Moses’ hands, He parted the Red Sea and produced dry land… Today as we lift our hands in worship, He opens our heart and produces His peace that surpasses our understanding.

e.    He raised an army from a valley of dry bones… Today, He breathes life into our souls and revives our spirit by His Holy Spirit.

f.       He destroyed Satan’s greatest weapon, death, by the resurrection of His Son.  Today, He uses death to bring about a resurrection and eternal life.

g.    If He can do those things, imagine what He can do with a life that trusts Him completely and who is wholly faithful.

h.    He is still taking impossible situations and turning them into possibilities:

3.    Jesus said, "With faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains!" Matthew 17:20

4.    Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me the strength." Philippians 4:13 All things – anything – everything – with the power of God!

   C. Our work in His Kingdom is not about personal ability,

1.  It’s about personal faith.

2.  It’s not about talent or what we can do, it’s about hunger and desire.

   D. With God all things are possible!

1.     He can change our "I can’t" into "I will".

2.     He can transform our doubts into rock-solid faith.

3.     He can exchange the impossible, the unthinkable, the unfathomable, into reality and God honoring possibility.

4.     He is The God of the Impossible who invades the space of your impossible situation to bring about His divine opportunity.


Luke 18:24-27 And when Jesus saw that he became very sorrowful, He said, "How hard it is for those who have riches to enter the kingdom of God! 25 "For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." 26 And those who heard it said, "Who then can be saved?" 27 But He said, "The things which are impossible with men are possible with God." 

Jesus shows us that many of the things that appear to be impossible are really possible. In your (or perhaps a friends) present “impossible” situation: “Let’s Believe God for the Unbelievable” because as The God of the Impossible, He is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us…(Eph. 3:20)


Tonight, let’s see Jesus as the One who makes the impossible the possible:

The impossibility of life is that you and I are helpless and unable to save ourselves.

Faith in Christ allows the unseen God to invade the space of your impossibility and bring about His divine opportunity.

  • Defeating a gigantic foe seemed most impossible, but God made it possible for David.
  • Crossing a great sea like barrier seemed most impossible, but God made it possible for Moses and the Children of Israel.
  • Conquering a land full of enemies seemed most impossible, but God made it possible for Joshua & Co.
  • Illustration: End of The Spear- Story of five men with a heart for a lost tribe.
    • Life didn’t go as planned:
      • They went to bring life to a lost tribe
      • They ended up losing their lives and the opportunity for the lost tribe to be found.
    • God of the IMPOSSIBLE invaded the space of reality and brought about  a divine opportunity:
      • The families of the men who lost their lives were given opportunity to minister to those who had killed the men.
      • In the end The tribe became Christian.
  • My Story- Promise to family, leaving ministry, Impossible to see how things could work out for His Glory….


What is the impossible situation you are facing this week?

What gigantic foe, great barrier, or enemy are you facing that appears most impossible for you?

If you are God's child you need to hear the possible words of our God, "With God nothing is impossible!" (Luke 1:37)

Without that personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, life will always present itself as impossible.

Tonight as we close, why not let the God of the Impossible invade your reality and produce the possibility of His divine opportunity….

Prayer: "Lord we too often trust in ourselves and in our own resources to work out the impossibilities of life. That is why we are so easily angered and frustrated with life. Help us today to see that it Jesus who comes to make the impossible a possibility for us. When we quit resting upon ourselves and see you as the one who make all things possible, we will see You at work in our lives. Help us to trust You and believe You for the unbelievable.

Have them respond to the altar:  as they do have them repeat:

“With God in my life, all things are possible.”

With Christ it is impossible to be in a place where Christ's love won't find us.

·        Illustration: Patmos was a Roman penal colony, a forsaken place.


With Christ it is impossible to be bound so that the Spirit can't lift our soul with hope.

·        Through the Spirit, we can transcend our circumstances into God's presence.

With Christ it is impossible to lose when Jesus writes the end of our story.

·        Since Jesus is the first and last, whatever we're in must only be the middle.

With Christ it is impossible to allow fear to dominate us because Jesus is closer and more powerful than we think.

·        Revelation 1:12–16

·        No one knew the earthly Jesus better than John, yet he is overcome with a sense of the majesty of the Savior.

With Christ it is impossible to face anything God's power cannot take us through.

·        The wounded feet of Jesus have become feet of dominion.

·        Illustration: A young pastor felt forsaken by God and unable to trust him.

·        Nothing we face is unanticipated by God's plan or unsurpassed by his power.

Miracles of Christ, The.

