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I am so glad that it is warming up outside. Let me say that again. I am so glad that it is warming up outside. I do not like the cold. Even though I grew up in a snowy state of Colorado I have never liked the cold. It’s funny because the weather was ultimately one of the reasons that my wife and I decided to go ahead and make that move out of Colorado. It’s too cold for too long. It’s so funny to me when I talk on the phone to my parents and we discuss the weather and they tell me it’s snowing and I’m like well, “it’s like 80 here so…you know…there’s that.” But, there is a danger when it comes to the change of season. The season of storms. Here in Oklahoma we have tornado season. In the South they have Hurricane season. In India they have Monsoon season. In South East Asia they have Tsunami season. In South America they have El Neno. All these are periods of different seasons of storms. Seems like when the weather is just getting good and consistently hot, when the flowers begin to blossom, when the crop begins to bud, it seems like there is always a season of storms that interrupt the bliss of comfort. And that’s it’s. There it is. There’s the correlation. That’s just the way it is in life too, isn’t it. Just like when things are finally starting to look up storms hit. Just when you thought things were about to get better they take a turn for the worse. Just when you thought you were finally putting things together things fall apart. Just when you were about to get that raise, the job relocated overseas. Just when you thought you would always be with that person you found out they had a terminal illness. Just when you thought it could never happen to you then it happened to you. Just when you thought you had escaped you were walking into a trap. You thought this was gonna be your season of favor but you found out that this was your Storm Season! (Preach, give definitions, and give examples) Job said, “Though he slay me yet will I trust Him.”

1. Confidence in His Promise (v.35)

God has a plan for your life.

2. Comfort in His Presence (v.36-38)

principally let us look to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. What does he do?
Do you not care? He knows.

3. Consider His Power (v.39-41)

Ch.1 Cast out demons heal a multitude, and cure
Ch.2 Paralyzed man, embarrass the Pharisees
Ch.3 Heal the man with the withered hand,
Ch.4 Preach and teach like never before. Why then do still have no faith.
To work miracles-Peace! Be Still!
Be Quiet
To work through you
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