God’s Loving Protection

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God’s Loving Protection

August 2, 1998

Scripture:  2Samuel 22:2-51


          Protection is important.  That’s because the world is a dangerous place.  Some people put their trust in themselves.  It’s like being self-insured or self-employed.  If anything happens, you bear the cost yourself.  The world is full of people who will trust no one but themselves.  Often they find out too late that their resources couldn’t match the need.  It’s like being a turtle.  They carry their protection around with them.  But where I come from in Iowa, there are certain times of the year when turtles have an inner drive or propensity to cross roads.  Since they carry their protection around with them, they are quite slow.  Depending upon what comes down the road, they can be transformed from speed bumps to paving bricks in no time flat.

          If you don’t like the option of being self-protected, you have the option of what the world offers.  In most major cities like Chicago there is a history of those who offer protection for sale.  But it is a bogus bargain.  Certainly there is a need for protection, but these toughs raise the stakes.  For a certain regular sum they won’t wipe you out.  If you pay, you’re O.K.  But if you can’t or won’t you quickly become a lesson to others that you should have mortgaged your soul.  On the one hand your money is taken.  On the other hand you had the option of having your life or property taken.  Either way you get taken.  It is a real need, but artificially contrived, even artificially delivered.  Even the legal police force gets illegal at times.  I feel like this whenever the Chicago Police Welfare and Recreation Fund telemarketers call up for a donation.  They can get tough on the phone.  I wonder what happens next when I say “no.”  But even though we live here, the discerning will understand that the world can’t offer us a whole lot.  It falls as short as our own protection.  Where is it when you really need it?

          But don’t despair.  There is yet a third option.  It’s the best option.  It’s the only real option.  It seems foolish at first because it is trusting in what you cannot see.  So faith is involved.  But this is what activates this protection.  It is divine.  And as you begin to place your faith in a protection you cannot see, you begin to experience your faith.  Your faith is proven out in experience.  What we are talking about is faith in the Living God.  There are many here who can testify that this is a protection that defies logic, but true none the less.  It also defies the world.  It far surpasses both ourselves and the world.  It is from God. 

          In our passage today in 2Sam. 22, David testifies to us all of God’s protection for him.  But inherent in the message is the truth that it is also for us.  What was available for David is also for us.  He writes the words of God.  Open your hearts and your ears and understand what is available for you by faith - and the experience that shall be born of that faith - in “God’s Loving Protection.”  Like the turtle, you can carry it around with you, but it is not just a physical protection.  It is a spiritual protection that may also work for our physical protection.  It is not self-insurance.  It is self-assurance.  It is being assured of God’s care according to God’s purpose.  And his will is whatever we would want if we only knew all the facts like he does.

I.       God’s Protection for David

          A.      God’s Power and Ability to Protect  (2Sam. 22:2-7)

          B.      God’s Willingness and Desire to Protect  (vv. 8-16)

          C.      God’s Motivation and Reasons to Protect  (vv. 17-37)

                   1.       God delights in meeting the needs of his children 

                             (vv. 17-30)

                             a.       God’s children are those who are righteous

                                      (vv. 21-25)

                             b.       God’s children are those who are faithful

                                      (vv. 26-30)

                   2.       God delights in receiving the praise of his children 

                             (vv. 31-37)

          D.      God’s Protection at Work in His Children  (vv. 38-51)

                   1.       God’s protection gives strength and power over the enemy

                             (vv. 38-46)

                   2.       God’s protection gives strength and power in praise

                             (vv. 47-51)

          E.      God’s Provision of David’s Mighty Men  (2Sam. 23:8-23)

                   1.       They had supernatural courage and strength  (v. 8)

                   2.       They stood their ground without retreat  (v. 10)

                   3.       They were outstanding in their field  (v. 12)

                   4.       They would stop at nothing to serve David  (v. 15, 16)

                   5.       They were always victorious  (v. 18)

                   6.       There was no enemy too great  (v. 21)

II.      God’s Protection for Us

          A.      Christ taught that those who were the greatest in his kingdom were those with the least power.  He taught that greatness was not an aspect of our own resources but of his.  Christ taught that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who understand they are helpless like children - poor in spirit.  (Mt. 18:3-4)  (S. 1Jn. 3:1)

          B.      Christ taught that those with the least power would have his protection.  Christ identified himself with his children.  They have a special place in his heart because they know they are powerless and need his protection.  (v. 5)

          C.      Christ taught that he would use his power to warn and punish those who would sin against us.  Since children have no power of their own, Christ provides the protection of the kingdom of heaven for them.  (v. 6)

          D.      This protection exhorts us all to hold the children of God in high esteem, whoever they may be.  God takes sins seriously because he takes his children seriously.  (vv. 7-9)

          E.      Christ taught that we must take his children as seriously as he does because of the spiritual powers that he has placed for their protection.  This protection promises the heavenly protection of angels, God’s mighty men, at the disposal of his children.  (v. 10)  (Ps. 34:7; Heb. 1:14)

          F.      There is not one of God’s children who are out of his sight or concern.  There is no length to which God would not go for you.  (vv. 11-14)


          The question is whether or not you are a child of God.  Little children already have that place because they are not yet able to make conscious choices about sin.  God protects them because they cannot decide for themselves.  But big children like you and me must decide for ourselves to become like little children again.  But this is not because we cannot decide about sin.  It is because we have decided we are powerless against sin and need the protection of innocence that only Christ can provide.  Dear child of God, if you are saved, there is nothing that God cannot and would not do for you in accordance with his purpose.  If you are not saved, the opportunity stands before you today.  This life is a perilous battle of spiritual power that is victorious only in Christ Jesus.

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