1.     Water turned to wine. Joh 2:6-10.

2.     Nobleman’s son healed. Joh 4:46-53.

3.     Centurion’s servant healed. Mt 9:5-13.

4.     Draughts of fish. Lu 5:4-6; Joh 21:6.

5.     Devils cast out. Mt 8:28-32; 9:32,33; 15:22-28; 17:14-18; Mr 1:23-27.

6.     Peter’s wife’s mother healed. Mt 8:14,15.

7.     Lepers cleansed. Mt 8:3; Lu 17:14.

8.     Paralytic healed. Mr 2:3-12.

9.     Withered hand restored. Mt 12:10-13.

10.     Impotent man healed. Joh 5:5-9.

11.     The dead raised to life. Mt 9:18; 19:23-25; Lu 7:12-15; Joh 11:11-44.

12.     Issue of blood stopped. Mt 9:20-22.

13.     The blind restored to sight. Mt 9:27-30; Mr 8:22-25; Joh 9:1-7.

14.     The deaf and dumb cured. Mr 7:32-35.

15.     The multitude fed. Mt 14:15-21; 15:32-38.

16.     His walking on the sea. Mt 14:25-27.

17.     Peter walking on the sea. Mt 14:29.

18.     Tempest stilled. Mt 8:23-26; 14:32.

19.     Sudden arrival of the ship. Joh 6:21.

20.     Tribute money. Mt 17:27.

21.     Woman healed of infirmity. Lu 13:11-13.

22.     Dropsy cured. Lu 14:2-4.

23.     Fig tree blighted. Mt 21:19.

24.     Malchus healed. Lu 22:50,51.

25.     Performed before the messengers of John. Lu 7:21,22.

26.     Many and divers diseases healed. Mt 4:23,24; 14:14; 15:30; Mr 1:34; Lu 6:17-19.

27.     His transfiguration. Mt 17:1-8.

28.     His resurrection. Lu 24:6; Joh 10:18.

29.     His appearance to his disciples, the doors being shut. Joh 20:19.

30.     His ascension. Ac 1:9.

Miracles Wrought Through Servants of God.

1.     Moses and Aaron

a.     Rod turned into a serpent. Ex 4:3; 7:10.

b.     Rod restored. Ex 4:4.

c.     Hand made leprous. Ex 4:6.

d.     Hand healed. Ex 4:7.

e.     Water turned into blood. Ex 4:9,30.

f.     River turned into blood. Ex 7:20.

g.     Frogs brought. Ex 8:6.

h.     Frogs removed. Ex 8:13.

i.     Lice brought. Ex 8:17.

j.     Flies brought. Ex 8:21-24.

k.     Flies removed. Ex 8:31.

l.     Murrain of beasts. Ex 9:3-6.

m.     Boils and blains brought. Ex 9:10,11.

n.     Hail brought. Ex 9:23.

o.     Hail removed. Ex 9:33.

p.     Locusts brought. Ex 10:13.

q.     Locust removed. Ex 10:19.

r.     Darkness brought. Ex 10:22.

s.     The first-born destroyed. Ex 12:29.

t.     The red-sea divided. Ex 14:21,22.

u.     Egyptians overwhelmed. Ex 14:26-28.

v.     Water sweetened. Ex 15:25.

w.     Water from rock in Horeb. Ex 17:6.

x.     Amalek vanquished. Ex 17:11-13.

y.     Destruction of Korah. Nu 16:28-32.

z.     Water from rock in Kadesh. Nu 20:11.

A.     Healing by brazen serpent. Nu 21:8,9.

2.     Joshua

a.     Waters of Jordan divided. Jos 3:10-17.

b.     Jordan restored to its course. Jos 4:18.

c.     Jericho taken. Jos 6:6-20.

d.     The sun and moon stayed. Jos 10:12-14.

3.     Gideon

a.     Midianites destroyed. Jdj 7:16-22.

4.     Samson

a.     A lion killed. Jdj 14:6.

b.     Philistines killed. Jdj 14:19; 15:15.

c.     The gates of Gaza carried away. Jdj 16:3.

d.     Dagon’s house pulled down. Jdj 16:30.

5.     Samuel

a.     Thunder and rain in harvest. 1Sa 12:18.

6.     The prophet of Judah

a.     Jeroboam’s hand withered. 1Ki 13:4.

b.     The altar rent. 1Ki 13:5.

c.     The withered hand restored. 1Ki 13:6.

7.     Elijah

a.     Drought caused. 1Ki 17:1; Jas 5:17.

b.     Meal and oil multiplied. 1Ki 17:14-16.

c.     A child restored to life. 1Ki 17:22,23.

d.     Sacrifice consumed by fire. 1Ki 18:36,38.

e.     Men destroyed by fire. 2Ki 1:10-12.

f.     Rain brought. 1Ki 18:41-45; Jas 5:18.

g.     Waters of Jordan divided. 2Ki 2:8.

h.     Taken to heaven. 2Ki 2:11.

8.     Elisha

a.     Waters of Jordan divided. 2Ki 2:14.

b.     Waters healed. 2Ki 2:21,22.

c.     Children torn by bears. 2Ki 2:24.

d.     Oil multiplied. 2Ki 4:1-7.

e.     Child restored to life. 2Ki 4:32-35.

f.     Naaman healed. 2Ki 5:10,14.

g.     Gehazi struck with leprosy. 2Ki 5:27.

h.     Iron caused to swim. 2Ki 6:6.

i.     Syrians smitten with blindness. 2Ki 6:20.

j.     Syrians restored to sight. 2Ki 6:20.

k.     A man restored to life. 2Ki 13:21.

9.     Isaiah

a.     Hezekiah healed. 2Ki 20:7.

b.     Shadow put back on the dial. 2Ki 20:11.

10.     The seventy disciples

a.     Various miracles. Lu 10:9,17.

11.     The apostles

a.     Many miracles. Ac 2:43; 5:12.

12.     Peter

a.     Lame man cured. Ac 3:7.

b.     Death of Ananias. Ac 5:5.

c.     Death of Sapphira. Ac 5:10.

d.     The sick healed. Ac 5:15,16.

e.     AEneas made whole. Ac 9:34.

f.     Dorcas restored to life. Ac 9:40.

13.     Stephen

a.     Great miracles. Ac 6:8.

14.     Philip

a.     Various miracles. Ac 8:6,7,13.

15.     Paul

a.     Elymas smitten with blindness. Ac 13:11.

b.     Lame man cured. Ac 14:10.

c.     An unclean spirit cast out. Ac 16:18.

d.     Special miracles. Ac 19:11,12.

e.     Eutychus restored to life. Ac 20:10-12.

f.     Viper’s bite made harmless. Ac 28:5.

g.     Father of Publius healed. Ac 28:8.

16.     Paul and Barnabas

a.     Various miracles. Ac 14:3.

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