Contending with the Orphan Spirit Part 1

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The orphan spirit is a subtle yet invasive spirit that seeks to undermine the people of God.

Father to the Fatherless
At the beginning fo the year there was a prophetic word that we would see the arrival of fathers here at Remnant Church. What became evident is that by this we would see the arrival of men and women who would engage something that has been lost in many churches globally.
Today we see one of the greater threats to the church are the churches entrenched with an orphan spirit. Not that they are without denominational covering rather that in living “working” in the kingdom they have become fatherless… that is no one is at the helm any longer, no one to train the body, no one to develop the underdeveloped. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY of the congregation.
So many have gotten lost in the work of being in the kingdom than in the identity of being a child of God. What is worse are the congregations that are being abandoned to faulty theology and lack of care can compassion for their well being

Contending with the orphan spirit is to focus on our identity as children of God.

The Spiritual Orphan

Lost in the busyness

Luke 15:25–27 ESV
“Now his older son was in the field, and as he came and drew near to the house, he heard music and dancing. And he called one of the servants and asked what these things meant. And he said to him, ‘Your brother has come, and your father has killed the fattened calf, because he has received him back safe and sound.’
Working for the house but unaware of the move of the house
Focused on working their way into the kingdom… work equals favor
fear of failure… avoidance is key

Stuck in Anger

Luke 15:28 ESV
But he was angry and refused to go in. His father came out and entreated him,
They have been hurt… they hurt because they are hurt
Stuck in bitterness
Unwilling to let go of the past
The Lord is entreating them… beckoning them… pleading with them to step into His presence… they say “no” I am hurt
Ive been hurt you will probably hurt me too… its only a matter of time

Sense of Entitlement

Luke 15:29–30 ESV
but he answered his father, ‘Look, these many years I have served you, and I never disobeyed your command, yet you never gave me a young goat, that I might celebrate with my friends. But when this son of yours came, who has devoured your property with prostitutes, you killed the fattened calf for him!’
Many years of service somehow translates to you owe me…
Many years of service translates to skewed righteousness
I never disobeyed you?
Inability to stand in relation with others… “your son” not “my brother”
Inability to stand with others…
they pray with you when things are bad but are miserable when you get your prayers answered…
He already spent his inheritance what is left is mine not his… how dare you spend what will be mine on him

Loss of Identity

Luke 15:31–32 ESV
And he said to him, ‘Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It was fitting to celebrate and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.’ ”
Identified as Son…
Inability to access the inheritance
because they are a forever victim broken, voiceless, powerless you should be too

Heart of God for Orphans

The Father’s Heart

Psalm 68:5 ESV
Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.
Father to the fatherless… your earthly father may fail but He will not
Defender of the widow… Churches that have been abandoned have a defender

The Son’s Heart

John 14:18 ESV
“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.
Promise of the Holy Spirit in us that will be with us until the end of time.
Even when leaders abandon their post… we will not be left as orphans

Command for the Church

James 1:27 ESV
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.
To visit… to look after… to guard the orphans and widows… I can no longer say its not my problem… in as much as we are called to tend the flock we are commanded to look after the orphaned churches.
The way to do this is to keep the self unstained or free from compromise with the things of this world… so we are able care for and lead the orphans home
*this will be a two part sermon
The orphan church today is dealing deep seated wounds… they are doing all the right things yet are disconnected from a relationship with the God they serve.
They are they people who cry “Lord look at all the things we have done… while the Lord responds with good but I dont know you”
They declare their own righteosness…
“Lord we never disobey… we always do what you ask” attempting to earn favor
At the core of the orphan we find people and churches who believe that to receive the love and favor of the Father they need to be slaves....
Sons and daughters of the Father are not working on causing the Lord to love them instead they are loved because He is Love
Sons and daughters are not disconnected from a relationship but are so connected they know what is happening in His house and move to function within the will of the Father… they tap into the inheritance not to blow it but to progress the kingdom of Heaven…
Because they are aware of their identity as children of the Father… they refuse to live compromised to the things of this world.
The promise of the arrival of the fathers to Remnant implies we are to see the arrival of the orphans who are in desperate need for those who will stand in their defense as they heal… who will feed them and prepare them in the Lord as they become strong disciples of Christ
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